GoodBye KCNR

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So uh I have A levels exams coming up so I'll be keeping gaming at a minimum until june (hopefully). I probably wont be playing KCnR again not because I hate KCnR or anything but I just feel like Ive reached endgame and theres nothing that interests me here anymore. I'll still be somewhat active on discord/IRC and forums, so yeah goodbye friends and good luck with KCnR Kar. Thanks for 6 great years here. :thumbup:

Edit: purpose of the farewell was so that id be forced to study and not play kcnr but o well that didnt work and im still playing. not regularly tho but still. Will be active in june.
i always respected you. Good luck!
Yes Simitry, i left the server for some time at the first place. but i got bored from it, KCNR is not fun anymore for some reasons and i won't be playing kcnr anymore even after my biggest exams to finish them. i just hope KCNR... the KCNR we loved get back one day.. Goodbye Dimitri.
Goodluck and Goodbye!
I had really good moments with you, you are a good friend and overall a good player... You respect everyone.
Good luck in your exams and with everything.
learned a lot from you about the swat and how to be a good cop.
thank you and good bye
Good bye dimitri
I'll be back if my cop rank lead is threatened. ;)
goodluck in your exam dude Cya and thanks for a good time i spend with yo ^_^
We missed you.