A Tough Decision

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Gangsta Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:17 am

Hey guys. Unfortunately I think my time has came. This is a hard decision for me to make after being a member of this great community for just over 5 years now. I've got things to focus on in life now and can't give the time to KCNR like I used to. I've done so many things which I've enjoyed and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be associated with. 13 year old WYP didn't expect to be playing on the same server day in, day out even to the age of 18 but it happened lol.

I wish everyone the best and I hope to see you all soon. I'll come in game sometimes to say a quick hello and see how everyone is.
Big thanks to everyone who have been there throughout my time, you've all helped me out one way or another. There's a large majority to list but you all know who you are :)

Best of luck, Wet_Your_Pants
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Gangsta Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:33 am

Ohh, sad to see you go. Good luck :)

P.s I still have you on snapchat so we still have a connection xD.
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Gangsta Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:06 pm

Good luck with your life fam.
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Gangsta Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:41 pm

what's your snapchat

and peace bro, was nice knowing you
Big Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:22 pm

Cya man... Had fun playing with you in the past few years.
Wish you best of luck with life.

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:44 pm


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Big Clucker
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:44 pm

Farewell dear stoner and may the power of weed be strong in you ;).
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Big Clucker
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:00 am

It was a pleasure playing with you, cya and Good Luck.
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:57 am

Reh123 wrote: Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:41 pm what's your snapchat

and peace bro, was nice knowing you


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Big Chick
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:43 pm

Give me your snapchat cause obviously youve never met me in real life and I plan on stalking you and send you dick pics.

Bye boy
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