Version 16-19 Updates Summary

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:26 pm

In order to keep data, I'm posting this here. Note these are just summaries that have been posted on

Version 19:

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Weather System overhaul (Added weather zones and interpolation)
Improved vehicle ejections
Added new display settings
Custom Deaths now overrule GTA deaths
Reduced business prices
Response Tracking -> Call Tracking
Revamped robbery alarm system (added CCTVs to some robberies)
New PED actors from GTA:SA
Custom siren light system
New physical and audio sirens
New female medic and police skins
Added burrito to Autobahn
Added in-game leaderboards (/leaderboards)
Revamped On Screen game texts
Item dropping to game world
Improved weapons and ammunition
Improved weapon dealing
Added more settings
Added more bomb shops
Improved /info (/i)
Added alot of new actors (GTASA Peds)
Added more single player locations
KCNR Government now accepts donations
Account save queueing
Government based refills
E-Mail options
Automated Donations (Bonds)
Improved damage sync
Collecting all horseshoes gives you a horseshoe clothing item
Account Registration is now mandatory
Air trafficking mission
Randomized disease infections
Fart/piss/puke/wank change:
Vehicle deletion queue feature
Improved fuel decreasing
SA Customs Upgrades (NOS and hydraulics)
Group Banks
Turf money
Vehicle Bullet Resistance (armour) improvements
Paws Pet Shop
Improved cop skill incentives
Improved /drag
Personal vehicle locks improvement
Nitesticks (Batons) can end stick ups
Innocents can not shoot other innocents on different teams (E.G Police vs Medic)
Enabled 3D Help system
Revamped area 51
And more.
Version 18:

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1st Person (Onfoot) gameplay (Optional)
San Andreas Customs Armour upgrades
San Andreas Customs Spoiler Colour upgrades
Added the Edwardian Court (future possibilities awaits)
Added an FPS counter
Added more quick strings ($fps, $plate)
Added Dillimore Gas Station and Caligulas Roof
Added clickable menus
Added more skins
Added house item storage (removed weed and seed storage)
Added /ignore and /unignore
Added the Cyanide Pill (removed /kill)
Added password recovery using e-mails (attach e-mails to your account)
Jail System Improvements
Visual Contacting Improvements
LEO System rank rework
Added All Points Bulletin
Added Dirty Cops
Added FBI Skin
Army is now accessed at cop rank 5
Major Crime System revamp
Cop and Criminal Balance improved
Removed Law Enforcement vehicle arrest
Special LEO vehicles now have armour
CIA visibility feature
DM Arena improved
Passenger weapon switching feature improved
Groups improved (added group permissions and more)
Diseases now save
Refactored and improved stickups
/inventory command changes (added /assets)
Achievement queueing system and more achievements
Revamped house robberies
Overhauled the weather system
Decreased weapon prices
Improved the robbery success system
Improved renting
Improved game ranks
Improved trailer attaching across various vehicles
Improved the GPS (Extended GPS)
Improved response tracking (realtime GPS tracking)
Improved refueling
Improved clothes system
Improved taser
Improved the overall menu page experience
Implemented more game elements (ATMs, Garbage Dumpsters, etc)
Improved MANY other gameplay elements
Fixed alot of gameplay bugs
Version 17:

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New vehicle locking system
SWAT Abseiling
Turf Wars
Massive Inventory Update (Item Using feature)
Item permit system
Business updates (Improved business security, etc)
San Andreas Customs number plate changing (plates save now)
San Andreas Customs vehicle painting
Menu Header design updated
New interactive taser
Stun gun addition to the taser
Additional gameplay options
Added Station Wagons to the Autobahn
Deluxe Donator released
Overhauled Bribing
Overhauled Pet Dyes
Revamped the (Weed) Plant system
Music Audio Streaming
Inside Track buildings
ATMs revamped
Petrol Bottle -> Jerrycan
Relocated the Roca Escalante’s Bank
Updated arresting
Law Enforcement refill updated
New player cooldown system
Improved robbery cooldown system
Improved ban system
Improved robbery system
Improved taxi / driver system
Delay feature
Synced vehicle tyre popping
Smoother registration for new players
Added Jizzy’s pleasure domes and Hashbury Tattoo Parlour
New possibilities to evade arrests
Weather system updates
Fixed MANY game bugs and gramatical issues
Version 16:

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– New illicit drugs and drug production (clandestine chemistry)
– ATMs connected to banks
– New skins in class selection
– Police refill loadout change
– San Andreas Customs
– Dance clubs and Strip clubs and general store updates
– New calton heights church
– Shooting range in bone county
– Army earns a bigger takedown bonus while SWAT earns a bigger arrest bonus
– Increased pilot mission payouts
– Added all police departments
– Updated and fixed all missions
– /rp now requires coprank 3
– Any civilian can now do trashmaster missions
– You can now leave certain mission vehicles for 15 seconds and reenter a different vehicle of the same model to continue it
– More map icons in-game
– Added 2 new gas stations
– Rapist skill removed
– The government of KCNR now shares 25% of its earnings with the KCNR lottery
– Updated /pt
– Your vehicle doors are now automatically  unlocked if you pause for too long
– Updated the GPS
– Bribes are now cancelled if you place one then get arrested
– Added quantity purchasing for dealers
– Reenabled weapon switching as passenger
– Moved LV drug point location
– Added new statistics
– Updated the fire system, it is now super accurate
– Businesses now come with no stock
– Medics are now immune to the virus
– Updated registration tutorial
– Added the redsands west and pink swan casino
– Password masking on login feature
– Skin saving is now enabled by default
– Hitman skill removed
– Updated server garbage
– Unoccupied vehicles now take damage
– Petrol tank explosions
– and more more and more!
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:47 pm

New skins wow nice but arethis skins nice or ?
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Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:26 pm

Update. ;)


Just another day in KCNR
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Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:43 pm

Please add more skins to /useskin
I wanna have skin id 230 on it :3
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Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:17 am

Updated. Added Version 19's summary.
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