The Cluckin' Times - 26 June 2016 Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
i cried for nothing T_T (cause kar made a mistake about mine and iEat's trailer) , Joel do not post Stuff that says official for the CT because people like me will believe it(unless Kar or a admin first make a post about it)
It was a miscommunication between me and Kar so I honestly apologise for it because it was mostly due to my fault so sorry.
Tiiggy trailer won? Ehm the hell xD And I thought that the trailer should've pointed server features, and not a whole couple minutes of pure Gamemode showing, just simply chasing or etc, for me that was just a tiiggy civ vs cop chase video, not adequated for a trailer, but that's my opinion, and each has it's own, not don't make a bitch fight out of my statment.
vitaliy wrote:for me that was just a tiiggy civ vs cop chase video
I agree, it looked nothing like a trailer...