Please post computer issues here. We will try to help you. Also for showing off your PC.
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Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:51 pm

Your pc may be infected with malware or other things that slow your PC down.
The cases you mentioned only correspond with 1 known freeze but that's where everybody has a 5-10 second freeze. Everybody should recover from that freeze rather quickly.

Maybe your processor is very (VERY) old or you have (extremely) low/slow RAM, or lack of GPU memory?

The following points are known (semi-normal) moments when *everybody's* clients freeze:
1. Right before rules, there's a 5-10 second total-freeze, not an application hang, but a total core-freeze.
(single-core processors will experience a full system hang). This is probably to update the world for you, like add/remove certain objects. Around christmas there are more objects than during any other month.

2. When you have Vehicle Preview enabled and you step into a new vehicle, this freezes your screen and connection, not your core/processor.

3. During stickup, some people get a time-out, or sometimes just a lagspike. The screen may also freeze on some occasions.

4. Sometimes when you enter any building, usually Ammunation. A total unrecoverable client-freeze occurs but with zero CPU usage, the application has made a ramdump already and has cut off the connection. (unless it made a crashlog then it keeps connection until you quit the crashlog)

And to answer your question, yes, your connection/ping may be affecting all these above freezes.
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