The Cluckin' Times - GTA Autolympics IV Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
The Cluckin’ Times
This edition was published on Aug 26th, 2016. Cost: $1,000,000/-
1. Update Highlights
2. Server News
3. S.W.A.T.
4. Suggestion Highlights
5. Grand Theft Autolympics IV
6. Did You Know?
7. Screenshot /Clips Of The Week
8. Advertisements
9. Weekly Question
10. The Cluckin’ Times Outro



Highlighted updates from July 24th to August 18th.
  • Menu list item / option spam
  • You can now change SandKing wheels at SA Customs.
  • You no longer need donator status to purchase extra autobahn vehicle.
  • When someone offered you items, /buy will find the dealer who first offered you items instead of the closest.
  • Fixed a bug that affected taxes of houses in county side and desert areas
  • Added /rcd as an alias for /robberycooldowns
  • Each fire that is randomly generated increases the max fire payout.
  • Fires are now randomly generated outside of store buildings.
  • Added Strip Club fires
  • Added player race positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd) to streetraces.
  • Fixed personal robbery cooldown not being affected in The Brussels Heist.
  • Added /walkie and /walkfreq as alias for /radio and /radiofrequency respectively.
  • The Brussels Heist (Airport Robbery):
    • To begin this heist, gather a group of people in a house
      Type /robbery brussels (or airport, lol)
      Players without guns will NOT be added to the heist
      A random player will be selected as the marksman
      A gun icon will appear in the airport, this is the vantage point
      Players then have to hijack an industrial vehicle and steal a siren from the city's Police Department
      After the stealing is done, you all (except the marksman) enter back a house to begin the robbery
      Now the setup is complete you enter the getaway vehicle and get to the airport
      While you are on your way to the airport, the marksman should already be at the vantage point taking out guards
      After getting in the airport (you may only enter the airport if a plane is not in the airport or is about to land / just landed)
      You then shoot down the plane then pick up the loot and deliver it to the hideout to complete the robbery
  • Street Racing: You can now set the maximum amount of players you want to be able to join the street race
  • Street Racing: Score is no longer involved in racing, it's all about the money now
  • Street Racing: General quality fixes and improvements
  • Newly registered players has 3 condoms by default
  • You can now purchase up to 5 condoms
  • You can not pull out your tazer when you've been recently hit (Altercation timer has been added)
  • Added a list of upcoming achievements. This can be accessed using /achievements or /upcomingachievements
Type /updates when in-game or visit the Server Changelog thread for all updates!



> The Brussels Heist features a harder robbery system, however it requires great teamwork to execute and has a two hour global cooldown. The payout is around $900,000-$1,000,000 in total gets divided equally amongst the contestants. The video below shows the first Brussels Heist. While it is not the most efficient way of doing it, it can be a good tutorial for first timers.

> Bond Sales have gone down in the past month as the demand increases and the supply goes down. The prices had already grown from 3 million to 3.3 million but since recent times, with virtually no people donating for others, the bond prices are flying high. The cheapest bonds at the moment are being “auctioned” for a minimum of 4 million. It might not be long before Peter’s 10 million per bond price becomes the actual price of bonds. Kar, for the first time in years, is showing the signs of the need for money to run the server. The Cluckin’ Times requests the players to donate frequently to keep the server alive.

> There have been plenty of late setjails and setwarns in the server. These are being caused by the malfunctioning of Anonymous, the irc bot. According to multiple administrators, the setjails and setwarns were scheduled on the day the verdicts for complaints were announced and that Anonymous hadn’t been performing properly, causing many players to never get jailed or warned and some others being punished for multiple times.



> Recently, there have been several cases of SWAT Applicants being caught for not reading the handbook, even though they have said they read the handbook. Please read everything on the SWAT handbook before applying for SWAT.



> Here are some recently made suggestions that need a bit more love!
Want to make your own suggestion? Click here!


> The Grand Theft Autolympics IV was hosted this weekend by Clucky.

During the 2 days of the Autolympics, xXSlayDriver1Xx was the host and entertained many as the autolympics was ongoing. Axe_pidy joined on the 2nd day, relieving xXSlayDriver1Xx solo job as a host. They were indeed entertaining and led to more enjoyment during the Autolympics. The video below shows a boxing match between ShjnE and axe_pidy, with xXSlayDriver1Xx commentating.
Recorded with SA Camhack and Published/Used with Kruthal’s Permission

Here are some more media of GTA Autolympics IV:

Participants getting ready for the long distance track

Host xXSlayDriver1Xx following the participants!

Shooting Finals with Reh winning!

> 5 events were cancelled, namely Vortex Throw, Golf, Tow Throw, Sailing, Triple Jump and Fencing. These events had streaming issues that resulted in players seeing the results in different location, hence producing an unreliable result. However, it was still a fun experience for those who tried!
xXSlayDriver1Xx’s attempt of Vortex Throw
Recorded with SA Camhack and Published/Used with Kruthal’s Permission

And finally, here are the long awaited results of each sport this year:


Overall results of 2016 Autolympics:

Overall results of all 6 Autolympics combined:



> Axe_pidy (2012, 2014, 2016) and Knookieboy (2014, 2015, 2016) are the only two people to win a medal in three different years

> Sweden and Hungary won their first medals in four years

> Axe_pidy is now a two-time cycling gold medalist (2012, 2016) and the only person to win two gold from the same sport. Knookieboy was two seconds away from doing the same in Boat Slalom, which he won in 2014.



> Screenshots/Clips of the Week includes funny video clips, screenshots, or recently made montages to be advertised right here in The Cluckin’ Times.

> This week screenshot of the week will go to Ragna! Oh dear, what happened to the poor Turismo..

> To submit your own screenshots or video clips to showcase in The Cluckin’ Times, click here.


> Zenlex is selling the following items
  • Xmas Orbs 3
  • Xmas Orbs 5
  • Xmas Box 1
  • Meat Carcass
  • Meat Hook
  • Burnt Head Piece
  • Skull Mask
  • Cuban Cigar
  • Cluckin' Bell Hat
For more information, contact Zenlex ingame/via IRCPM.

> Private Message [Rw]Joel today to get a FREE advertisement to be featured on next week’s Cluckin’ Times Edition.



> In the previous newsletter, the question we asked was:

Which out of these four admins was the NEWEST addition to the team?
ShaneOvSina, Edmundxx, Kruthal, or Kent_Bobo?

The answer was: Kruthal

Congratulations to all winners:

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Axl Rose
> Answer this question correctly to receive 5 score and $50000 in-game cash!

Which date was the first GTA autolympics in KCNR?

To participate in this, complete the Google Form here!

Good luck!


Intentionzz, The Cluckin’ Times Leader, has resigned from his post.

Kruthal will be taking leadership of The Cluckin’ Times. Congratulations to Kruthal!

The staff at The Cluckin’ times appreciates you taking the time to read our paper each and every release. With new additions to the team, we’ve been trying out some new categories and would love some feedback on what we have & suggestions on what to add. We’re planning on expanding the newspaper length but we need interesting categories to fill the space. In order to make the paper more entertaining, we’re looking for help from you guys on ideas on what you would like to see. Just throw suggestions in your reply below this post!

[Rw]Joel, iEatGroceries & SycromatiCs
Perfect! I like it, Good job!
> this weekend

But yeah great job!

Anyway, I answered the question, I expect my 50k soon!
Woooohoooo Kosovo!!!

50k n 5score pls
That's really awesome and i received my rewards :D
You guys might've already gotten the reward a week ago.
Everyone recieved their rewards a week or two ago.
Kruthal wrote:Everyone recieved their rewards a week or two ago.

I never received anything lol
You did, just probably didn't notice it upon login because you need to type /alert upon login to notice it. Everyone was given their prize with the exception of Yezpahr.