Staff Roster & Applications.

The Endorsed KCNR Newspaper.
i mean i'm working with network in youtube..
Clucky im hired?
No, you won the "fucking retard of the year" -award. Congratulations.
Sorry i thought its for staff lol, remove this reply please.
If someone wants to take care of the newspaper, feel free. Maybe Threshold?
Mr_King wrote:Your real name Mgd Azam
Your In-game Name Mr_King
Desired Occupation: [Writer/Recorder] I can be both
I have: (Out of the three things you must have at least 2 to be accepted.)
1. Fraps/Bandicam/other recording software (Y)
2. TS3 (Y)
3. Youtube account/other video-storage website (Y)
My work: My gmail email is [email protected] you can view my channel, i also worked on SA:MP Hosting company and i was full admin there, pm me for the link so you can go and ask about my experience if you need and now i moved on multi hosting company which supports minecraft,vps,samp,mta,website hosting and etc also i have a little knowledge about pawno scripting, i scripted once a basic DM gamemode that released on the host i was working at.
Not for an admin position Mr_King xD
LoL Thres! xD xD xD xD
RaNi wrote:Your real name : Rani Tanos
Your In-game Name : RaNi
Desired Occupation: Recorder
I have:
1. Fraps/Bandicam/other recording software (i have)
2. TS3 (i have)
3. Youtube account/other video-storage website (i have youtube account and working with network)
My work: recording and working with youtube , editing pictures
Haha, another one who didn't read page 2.

Locked now.