[TUTORIAL] How to report more than 1 player at once

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Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:58 am

Lately there has been loads of "spams" filling the Court Of Justice with the same player making more than a thread to report more than one player rulebreaking.
So I decided to make a "Tutorial" to show how to report more than one player in the same thread the correct way, and not have to make more than one thread.

Start a new topic, and include the title as follows: (Names of players that rulebroke in the title.)
eg: (Enforcer, TCD, Cryptik)
(If its the same rulebreak then do as follows)
eg: Enforcer, TCD, Cryptik QTA

Fill the "Rulebreakers' name(s): " with all the player names..
eg: Enforcer, TheCopDude, Cryptik

Fill your in-game name and date of rulebreak(s)

For the "Reason for report: " section include each player(s) name along with his rulebreak as well as a link with the proof of the stated rulebreak

Reason for report: QTA
Reason for report: RDM
Reason for report: Cop Hunt

Add your crimelog screen shot(s) in case any of the mentioned rulebreak(s) has RDM included.

Notice: I know that this tutorial may seem useless to some of the experienced players, but there are actually people flooding the Court Of Justice with 5+ reports while they can just do this. I found no other tutorial/thread such as this one, so decided to do one as I got the time. Also this "template" was not set by an official admin, but I did do this before and the responsible admin replied with the names dealt with, and the names that are invalid.. so consider using it until told not to do so.
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