Militance Forces Tutorial & Information

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There has been generally a lot or quite a bit of confusion lately regarding the Militance Forces/ National Guard class. I'm going to go in depth and explain it to the best of my ability.

First of all, to spawn as National Guard, you're going to be required to have at minimum a seven hundred and fifty score. (750+)

The main goal of the National Guard is to take out most wanted suspects, which is straight out Orange users among everyone else.

National Guard has generally and mostly the same items other law enforcement officers have. Just like the LVPD, they can speak over radio, issue tickets, accept bribes, and pull suspects over.

The main thing National Guard has over all the other factions or classes are the vehicles. National Guard has Apaches, Jump Jets, Cargobobs and some other vehicles as well. These give them a major advantage during takedowns.

National Guard also receives takedown bonuses for each kill they make.

Any purple colored user who has managed to obtain a Military Aircraft vehicle and has a score of 750+ is not a hacker. If however you do suspect someone is a hacker, use /c(omplain).

If any of this information if inaccurate or I've managed to miss something, feel free to either send me a message or reply to this topic.
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