Donation Update: Bonds

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  1. Donations are now fully automated.
  2. Any money 'sent' to KCNR will not be counted as a donation and will not be refundable.
What are Bonds?

Bonds are simply a new type of money that will be used to redeem KCNR donating features such as vehicle slots, name changes and donator statuses.
  • 1 Bond = 1 USD.
  • 3 Bonds = 1 vehicle slot.
  • 10 Bonds = 1 name change.
  • 10 bonds = Regular donator status.
  • 20 Bonds = Premium donator status.
  • 30 Bonds = Deluxe donator status.
Of course, the amount of bonds needed to update your donator status differs just like before. If you have $15 in the donating amount then you would need 5 bonds to upgrade to premium or 15 bonds to upgrade to deluxe as 1 Bond = 1 USD.
Bond Redeeming Tutorial

  1. First, go to, then donate to the server the amount of money that you like to the server.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to the email you used to donate with PayPal (NB: check your junk). There you will find your transaction ID.

  3. /redeembonds. A dialog will pop up asking you to enter the transaction ID of the donation.

  4. Then you enter the transaction ID of the donation to verify that you you actually donated.

  5. For extra security reasons, you must then confirm the e-mail used with the transaction ID.

  6. There we go, you have successfully redeemed your Bonds.

Bonds Store
  • Type /bonds to access the bonds store where you can trade your bonds for donation upgrades or extra stuff.
Information About Bonds
  1. You must donate atleast $2 to redeem bonds.
  2. For every $1 you donate, you receive 1 bond (atleast $2 or more).
  3. If you donate $2.99, you will only receive 2 bonds. Tax from donations does not count. Your gross donation is what matters. $3.xx = 3 bonds.
  4. Bonds ARE tradable. I set the market price at 2m per bond, but you can sell bonds for wayy more than that. It's up to you, the players to decide your street price for bonds.
  5. You can sell the transaction ID with the e-mail used to players, but I don't recommend that, that's why bonds we're made tradable.
  6. The transaction ID is NOT the transaction ID that you see in your PayPal activity log.
-> good thing that you made Bonds and making them trade-able!

-> but what bugs me is that, even if you donate $2.99, you get 2 bonds only!
how about having bonds be in floating format? [for e.g:- if you donate $2.99, you get 2.99 bonds instead of 2 bonds].
this will allow players to donate as much as they want and considering that mobile donations actually deduct the money donated, [e.g:- if you donate $5 and you get $1.95(including taxes, exchange rates, etc.), you could atleast have 1.95 bonds and not seeing it reduce to just $1], it would be really helpful.
Somebody has been playing (os)rs, but I like this idea. :)
So it means when i donate in paypal i go ig and write /redeembonds and write a PayPals transaction IDs?
We dont need to pay $ in real life to be donators now?
you cant read? can you

1usd=1bond so yes you have to pay real money
How do I get 1 Bonds ?
You either buy bonds from someone selling bonds or you donate using the above method and redeem them.
Bonds tutorial video coming soon...
how to pay 30 Bonds ?/
and can i buy From Here Man