Axl's last words.

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:36 am


I don't really know how to start this,I'm not really a drama queen guy or I like long things written on Social Medias and stuff but I've been here for 2 whole years,now KCNR has been a part of my life,I was in this community,I learned,I learned a lot about myself too.

So,where do I start.
I came here on 15th of January 2015,I was a new guy,didn't know anything until later on I learned a lot with the help of blacky.I started acting cool in order to be accepted in the community and talked with the "pro guys" and at first that ended up well,I made tons of Friends and made tons of enemies.I felt like I'm an old player here,I'm a bigger person then others,my Ego started raising and alot of things kept happening,I joined Forums and ohh boy that was the worst Decision ever lol,I saw people with High Post Counts and I though "Yeah,I should get more post's to be a cool guy" and I started spamming like hell annoying every single player and by doing that I also annoyed my friends which ended up on me fighting them.I even made Clucky (Ex LEAD ADMIN) make a petition to kick me and Bruhh that felt so bad,made me realize that "Am I really doing that"....."Am I really soo annoying" but time passed by and by the help of some people my ForumPostAddiction started lowering and Lucky me I got back with my friends and guess What,Even Clucky is good to me...I guess lol.

Why am I leaving KCNR,well because I'm reaching the Age of 18 and I'm on my last year of school and I have to do my best in this one so I can show that I am prepared to learn and go into a good University,my dad told me that he can find me a really good job as an assistant while learning so I get some experience and after my university I'll be settled up.
I do not plan to join ever again,I have to try my best to keep distance from KCNR and also the forums because I'm literally addicted to it.

I will miss the KCNR Community,I will miss playing and having fun with my bros,I will miss the good moments we all had,I will miss everything about KCNR but that's what makes Games good,It's that games are able to create a community where players create bonds with each other.

Ragna,You are a good friend of mine,legit the very first friend I got in KCNR who I trusted at and I cared for,Bro I will miss you for sure.
Clucky,you are the most unbelievable guy I've ever met and unpredictable person ever,do not change,never.I really hope you'll have luck in your Music Career.And sorry for the old times that I annoyed you.
Forcezx,You da real MVP my friend,we might play csgo sometimes,who knows! Thanks buddy for everything.
Peter,of course I cant forget my real buddy here,you hated me at first but after some time we came across our favorite thing which made us start talking and stuff,ofcouse everyone knows what I'm talking for.
Kent and Yezpahr,never stop smoking and I really wish you good luck in your life's guys,The thing I wrote up there is my honest experience here and I might have..I mean I did annoy Yezpahr alot but Bro,keep in mind that no hatred was ever attached to us,we still always talked normal in TS.
I would mention my Albanian friends here cause we also have a story together,we started up bad but we ended up good,but I feel like not talking about them cause we are constantly on Steam in cs go haha.
To Eagle/Eriksel/The_Albanian- People,if you ever had the chance to talk to these guys in 1o1 convo I swear they would respect you the way a true Albania does it,they are just Hot-Blooded who don't really control their temps that good,we are Albanians,we are known for that haha.Please,just be good at them and trust me,you won't regret.Shihem njerz !
Dimitri,stay safe dude,all the luck in life.
Findu,Ozzy,Aztec,Zohir,Sycromatics,Priviking,Knook,I will surely miss the fun we had,cya guys!
IeatGro-Keep watching Anime man,never stop ! Anime aint for kids.Anime is for men.Especially hentai. (jk jk)
LittleJ,Stay the same,I will miss you too.Good luck in the Army man!
Vitaliy,no hate xD.You still are the gayest person here man,cya.

There are tons of people I would like to talk here and I mean it,TONS of people but I would make this Topic so big people would feel lazy to read it all.
I will miss you a lot.Keep in mind,my intention was never to harm somebody but I just get into the game so badly sometimes where later on I realize my mistakes and I regret for them.
No hate please,I love you all - no homo. (Sexton,you too bro,you too!)
At least,I was able to leave a scratch in KCNR history,that should be enough :<)

This is a Video I was able to make in my last 3days I was able to play,its a short 10minute long video haha but is kinda funny at some parts,not a decent content but it worked.Hope it worked!

Good Bye,KCNR!
The real reason I left KCNR is that I have to take care of wolfdude64's Family,I hope you understand me.
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:18 am

Probably the funniest KCNR video I've ever seen :)
and good luck with staying away from KCNR.
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:46 am

Man you were the first one that I hated when I joined, you cuffed me for 4 fucking minutes, taze,cuff,taze,cuff and so on,until a cop came and ticketed me xD
I reported you, but that bish Roxanne ruled it invalid because I edited the screenshots ._.

Then you got banned for something and we somehow started to talk, you were ban evading with your brothers account (shhhh) and making The_Albanian,Police]Killer$(Eagle) and master_of_shadow(Eriksel) mad (well you rekted them)
We made a deal,even tho I said it's gonna be that month when I'll donate for both of us, you waited patently for couple of months :/ I still got your Skull Mask you gave me as part of our deal,I had over 5 of them, but never sold yours.
You were a true friend,you were the one helping me get my cop rank to 3 so I could get better guns at the refill, and beyond that. I was a total newbie when I joined, never played SAMP before in my life, but you were the first one that I hated and the one that I started to like the most,I don't know when our silence started, it was mostly cause of me, I didn't like your spam on the forums, the way you spoke about some stuff, I get that meme trend, but I'm sick of it seeing it on Facebook and you then you started to use it excessively in game and in your topics on the forum (Harambe, GONE WRONG,GONE SEXUAL,JUST A PRANK BRO,etc.) xD

But I don't care about that anymore, I'll always be grateful to have such a friend as you,and now remembering all those stuff we did together, it's hard imagining you going afk from KCNR forever.
I'll miss you!
I loved the video, had such a good laugh at the part where you heliblade me after I laughed how you helibladed that cop :D If it was 60 minutes longer it wouldn't be enough
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:49 am

:| Good luck bro and i hope you come back. farewell farewell Axl
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:56 am

Will be dealt with for Random Carbombing.
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:13 am

See you later not Goodbye, also good luck in your life mate.
Take care..
Credits to Valkyrie THE feg <3 :P
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:14 am

Threshold wrote:Axl_Rose
Will be dealt with for Random Carbombing.
What the fuck hahaha
The eye of clever admin don't go sleep :P
Credits to Valkyrie THE feg <3 :P
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:48 am

Oi man, Will miss you for sure. I know when we first met. We hated each other and then things changed we became friends. Well, Hope to see you some day man. thanks for everything.
P.S Don't stop watching DBS I'm so hype for the new episodes.
Edit: I Love the video man.
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:21 am

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:31 am

Oh boy we had such a great time in kcnr with countless deathmatching and just being a little extra goofy some times :ugeek:
Remember the early stage of our friendship? When we used to rape eachother and I occasionally try to rob you :twisted: Ye but time changes and that got to a halt :D

Now in these last couple weeks you were surprisingly still a goofy player which is always awesome to have on this server with so many serious-faced players, cause we always need players to do the random and goofy things to raise drama and excitement.

Oh well everything must come to an end or at least a halt, I hope you a ready for any challenges that you might face in the near future.

I hope you continue living a splendid life.

PS. Video was pretty neat 10/10 gotta be
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