xFive's Leaving KCNR.

Want to introduce yourself? or say goodbye? Post here!
Hello my friends I came here to talk to you because I will leave this game for a long time and I apologize to all those who angered them and they hate me played with you a lot and days but there are a lot of Admins do not want me to play server again and there are a lot of players do not bother me in the game I do not care about it Because I will leave the game.

Advice for the owner of the server: that change all the Admins in the game because they are made from the server there are no players!

Greetings to you my favorite friend: bloodkomdoooooo See you later! :thumbup:

Best regards: xFive
Well miss you
Goodbye. As a goodbye gift, I notified you copying v0g to the original owner and creator of it.
have fun with your server :thumbup:
have fun with stealing other's people hard work and pretends its ur work, pathetic
You aren't leaving, you are permanently banned. You got kicked out of KCNR. Fuck off now and shut up. We made it clear we don't want scum like you.
You can fuck off.

You are shit. Not my admins. You are a douche bag. Never come back here. I don't care what you say.