using the irc ingame and out of game

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download link:

ingame commands

/irc [msg] - anyone can see this on irc #lvcnr.echo
/ircpm [irc nick] [msg] || (/ircpm Gage_Miller hello) - only he sees it
/ircalert [msg] - to alert a admin to game problems
see this on irc #lvcnr.echo

out of game

a irc is Internet Relay Chat, an area of the network where users can communicate interactively with each other.

- channels & functions -
#lvcnr - is where you can only chat with other on irc
#lvcnr.echo - is where you can see the server as if was in game (note only people with VOP can talk to the people in server)

- commands for vop -
!say [msg] - talk to the whole server
!pm [nick/id] [msg] - talk to one person only
!players - see who ingame

being with irc

waiting for youtube to work right

you register your nickname with a password and an email address. Now everytime you come back to the network, you will be asked to identify yourself using a simple command. This will make sure that you hold on to your nickname and nobody steals it on you.

The command to register usually is...

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

You must replace PASSWORD with a password of your choice and EMAIL with a VALID email address. It must be valid as some networks like you to verify it exists by sending you an email. Once you have registered your nick, when you come back to the network you must identify yourself, you can do this with these commands..

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD
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Just an addon to this Thread...

#lvcnr <--------------------- is the Channel name
Server: <-------- is the Server name

So when it comes to "add new server" add
then add new channel #lvcnr or look for it manually

I personally use ICECHAT, alot more colourful but not as robust as hydrairc. If your a beginner to irc I recommend icechat
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great help :) thanks you two
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