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Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:48 pm

Damn, time surely flies doesn't it? When I joined on this server, I was just about to start my 2nd year in vocational instute(I joined 31st of july 2011, school started 13rd of august) 2 years later, spring of 2013 after tons of exams during the spring time, I graduated to Plater-welder. When I was a kid, my teacher once told me the older you get, faster time flies, that is exactly what has happened. This 2 years has gone so fast, that it almost feels like yesterday. When I joined on this server the first time, it immediately felt like a good place to play, people were friendly to each others most of the time, and let me tell you, even to this day, it has stayed the same, sure players argue with each others from time to time, but compared to any other cnr server, players are one of the friendliest ones you can find.

Question on everyone’s mind is why exactly am I leaving? Well, in Finland every men at the age of 18-19 has to do the mandatory military service, mine is set to start this upcoming january of 2014, minimum time for it is 6 months, but you do not know how long you have to be there till you go there, so basically service time ranges from 6 to 9-12 months. After I have finished my service, I’ll start seeking for my dream job, which will be either as a medic, police(yeah, pretty ironic when my name is police too on the server) or firefighter, I do not know which one yet, in order to become a cop, I’d have to spend 3 years in police academy, but that will not be a problem, because I am willing to spend 3 years in police academy if I really want to start a career as a police officer.

I remember one funny incident from the day before I registered on the forums. I don’t know if most of you know, but Kar was scripter of another cnr before he made his own server(lvcnr or nowadays Kcnr) Kar had just opened his own server when I joined there, even the old admins from the old cnr did not know he had opened a new cnr. So I typed in “lvcnr” on google and found forums, which led me to this old cnr forums, so I registered there and made a introduction topic, saying that “I was just ingame, and I like this cnr” some time later admins replied to my topic, welcoming me, and saying “It must’ve been some other cnr because this one is down” So I said “Okay, sorry, I must be on wrong lvcnr forums then” Funny part is, admins that said this, were Spoon, Edward, BannanaVodka and Wolfdude, whom I met on lvcnr couple of weeks later, I don’t know if they remembered this, atleast they never said anything, but whenever I think about it, it brings a big smile to my face.

On september of 2011, I was made an admin by Kar, I've been an admin for nearly 2 years now, and I must tell you, it has been an awesome ride. While being an admin means you have to use most of your playing time on dealing with the complaints, server keeps growing all the time, so amounts of complaints will keep increasing too, when I started playing here, there were around 10 slots, now 2 years later there are 100 slots, which is 10 times more than 2 years ago, talk about major increase. I have always enjoyed the fact that I am in position to help people with their problems, whether it’s about a complaint or just some general ingame issue. I didn’t take this position to gain unfair powers over the people, I accepted it because I realized I was given a chance to actually help people. That was and has always been the main reason.

Don’t take everything I say on the server seriously, I use a lot of sarcasm when I am talking with you guys, I managed to offend few people with this, one of them was Bob_Jones back in the day when he was still admin, so I explained him that I use a lot of sarcasm with my replies/messages(unless the issue is serious, then of course I am being serious too)

I’d like to thank some people that I’ve known in these 2 years:

Kar: Thanks for scripting/managing one of the best cnr there is at the moment. Thanks for listening, whenever I was reporting a bug or a suggestion, or just generally talking some general stuff.
Spoon: I appreciate you mentioning me on your farewell thread back in the day, I want to thank you for helping me when I was a trial, you could have mind your own business, but you decided to help me out and I really appreciate that, thank you.

Edward(Clucky)(cluckward): I remember when you used to clucky me all the time, I probably died over hundred times in total, I will never forget that. You seem to use sarcasm quite a lot too, I guess being a Finnish person makes you have similar sense of humor with me, or you are just a big troll, who knows.

Wolfdude64: He is also one of those people who helped me out back when I was a trial, thanks for that. Do you remember my introduction topic from old cnr forums? :)

BannanaVodka: I loved your jokes too, you was one of the funniest admins I can remember, loved your stories about your sex life, haha. You was also one of those old admins that helped me when I was a trial so thank you for that. I’m afraid I won’t be here when you come back from Chechnya, but I just want you to know that I respect you a lot, you’re a great guy, thanks for everything.

Camacorn: I wasn’t on good terms with you for a while, but we buried the hatchet some months ago, so I’d just want you to know that I did respect you, and still do even if you think I didn’t.

[NAS]M4rk: Even though you left the server suddenly, I still remember all those countless messages you sent to me about raping me or just generally anything that had something to do with sex, I loved your jokes.

[NAS]Peter: I once said, you are serious version of Mark, but over the years I have noticed this is not the case. We have had very interesting conversations about different stuff over the years, so thanks for that. It’s been great knowing you, good luck with your new girlfriend, I wish you all the best.

Anthony_Vernon: I was watching what you said ingame about me and other admins couple of weeks ago(end of july) and what you said isn’t true. I never hated you, I disliked some of the stuff you did, stuff that you regret doing too. No matter what some people say, I did respect the way you dealt with rulebreakers, I respected the way you handled stuff as an admin, we both have been through a lot together, hell sometimes we had long discussion about what kind of punishment should be given to some specific rulebreaker. I heard you have became a dad recently? Congratulations for that, good luck with your life!

Scottish_Monkey: I felt a bit bad when other admins killed you many times when you became an admin, but I guess you have had your revenge by now? It’s been great knowing you too, we’ve had somewhat interesting discussions over the years as well.

Crazydriver: Overall, you was pretty nice guy, although you should have lay off with all those events that you tend to do back when you was an admin.

Fuet: You’re not bad for Hungarian caveman

SkL: You have probably been trolled so many times that I have already forgotten the exact number, so thanks for not getting offended, keep it up.

Mathew_George: Also one of those people who have been trolled too many times, it seems he has started trolling other people too recently, trolling is contagious!

jjBurton5&burtonbeast6: The reason I put you both here is because you both are very alike, you silly brothers. Keep up the good work too. PS: your PF tax is unpaid, but I forgive you.

Threshold: You have changed into a better person now, you are just the opposite of what you used to be, don’t ever change back to how you used to be. Keep it up!

Duten: You seem like a nice guy, do a good job as an admin, and stay nice to people.

Gage/Awesomerandomredneck/Lurkingspirit: It’s been fun talking with you about swat related things, you’re really good commander for swat, thanks for listening my ideas about swat too. I want to send you all the best for your tough career as a cop.

These are only one of the many people I have come across during my time in here, I’d like to thank each and every one of you players for being nice to me in the server, thank you. If I was asked to do all this again, I would say without a doubt, Hell Yeah. Maybe I will pay a visit here someday, who knows, but till then,


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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:03 pm

I am here to say goodbye to one of the most iconic members of Las Venturas Cops and Robbers. It has certainly been a great time I've spent with you. Personally, you have been a great help to me, wether my desire was help, advice, dumb questions or anything for the matter. I'm also sorry for the mistakes I've made in the past which have caused problems for you.

I wish you good luck with your future life / career as either part of the Law enforcement or a Medic / Firefighter. - And also as part of the military in the upcoming few months/years. Much respect.

Goodbye, Police_force.
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:08 pm

Police_force you have my full respect and when I was apart of the admin team for KCNR I did do way too many events (I will agree with you on that).

During those 9 months that I was away from KCNR I was building up on my research as to what I did and why it was wrong and why I shouldn't of done in the first place.

I admire that you are going into this service (God Bless You and Hope You Keep Safe) and I hope you do get to do your dream job of what you want to be after you have done your length of time in the military service.

My fondest moments with you are as followed:

17th February 2012 - We was doing cop team work together, I was a noob back then and you told me not to keep shooting the tires, did I listen? No, did I learn from that mistake? Yes. which leads me into saying, It has been a honor to have worked with you as a Cop as not only you have made me a better cop and a Rustler pilot, you have made some others a lot better as well.

29th February 2012 - You congratulating me on getting my Trial Admin Rank on KCNR with Kar, AwesomeRandomRedneck (LurkingSpirit), wolfdude64. [nas]peter, [nas]mark and Anthony

12th March 2012 - I was doing the event knock as the tube-a-loo where there was nothing but tubes (apart from the essential dance floor, cluckin' bell and a house) on the strip leading all around most of Las Venturas and you sneaking up behind me and saying "Get Rid Of That" in which I did

1st April 2012 - The moment when Kar made the April Fool's joke and everyone was asking if it was really happening as I thought it was true, but you didn't as you realized it was just a joke!

12th june 2012 - The time when you demoted me from the ranks in which I have respect and it was the right decision in the end.

4th June 2013 - We managed to team up once again as Cops and do a lot of cop work.

It has been a honor and a privilege to have been able to teamwork with such a great player.

Hope you will pop on one day and say hello!


P.S. - Police_Force is a true iconic, legendary, awesome, wonderful, helpful player that I have met in my days of SAMP
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:11 pm

I owe you my respect.
Take care man , you have done great things for the server.
Hope to see you around sometime : )
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:18 pm

Bye Police_Force
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:35 pm

You have my full respect.
One of the elite cops of the server, one of the best pilots in the server and an upright admin.

Best of the luck with your life and I hope I'll see you again soon.

Goodbye, Police_force! We will miss you.
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:39 pm

I usually don't read such big farewells but beleve me i read all of this farewell because I respect Police_Force alot, maybe he don't even know ho i am but i love the way he handles the complain and for me its the first mooost saddest farewell that could ever be.. :/ :/ :/
KCNR has lost very precious member and an admin
Police_Force you're the one i want to be like :P
An admins does a better research than FBI if he has a doubt that you're PMH! lol Beware!

ONce again i was one of the richest player in lvcnr.. i'll miss ya guys too much :D
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:08 pm

Farewell Police_Force, you were a great player and admin whom I respect a lot. I enjoyed the few times we teamed up as cops and the threats about not paying PF Tax. You will surely be missed.

Good luck in your life with your career. All the best.
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Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:28 pm

I can't say that I've played ingame that much with you. But that's no issue for me.

I've had loads of talks with you, server related or not. To be able to express it better, "You my homie, bro". I will miss you. I still remember the talks I had with you regarding rulebreakers. How to punish them, how harshly. A second opinion is always nice. Luckily there are more admins who I can go to for consultation regarding this now.

I still remember the punishment for SkL and Fuet. I don't remember whether you or Mark thought of it, but it was brilliant. That wedding idea, damn that was so much fun. I loved it. I loved the troll.

You are, in my opinion, the best admin at this moment of the server. You have always been a great admin. All the time that I have been around. Good luck in the military. I hope that I'll see you again mate.

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Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:48 pm

Good luck in your life, I hope you'll come back soon.
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