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Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:11 am

I am sorry for the lack of support with regards to KCNR lately.

I am sorry for the inactivity in-game (I am always online, just not in-game).

Work on KCNR-V has taken a hit on the main game, KCNR. I urgh you all to remember, I will always support this until SA-MP is dead or whatever. Some of you might have given up hope, but alot of us are still hard at work. We have shifted most of the work to KCNR V for now. KCNR SA:MP updates will start back regularly in a few weeks (My exams are in may).

I do read all your suggestions, whether or not you believe me or not. I have read every single suggestion.

I am sorry for various inactivity on the admin team. We have reworked some things lately for the better. We don't exactly have the manpower for everything. Thank you regular players who have stepped up over the past few months, you guys have made great contribution and showed me how much KCNR is loved.

We all have accepted that shifting work to KCNR V is for the better. I am still trying to make KCNR a better game. We are just trying to give you guys a great experience on both servers.

Also, don't be fooled but KCNR has had several internal updates over the past few months that we're not announced. We don't announce everything ;).
I am sorry.
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