The Cluckin' Times - 14 May 2016 Edition

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3. Boom Ban, Boom Money!
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> Kar learned SAMP scripting on his own, at the tender age of 13. At that age, most people play with sticks and stones.



> SyCroMaTiCs scored an all time lowest score of 25% in the SWAT examinations! This low score meant that he failed in almost all the tests. According to the testers incharge, Henor and ElectronX, no one had ever scored a score so low and that he had broken all of their expectations. SyCroMaTiCs is also the Cluckin' Times reporter who failed to deliver last week's newstopic. blame him, not me xD



> In the previous newstopic, CT had reported the Usman-Killian scam case. Reportedly, Usman got banned for the scam from both the server and the forums. Killian, however, posted a refund topic on the forums but the refund topic got denied because KCNR doesn't handle real life trades.

> Jayce scammed Chiekurs of $7,000,000/- in late April. This was a server trade, unlike Usman-Killian's trade. Eventhough Jayce got banned, the evidence provided got Chiekurs himself in trouble. Due to his sharp eyes, Yezpahr was able to catch a weapons modification in Chiekurs's game, which got him banned too!



> The Times of KCNR changed it's name to The Cluckin' Times. Kar, the server owner and creator, wanted the newstopics to have the name given to it by the previous management.



> KCNR Birthmonth is still ongoing! Join the server daily to get exciting new clothes and stunning events!



> Scammer by Chiekurs. It's funny when you read it entirely.



> [Rw]Joel's KCNR trailer

>RaNi's KCNR trailer

> Advertisements are available for players in the Times of KCNR editions!


Forum pm iEatGroceries to advertise on the newstopic.


Thanks for reading.
Poor sycro lmao
EDIT MADE! Added Joel's and Rani's advertisement :D
Lol, gj do it every week.
It was totally my mistake. I started with ping 500-1k. And you know what? Lag pitting and shooting with that ping is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Once again, my fault but i dare you to score more than 25 percent with that ping. Except skydiving, there was nothing that i could have done with that ping.I knew that i won't pass the test but still gave it a try and failing with that percent didn't hurt me at all. I expected myself to get 50-60 without that lag but i had to do the test before Monday and these days i am lagging a lot. Poor me :(
Uh, i got unban at Same day xD
Great job at keeping me informed with these stuff(also keep up with the humour :) ), now I don't have to check the forums that often ;)
Waiting for this weeks newspaper.
Henor, i was about to release one but it was too late to realize that they kicked me from the group. Meh..
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