About Bug / Typo's

Here you can find useful information about the KCNR website.

I just want tell you something guys

Before you report A Bug / Typo's

you must sure that was A Bug / Typo's

So When you ingame you must Re-Create That Bug Few Times to make you sure about the bug, If That Was A Bug / Typo's

After That Report it on Bug / Typo's At this : http://forums.lvcnr.net/viewforum.php?f=6

Because i see few player not do this, so when Player report the bug, when other player check this A Bug / Typo's, that wasn't A Bug / Typo's
Idk what makes you think people who don't know how to post a Bug/Typo topic would-so happen to find this but
Nice thread, hopefully it informs people.