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We barely have chinese players and there is no language pack available for chinese.
This ? idk if this is right or not ... ndonesian/
ImanJx wrote:This ? idk if this is right or not ... ndonesian/
No need to tell me your useless dumb shit.
I know what I am doing. I looked through all language packs. Indonesian is not available. The phpbb version doesn't match.
Chinese has one of the most up-to-date language packs available, and there are like two players on the server that speak Portuguese, too, because Brazilians mostly play on their own servers.

While the Chinese do not / are not allowed to play, the language is either a major or a minor language in many countries, including Singapore and the Philippines.

However, I agree it shouldn't be added and I was just nettling at you because of the inclusion of Portuguese. The only languages that need to be added are Indonesian and Hindi. I couldn't find Hindi, but there's an unofficial Indonesian pack for 3.1x, which seems to be missing stuff, though.
Idk if there is a pack for this but i saw some webpages using this... "SIMPLE ENGLISH" this can help so many players, because it will use the common words that most of the people know. If you haven't heard about this before, a webpage that came in my head now is Wikipedia. Just an idea though !
@clucky.. We Indians don't actually need Hindi.
all Indians who play in KCNR have enough English knowledge to understand and speak in English.