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1. Did You Know?
2. Breaking News
4. Quote of the Week
5. SECURI-BUST Random Event Improvements
6. Fun DMA!
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> KCNR’s 2014 Feature Promo Contest’s Winner was Best_Warriors, who is now better known as Nickel. He chose the Mountain Bike personal vehicle as his prize and still owns it today!



> The 2016 KCNR Trailer Contest UNOFFICIAL results have come in. They are as follows:

  1. tiiggy | Custom House & 20 Bonds
  2. Kruthal | GTA Personal Vehicle & 15 Bonds
  3. SpartanGladiator | 10mil & 10 Bonds

Congratulations to all winners and participants on their amazing trailers!

When asked about the highly controversial trailer made by iEatGroceries, Kar responded that the trailer was “annoying and disrespectful”. Ouch.


> Kruthal is widely recognised for his driving skills.

Recently, 4 SWAT members took part in a car chase going after Kruthal for over 30 minutes before being able to take him down. Kruthal ran out of nitro several times and had to constantly switch between his turismos. He took the chase from LS to SF to Flint County to LS back to SF. At the end of the chase in Downtown SF, he finally got his 2 back tires popped by Zenlex before AND after repairing at a gas station, resulting in him spinning out during the wait for the repair timer to reset and the SWAT members taking him down. Zenlex commented, “Kruthal knows how to run.”

With his skills, he has now been promoted to SWAT Major and has replaced FwP in becoming one of our 3 current FTOs.

> Latest Promotions in SWAT:
  • Kruthal - Major(FTO)
  • Intentionzz - Major
  • SpartanGladiator - Captain
  • Lieutenant - Captain
Congratulations to all 4 SWAT Members on their promotions!



Edward wrote:In-game name: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Who Had A Very Shiny Nose Leading To Him Getting Bullied By All The Other Reindeer, However Santa Claus Saved Him And Butchered Him So He Would Not Live In Misery


> Kar has listened to the players and have decided to balance the SECURI-BUST random event. There are several updates and the current changes are as listed below.
  • The Securicar has now 99 percent bulletproof armour.
  • The Securicar now has a speed limit of 100 KM/H
  • Any LEOs can now drive the securicar after an army LEO has started the event.
Kar is still planning to improve the SECURI-BUST Random Event. To express your opinions, please head here.



> The Deathmatch Arena has received various updates/bug fixes over the past 2 months and has become extremely popular with the core DM group of KCNR. You do NOT lose weapons when dying inside of DMA and can now duel anyone regardless of class meaning cops can now kill each other inside of DMA!

> There is currently a Deathmatch Arena Map Build being created at the moment by Kruthal adding 3 new levels and closing off half of DMA creating a more condensed fighting arena. It’s still a work in progress and is looking for suggestions on what to add to it to create the ultimate DM Arena!



> Visit [Rw]Joel’s Gun Store today for weapons cheaper than Ammunition and $6000 fake wallets. Here are the prices for [Rw]Joel’s Gun Store.

[Rw]Joel’s Gun Store Pricing:
  • Desert Eagle - $70
  • M4 - $80
  • UZI - $70
  • Sawnies - $120
  • Sniper - $160
  • Fake Wallets - $4900
  • Condoms - $750
  • Chef’s Knife - $2750
  • Purple Dildo - $2500
  • Jerrycan - $17000
    Location: Beside Redsands East Sex Shop
> Kruthal has created 4 different suggestion lists with a total of 137 suggestions in just 4 threads! All of those suggestions can be easily changed and turned into great additions to KCNR with a few more players brainstorming around the general idea. All 4 suggestion lists are listed below:

Private Message [Rw]Joel today to get a free advertisement to be featured on next week’s Cluckin’ Times Edition.



> Answer this question to receive $100000 in-game cash.

How many warehouses, banks and casinos are there in total?

To participate in this, complete the Google Form here

Winners will be announced at the next newsletter.



> The amount of people doing News Reporter Mission has been rising exponentially in recent days. This large jump is due to a bug giving large amount of money paid for doing it. If you’re looking to fill your News Reporter drive, why not join The Cluckin’ Times team to experience what it really means to be a News Reporter? Join us today by applying for CT membership in forums!


Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!
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Oh shiet,Slay gonna cry us a river :D

Grats to the winners!
I did @ragna :( (p.s. im gunna go cry some more)
xXSlayDriver1Xx wrote:I did @ragna :( (p.s. im gunna go cry some more)
I'll help you turn into a lake.
It's 25th June xD not 26
Axl_Rose wrote:It's 25th June xD not 26
For him it was when he posted it

It's now 3:17am in Singapore
Kar described iEatGroceries' trailer. Slay's trailer wasn't annoying nor was it disrespectful, it was a satire and would have a way bigger impact on attracting new players than the other four trailers I considered worthy of being chosen as the official trailer.

Tiiggy's trailer was better than Kruthal's because it was way more smooth. Both of them were right up there next to each other when it came to presentation, showing the features and keeping the viewers interested. However, Kruthal was lacking the same flow Tiiggy had for two reasons; First of all, Kruthal kept bombing the viewers with features after features and didn't really show the said features integrated into the gameplay itself. Tiiggy had seperated his own trailer in two parts, features and gameplay. First he showed what features we have and then proceeded to show why we have those features.

The second reason is the fact that it all came off looking natural. It didn't looked staged because just like in Slay's trailer, he had clips that were taken while playing. If you look at most of the other trailers, for example the parts where the roadblock feature is shown, you have a guy standing around like canned tuna on a grocery store shelf while the warrant, an actor, slowly approaches the roadblock and slams right against it. Sure, Tiiggy's clips were from his previous videos, but as far as I'm concerned that wasn't against the rules.

Making Joel's video the third over Hamada's trailer was another thing I don't understand. It was a minute and a half of shooting. If you complain about Slay not showing any features, go watch Joel's trailer. It was not a movie contest, it was a trailer contest. It deserves the 5th place after Tiiggy, Kruthal, Slay and Hamada - in that order - but it doesn't deserve the third place.

And after bashing your video I have to say that this edition was very well put together and I liked it. It could use some kind of column/letter to the editor -section, though.
Didn't read it because i already read it xD Congratulations to the winners. Let me rent your house Kruthal! These results aren't official.
Who is Hamada?