&news cmd for Trinity

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
iEatGroceries wrote:
aimandkill wrote:you are going off-topic, since nobody is interested in the feature i am thinking of removing it ...
You haven't even posted any news in it. So you're stopping it even before starting?
I am no news reporter :P it is YOUR job to add news to the database ! I am just the developer of the command :D
[Rw]Joel & iEatGroceries have been given access
Why'd you give him the access?
Edward wrote:Why'd you give him the access?
why not ?
Because he's not in Cluckin' Times.
He is now.

But anyway woah this news thing is actually pretty useful, esp for rule updates. its like another &dmls, just that its changable now

I'm pretty sure there'll be several other useful things now
ive applied for CT but no response