The Cluckin' Times - January 2017, New Year Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
Threshold wrote:Your prize is -5m. Congratulations..
Lool :lol:
So why are u upset about something that cannot be fixed lol.

I think LEO, Driver, Stunter, Media Content, Warrant, Best Player had a pretty fair vote.

ScoTT was the best tire popper, popping tires from so far away and he is a great solo cop.
Stunter and Driver obviously goes to Kruthal, nobody can even chase him solo.
Best Player also seems fine to go to Kruthal. He is good at driving, chasing, long range weapons, short range weapons.
Media Content... I mean lol..

Pilot can be argued because personally I think Tiffany is suitable but nobody voted.

I need decent examples before you can proof your point.
priviking and ScoTT for most respected player
Aimandkill for admin of the year

here you have 3 players. noone thought about them.
Nobody thought about Aim so that's why he only got the second place?
Axl_Rose wrote:This whole thing is related to asslicking or joining someones oppinion since you are not grown enough to have your own.
But you don't have to complain about it, bcz thats that. it's not gonna change and we dont have to do anything about it.
Edward wrote:I don't think you have the right to complain because you didn't even nominate

Why nominate when I know for a fact that the winner in a certain category is already selected?

Feels good some people get what I'm talking,this means alot.
Axl_Rose wrote:
Feels good some people get what I'm talking,this means alot.
Cuz they are jealous, just like you
Just move on with it and stop complaining and criticizing!
Threshold wrote:Your prize is -5m. Congratulations..
LOLx -5M :P hahaha
Cop of the Year would go to Henor.Scott did not play the whole year.

Zenlex could have gotten the 2nd place on Stunter since Tiiggy barely even played.

Most Respected would be Clucky.
Rulebreaker could be me,leny was mostly banned but everyone voted him since the majority did so.

Driver of the year could also be Henor or Zenlex or Dimitri,Torque barely played to get the 2nd place.
There was also this one guy which I forgot his name,cops went through alot to get him but he didnt really talk much,forgot his name.