Staying dormant

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
I resign from being a CT reporter. Thank you for reading.
Whyyy, you probably are the better reporters out of the others
You'll be able to see the return of "The TIMES OF KCNR"
just a rage quit.
iEatGroceries wrote:
NoName wrote:
iEatGroceries wrote: We even kicked sycro because of his lack of interest.*
He isn't kicked

' I'd be responsible because I'm running this forum. '
Why do you think that you are running this forum? No1 is actually responsible for this because there is no (group)leader.
Ok then. I'm leaving the staff. Let me see how things work without me.
Don't come complaining when you regret it.
LoL, ur arguing with somebody who doesn't even read the newspaper.... why would you throw those words at somebody who doesn't even care.... why would he "complain" when he "regrets" it....

You initially received the ability to post there because you wanted it, just you. Nobody was asking you to become news reporter, nobody told you to stop doing it and nobody was obstructing any of your endeavors.... It's just you, you you you and you who you're arguing with.

And no, this isn't "staying dormant", it is a resignation. That's a permanent thing.