Sry my lag

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lone_ranger wrote:
Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:35 pm
Frst its not ur dam business nd why tf u replayed my post u rnt admin so stfu
I know that I am not admin, but Kar opened posting for players so if anybody has some additional information it could be posted.
lone_ranger wrote: I used this stuff cause i used to program MTA servers if i had any hax i wont post any ss's
When you install MTA, it gives different main folders, and it create a special folder for it, how did u use it when there is no .cs files in the cleo folder?
@kar can u replay ny post plz
Its not ur business i use hax.
Admin unban me
@aimandkill @kar can u plz review my ban appeal cause its not fair
432 view no response 😢