New SERVER IP :- Christmas Update

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry about the recent server ip address change, this is due to uncontrollable host issues that I cannot go into much details of.

Please spread the word about the new IP, yes the player base will be dropping significantly, this is not a reason to quit! We are trying our best to get the hosted list back so we can regain the high player base!

Server IP:

In other news:

Christmas Update 2012:

Christmas carols play on server connection
Santa Hats sell at every 24/7s
Wearing a Santa Hat gives you benefits like reducing robbery time on stores
Gifts are given out from Santa and Administrators
Players can type /gift at a christmas Tree to gain a gift
Santa hats :D nice
Where is the christmas tree?
adira_setyadi wrote:Where is the christmas tree?

Drive on the strip and you should be able to see atleast 3-4 of them.
IDK but i cant find the server ?wtf happened ? help pls
With the new IP i can't the server. WHY????? WHY????????
Server is down.
When the server will be online??
Hey is it a bug or ip is changed again bcz says any other ip starting from 66
Yes, i tried to type that and it doesnt work.
Both ip old and this one still not working