I need help with 2 things.. plz help

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I need help regarding 2 topics..-

1st.. Someone from administration team plz enable my avatar i need to set my avatar.. I see everyone with avtar except me.. It ssys ur avtar is disabled when i went in FAQ's it said u need tocontact a board adadministrator team idk.. Where to go n what to do.. I post bout this a long time ago only yezpahr ansewered it wasnt a great help.. Tho

2nd.. It can be a lil off topic.. But idk where to post this.. I saw in kryptons helpful post that how to get statistic counter i want it for my signature.. I read i need to do /ircpm anonymous register (password) it always show a error that the user isnt in lvcnr or lvcnr.echo or something like that.
M sure i didnt did any mistake in spelling in /ircpm one i need help for my signature.. Really fast help me with both things pls
1) No.
2) I'll look into it.
Soooo... U mean my avtar wont be enabled? Well ok with that.. And thankyou for investigating in the anonymous one :D
Noone has an avatar, are you okay?
you sure? o.O
Krypton have :D
Anyways check out anonymous
the /ircpm Anonymous works fine.
i did 'a' for anonymous not 'A' sorry thanks for help peter