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Other monetary sites are not supported at this moment (Got bitcoin and want to donate? PM me).

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I will try .
Would it be possible to pay some way other than by paypal or onebip?
Like Payza, credit card, etc.
kar i have 2 friend and me wanna be premium donation
but the problem is we dont have any paypal
we just have a account bank in my country..

whats should i do if we whant to dantion??
can you give me the account bank name ?
so we can transfer... (Amom_)
Hello. I would like to donate some in the future, but I can only do that via Credit Card. Is there a chance for that in the future?
Cigany, you can send money from your creditcard to paypal and then send it to Kar. At least, from what I know all major creditcard companies are supported.
I saw that, but last time I used PayPal some of my money just disappeared from my card. Not much, just 5-6$. (In Hungary that is a significant amount.) So I don't really trust PayPal. :/
Maybe you paid tax?
Nope it was just gone.
Do the temporary payment method still used? Im planning to donate