The Cluckin' Times - 11 July 2016 Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
I fucking knew it ,he was suspicious all the time
SyCroMaTiCs wrote:Gonna start working from now on to be the first one to pass your test. Huehue.
Joel passed it,nub xD
It was Bruce's and Henor's^.
You said your test towards henor, so yeah I passed his test technically..
Technically southbox did too then. If we compare joels test and southbox's its the same since Bruce took joels test, I was watching Bruce and learning.
Thank you for highlighting my Weekly Ladder suggestion, I forgot all about it!

I think that's really gonna be a gamechanger if it gets added. (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=26374)
Where's this week edition?
As of now, Joel and I are doing bi-weekly editions to keep them more entertaining compared to just having a filler edition.