The Cluckin' Times - 10 June 2016 Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
The Cluckin’ Times
This edition was published on June 10th, 2016.
1. Did You Know
2. Gamebreaking Bugs
4. The Ending Trailer Contest
5. Los Santos is becoming dangerous
6. Farewell



> Yezpahr is the oldest player in KCNR.



> The KCNR server is facing a lot of bugs recently. One of them is the weed plant bug, where nobody is able to seize or steal the drugs. This resulted in many players abusing it, placing in the middle of the road, and even outside LVPD!
A Unknown Protestor planted plants outside LVPD requesting less harm from the cops
Report any bug here to get it fixed as soon as possible.


> iEatGroceries have recently broken the spree of players failing SWAT Test, scoring a whooping 89% for his SWAT test. This has resulted in some rumours of him.

> Welcome iEatGroceries to SWAT!

> Latest Promotions in SWAT:
Aztec. - Sergeant
RaNi - Captain



> KCNR's Trailer Contest 2016 has stopped accepting submission. Voting is now available here.
Currently, there are 2 outstanding trailers that shines out from the rest, and they are from Kruthal and tiiggy!

> Kruthal's Trailer
> tiiggy's Trailer

xXSlayDriver1Xx's Trailer deserves an honorable mention as he used comedy to advertised the server.

>xXSlayDriver1Xx's Trailer

Who shall be the top 3 and walk away with those hefty prizes? Stay tuned to The Cluckin’ Times for more information!


> Recently, there have been a extremely high amount of traffic in Los Santos. Most of this traffic are from gangs. Majestic 12, Pro ShooTeRs and Professional Taliban have been brawling out at each other, defending their turf and provoking others turf. With Los Santos now being a Random Deathmatch Zone, coupled with these threatening gangs, Los Santos has certainly become a dangerous place. Watch out for your back the next time you enter Los Santos!


The Cluckin’ Times would like to thank iEatGroceries for his contribution, and wishes him all the best for his future endeavour.


Thank you for reading, and have a nice day ahead.

trailer picks are biased

/me runs and hides
Yezpahr wrote:trailer picks are biased

/me runs and hides
Yezpahr vote is biased.

/me runs and hide

EDIT: Added slaydriver trailer for its comedy
Slaydriver's trailer is not there. Too short.
May I ask why did you post this?
SyCroMaTiCs wrote:Slaydriver's trailer is not there. Too short.
I was editing via phone so it took a while
Yeah true a little short but ill improve its content in the near future

LittleJ because nobody is doing it?
I was doing it but still people thought that i am "still" not interested even though i keep on posting stuff on the staff page. I am also out. Enough of the team. No help or anything.
This was meant to end up this way.Once you guys added Pakistanis in the Team the Cluckin Times got shut down,and I mean it.Once you guys added LittleJ and Sycro the Cluckin Times had it comming.

Joel,if you like to we can keep the Cluckin Times up as we have recently getting along together and you are joining TS.
You guys can do whatever you guys want.

BTW,the topic is great and thanks for doing it Joel.
What do you think of yourself? Pfft. You guys should look at yourselves first and then talk about us. Grammatical mistakes, grammatical mistakes everywhere.
Kar wrote:I'd like to see less of this around KCNR forums please. Talk about anything else, not about religion and racism.

You also commented "Done". Well, stop lying. Your whole life is a lie. The biggest reason why new players don't join.
Yezpahr isn't the oldest player in the server. That'd be Clucky.If it's by age, idk.
Nice topic though but less news. That bugs me.