Times of KCNR, 2nd May.

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
Times of KCNR
This edition was published on 2nd May, 2016 by SycromatICs. Free of cost.

1.Did You Know?
3.Breaking News
4.Rare happenings
5.New features
6.Topic of the Week
7.Spammer of the Week (Forums)

Today is Monday, 2nd of May, 2016.


Aries:You might need to work hard to earn money.
Taurus:You'll have to make tough decisions about certain things.
Leo:You might get into a fight with someone.
Gemini:You will be successful today.
Virgo:Look out for cops! You might get arrested a lot.
Pisces:You may suffer a loss.
Libra:Less failed robberies.
Sagittarius:More chances of escaping jail.
Cancer:You might get lucky.
Capricorn:Might be lucky enough to sell things for a huge profit.
Aquarius:Bonus fishes!
Scorpio:You might get robbed or raped by a group of criminals.

After stealing/scamming various accounts, C2L2Bebas forgot his own account password. Karma? We think so! Click.

This might not be expected at all but it is totally possible to get 5 score and $500,000 in a legal way and that too in just 3 minutes! If you are thinking what the legal way is, then let me tell you. It is the Securicar mission which is usually ignored! Click Here

There are some new features that have just been added. They are listed below:
  • If you get arrested or taken down in your very own personal vehicle, it will get impounded. You will have to go to Old Venturas Strip and get the impounded car back after paying a certain amount.
  • You now need to hold a gun to do any major robbery!
For me, the topic of the week is Rani's. You might participate in the raffle to get a chance to win 3m by picking any number from 50-150. Take a look at it.

The spammer of the week is Mike_Leone. Players are annoyed by seeing his useless posts like "its good, nice" and etc. Have a look at one of his posts.

You can advertise ANYTHING related to game in our next topic. You can forum/in-game PM me or iEatGroceries (XxSplinerxX). The first advertisement is absolutely free!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading. If there are any flaws, let me know.
Posted by:
Coool XD
Um,shouldn't this be posted in May 8? It's stupid posting this the day after Splinter did
I am just testing it. I will post it on 8th and 10th May too.
Maybe you guys could name one the Cluckin times, which is the official one and one could be the Times of KCNR. Competition like we've never seen before!
I'll leave Times of KCNR to Splinter and i'll take Cluckin times. (The official one)
I think that might be argued. You guys should sort it out with someone but okay.
I think Splinter deserves Cluckin Times, as he started this again
I am just helping him. I don't care whatever i get. I just want to entertain you guys with some solid content.
you are just copying splinter -_-