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Please post computer issues here. We will try to help you. Also for showing off your PC.
I want to edit pictures, videos and upload it to youtube...Like videos of KCNR. Can anyone help me with app's which are safety?
For simple editing like Cutting clips, adding,etc.. Use sony vegas pro
For advanced editing : After effects
Ty Ty
Can someone send me a safety link which has no virus + it didnt change the browser of my laptop?
It's for money o_O
They all got viruses one way or another.

Don't start with Sony Vegas Pro,start with something simpler,starting with Sony Vegas Pro instantly will put your esteem down and you will quit,you'll think its too hard.

Start with Wondershare Filmora,easy to use and like...really fucking simple.

Then go with Adobe and Sony and etc etc,idk.
There are so many Tutotrials in Youtube... Just Take one software and search for any relative tutorial.. If i'm you, I'll choose either movie maker or Sony Vegas Pro. Sony Vegas Pro is a bit more advance but you'll get better tools so you can edit your videos in more advance way. There are also another selection for you, Adobe Premiere Pro which is better and confusing. After effect isn't Video Editing Software but Video Compositor Software.. I'm not Recommending you to use After Effect unless you know what it is
Okay, can someone close this topic?