[Kruthal] Ban Appeal

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Well, i'm know that i'm banned by him but he didn't answer me and it's from long time ago i guess my staff in the game have been removed by now bcs of him didn''t answer :")
What'd he give you? How much money, what houses, what clothes, etc
Don't mention me again or your ban appeal is permanently denied.
Kruthal wrote:
Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:50 am
What'd he give you? How much money, what houses, what clothes, etc
one house and near 60 - 70 million and c dildo
Do not remember all of them, but it More expensive Thing that he give me
How are your Game Community online, it has poor management. You don't clear all the 18+ content from the forums including the one this topic is in. You have set a rule by no RDM outside of Los Santos and the Arena, it still does when I was online in 2017. You don't clear the racist usernames from the users database, then you ban me for "Annoying cunt". What the f***?! Coming back while I work on my heart rate but guess what? My heart rate reached to 160 bpm last 2 months, alot of stress involved. You also said you called ninjas and police to my location, strange its not true. I now using the Tor Browser because in December, I be going to the doctor to see why my heart rate is high. If its the stress level that part of you put me thru, I have no words. But I not going to risk my heart rate going up, YOU SHOULD HAVE FIX THIS F*** SERVER. I also been watching the ban topics, I see its not changing. I did not attempt to join your services either to type this message. I hope I make this clear.

-Mrnate Geek (Username:MRNATEGEEK)