Banned on Forums

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Ingame name: Jackman
Query: I'am banned on forums, it says I was annoying people, so I'am sorry, I wasn't aware of it, I took it as a general social network where people can comment, on top of it, I wasn't even warned about it.
Euhm, I think you got caught in a rangeban or something :/

Forum bans are difficult to find back, I gave it a try but can't find your ban.

Hopefully another admin can find it.
There is no such ban nor a warning in the logs.
When did it happen?
I dont know, but, after some weeks I just opened the forum page and it said You are banned on forums, reason: generally annoying everywhere! btw i cant is the server down? i cant open it keeps retrieving the info!
Fixed this issue.
Thanks, but what about that retrieving info shit?
Yes, they still appear banned in-game, is it a range ban?
Will anybody FIX this shit? whatever it is! Krypton says, it always happens to players from Pakistan, I'm from Pakistan!
We are terribly sorry but we cannot do anything specifically at the moment.

You may use a proxy/hotspot/vpn to connect to our server, hopefully that bypasses whatever causes this issue.
It ain't working good :( i get such an high ping by proxy!!