Hi im here to help

Have a problem with your GTA or SA-MP and NOT LVCNR? Post here.
Well i've been going around some Servers helping around on some servers. I think i could be of use somehow on the admin team as i have been admin several times its nothing big and wasnt hard to get for me since i got used to it. But im more then welcome if you do not accept me. Cause recently ive been helping some low quality servers helping some payments and stuff!
They choose their admin staff.
Yes, of course! Welcome to the team, we also made you our lead scripter! :)

You can PM Kruthal on Discord to get access to everything.
You calling us Low Quality?
Kar wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:57 pm
You calling us Low Quality?
We really could use his help I think! He seems very experienced! And we haven't been doing this for that long so far, so its hard for us to get everything right! I think we should definitely give him a chance!