Urging to Donate?

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Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:20 pm

Krypton wrote:
Kenn wrote:excuse me guys i have a plan to donate here this dec but i have a 1 problem. i dont have a account server admin banned me well u unbanened me and give back my all staff and money if ill donate here?? My Ingame is KennJie
I very highly doubt that bribery or blackmail will get you anywhere with this, but it depends what admins say and how they view it.
I don't see that as blackmail krypton. It's just a silly request, nothing more.
Blackmail would have to involve leverage from his side, which he does not have :)

Anyway, I hope Donations go smoother now, with the new update.
For some players it was a long and agonizing journey to get donator-status :/
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