Version 14

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.

Server Tutorial:

A tutorial has been made for everyone (especially beginners) to watch and understand the server a bit more
/tutorial - used to start the tutorial, you can end the tutorial at any point by cancelling it or using /endtutorial
The tutorial takes you through the many features of the server (everything may not be included as yet)
It's more of a guide than a tutorial, as it just explains the features with cool camera movements.


Arresting has changed slightly, now when arrested there is a time between arrest and going to jail
In this period of time you will be cuffed for a few seconds, this giving you a chance to /breakcuffs (/bc)
If the cuffs are broken successfully, you will be awarded with an evaded arrest and score
Your warrant will be removed and you will become a suspected player
Hitting warranted players with nite stick now triggers automated arresting
Holding a screwdriver while attempting to /breakcuffs (/bc) will give you a better chance at breaking the cuffs

Remunerations (Commissions):

Paychecks are now given to players after playing a full game week
Players will receive full paychecks from all teams (if they have done work)
Paychecks are based on commissions, which you will be given more money per the more work done

Call Tracking:

When players call a medic, drug dealer, weapon dealer or driver the closest target is given a choice to track the caller
If chosen yes, then the caller will be tracked (with aid of the GPS) by the target
The target in this case is the closest dealer / medic / driver

Time Matters:

Robbing a store at night will now give you more money
Entering a vehicle at night will turn on your lights (if they aren't damaged)
(Illegal*) Crimes distance to cops is higher at day than at night

Gas Stations:

All (well most, they will be added over time) Gas Stations have now been added, they are similiar to 24/7s
Each Gas Station can be robbed separately to 24/7s
All Gas Station fuel checkpoints have been removed, you now have to blow your horn to activate the menu
The menu will hide itself automatically or if you leave the area or you can close it by closing the menu

Fuel Station Deliveries:

All Gas Stations now need to be refuelled by fuel tankers
The oil refiniery is the supplier of all gas stations around San Andreas
Enter oil refiniery with a tanker, linerunner or roadtrain WITHOUT a trailer
To deliver petrol around San Andreas Gas Stations from the oil refinery
As each person refuels their vehicle, the fuel in the gas station drops
If there is no more fuel in a gas station, you cannot refuel thus automatically requiring deliveries
Manual delivery requests can be placed as these advertise to the entire server that the Gas Station requires petrol

Quarry Missions:

1 Quarry Mission has been added, called Explosive Delivery
The goal is to deliver the explosives to the end of the abandoned airstrip before the timer runs out
This mission can be started from the checkpoint at the top of the quarry

Medic Mission (Spray To Heal):

To start the mission, enter the hospital checkpoint or type /mission from an ambulance
You must heal 10 players with a spray can (provided at mission start) to complete the mission
Healing 1 player twice in 5 rows won't count (meaning after healing 5 different players, you can heal the same 5 players in order)

Cemetary Delivery:

Enter a Romero to begin the mission
Pickup the Coffin from a deathdrop or house (depends on current player (city) location)
Deliver the dead body to a cemetary (depends on current player (city) location)


Police officers can now harvest drugs. This being a dirty cop activity
Police officers can now choose whether to sieze or steal player drug plants. This being a dirty cop activity if chosen the latter.


Raping players while holding a dildo chainsaw now makes them lose more health
Rape messages now state when players were raped to death


/inventory (/inv) - Shows the items players have in their inventory
/removebomb - Removes a planted car bomb and adds it back to your inventory
Fires can start in almost any store
A store cannot be robbed while its on fire
Spraying a spray can at a fire can cause really bad crime
Many new clothes have been added (model planes, boats, ufo objects, dice etc)
There is no longer a complementory free safe storage of $5000 on new houses
All mission stats have been added
Added many new mission vehicles around San Andreas (Including Trailers)
Added more churchs
You asked for buyable aircrafts and boats? well you got them!
Added many new clothes including (model planes, boats, ufo objects)
Made some changes to money rush client messages
Police officers get coffee at half price at donut shops
Changes / patches to jail escaping and bail has been made
Team data is now only loaded when you save your skin to prevent issues at class selection
Skin saving team is now saved properly
Fixed bugs with house key resetting and house ownerships
Fixed a bug where the warehouse vehicle limit hit too early
NICE !!! :D
And again no new skins and cars ...but nice work
Nice work, I can not say anything else but THANK YOU!
Santos_new wrote:And again no new skins and cars ...but nice work
Raping players while holding a dildo chainsaw now makes them lose more health
FEAR VLADIMIR!! He has EIGHT of them!

You asked for buyable aircrafts and boats? well you got them!
Fear ME!!!
Santos_new wrote:And again no new skins and cars ...but nice work
He do ALOT of work with this and that is what you can say?

Anyway, really good work Kar, I think this is gonna be awsome :)
Awesome! The best update ever!
This is not fully cnr anymore, you can do a lot of awesome mission!
Well done, great!
No cnr look like this
when will the update happen?
wow, great job, can wait to see it.