The Cluckin' Times - 31st May 2016 Edition

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
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Posted on 31st of May by SycromatiCs.

1. Important Announcement.
2. What's News?
3. Events.
4. Kar has said it himself!
5. The conquerors of LS
6. The most bizarre thing?
7. Is iEatGroceries the next victim?
8. The Savior!

> Important Announcement:
Only seven days are left for the trailer contest. If you haven't got your entry yet, make a trailer for KCNR now.

> What's New?

Worried about the removal of your house? No need to now. Houses get removed after a month of inactivity rather than just two weeks.

The prices of bikes in Autobahn have also been increased. Buy a bike of your liking at your nearest Autobahn.

> Events

1. A big platform was made by admins on which the players had to stand. Objects were randomly removed every five seconds. The last person standing won.

Winners: S3xy_Dragon, kula and Mickee.

2. Players had to race from Roca Escalante to Whetstone in their personal vehicles.

Winners: Aztec, [Rw]Joel and Kruthal.

3. There was a platform set up by admins in Death Match Arena. You could only get out through the platforms made.

> Kar has said it himself!

Kar wants to see the players to stop the religious and racial discrimination on forums. With that being said, many people will be in trouble who discriminate others from now on. Have a look at it.

> The conquerors of LS

LVM (Lan Venturas Mafia) have taken all over Los Santos. They certainly are the conquerors of Los Santos and are looking to challenge any other group that tries to provoke their territory!

> The most bizarre thing

Axl Rose's parents want have his urine sample to check if he is smoking weed or not. Wait, what? A good suggestion from you guys might save his life.

> Is iEatGroceries the next victim?

Henor and ElectronX have been labelled as "The thrash duo" by iEatGroceries as no one is able to pass their S.W.A.T test. Is he their next victim? Post below!

> The Savior!

Car bomb is a savior! If you are wondering how, you should take a look at Ragna's car bomb. Have a look at it.
Oh shiet,you just dissed Zemra and Probie '14 :O

Lan Venturas Mafia? Is that a new group?
LVM? (LV Mafia) Nikola's and Ivan's group?
Well,shouldn't it be Las Venturas Mafia and not Lan Ventruas Mafia?

And MJ12 owned the turfs for long,where have you been :P
Lol dude Kruthal and I have been turfing every single day preventing, its really fun right now so check it out
LVM's fullform is LV Mafia. Not Lan Venturas Mafia :lol: :lol:
What the fuck you think LV stands for? -.-

I said that cause Sycro said LAN VENTRUAS (?!)

Aww you put my CB in this :3 <3
Ragna wrote:What the fuck you think LV stands for? -.-

I said that cause Sycro said LAN VENTRUAS (?!)

Aww you put my CB in this :3 <3
I asked Ivan and he said that it was never Las Venturas Mafia. It was LV Mafia all along
Well, LV is Lan Venturas. It means the same all along.
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