I Think Its Time :'(

Want to introduce yourself? or say goodbye? Post here!
Bye Guys I Will Miss You All I will Miss all my friends like PMH, .Carisma. ,Jeriessh , venc , R0BBER_007, Dimitri_Deville Micheal_Saxton And Some many More Freinds Like Yezpahr, Threshold(FuckYou :lol: ) And Many More Friends Which I didn't mention here I hope i ComeBack one day But Srsly I don't like to Play Samp Anymore. So Good Bye. :D Hope. I see you guys.
I have Given all my money.If You want Any Clothes you can ask here.
I will be On the Forums Sometimes Keeping an Eye on u Guys :D
Farewelll matty
i want money, Im poor as fuck :3
Au Revoir Usmán, keep in touch via Facebook.
Urgh, why didn't you do this 6 months ago?
Bye buddy, good luck in school and hope you'll make it into the army ;)
Cya dude, good luck in school and everything. And say hi to PMH for me :P.
Good luck Usman see ya man!
See you, and good luck :D