Server Changelog [07/05/19] Version 21.5

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Version 21.5

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You can visit any hospital to view your health status to see how addictive you are to any drugs
	Drug points now sell random drug production ingredients
	Drug points now has random stock that is restocked on every game week change
	Drug addiction has been introduced into the game
	Some drugs are more addictive than others
	Drug addiction is a real pain, if you get addicted to a drug, your body will been wanting more
	If you don't treat the addiction by continuing to take the drug or by using vaccines you will experience horrible side effects
	Drug addiction eventually goes away on it's own... but it's recommended to use a vaccine for faster results
	Vaccines can be either be bought at the hospital or found around the game world
	The hospital now has a medic store that sells weed and heroin vaccines
	While on Heroin, you will take 0.1x less damage
	While on Meth, you have a chance to block or be immune a knockout (tazes are knockouts too)
	While on LSD, all damage done is 1.1x
	While on Cocaine, after a period of time you will have perfect weapon accuracy while surfing vehicles
	While on Ecstasy, you might accidentally infect yourself instead of the other player
	While on Ecstasy, there is now a chance to penetrate condoms during a rape or infection
	While on Weed, your health now increases way faster than before
	Reduced total quantity of all drugs that can be held in your inventory
	Fixed a bug where while taking multiple drugs, drugs were being taken x2 in some cases
	Plane's no longer spawn with 50 percent armour because the damage system is now fixed!
	Added Elitas Travel, a store that sells planes. Check your GPS to find a location today!
	Added NRG & Shamal to bonds store
	Players that die in a turf and does not have any form of weapon restoration (insurance etc) will now drop their weapons on the ground
	When a gang takes over every turf, a message is now sent saying so
	Increased kidnappers payout and it's maximum payout is now clamped to 300k instead of 100k
	You can no longer stickup a player while a wanted player is nearby
	You can no longer stickup cops while wanted
	Added the 'Long Roadblock', id 8
	Players can now only place 2 large roadblocks at a time
	Player created roadblocks are now removed on death
	Altercation for roadblocks has been doubled
	Rustler is 52.5 and polmav / raindance is 60, cargobob 75 percent
	All planes and helis now spawn with 50 percent armour
	Added language translated progress percentage to /language
	Rules are now shown in your language, if they are translated
	Alerts are now shown using middle menus
	Ignored players are now blocked in donator & vip chat
	While muted, you can not longer use whisper, vehicle whispering or cop message commands
	Added DM/Arena/Los Santos/Battle Royale kills & deaths to leaderboards
	Added DM Arena/Los Santos/Battle Royale kills, deaths & k/r ratio statistics
	The Harbouring wanted criminals crime is now only triggered if the criminal has been in your vehicle for over 15 seconds
	Fixed some wording inconsistencies with the word 'warranted criminals'... 'wanted criminals' is now preferred
	Fixed random players being able to change your personal vehicle mods
	Fixed speedometer toggling not working (/speedometer)
	You can no longer remote detonate car bombs while being in the explosion range of the vehicle
	Kills, deaths and K/R ratio added to the leaderboards
	Fixed vehicle decal editing in SA Customs (VIP feature)
	Using /vip while not having membership will direct you to the V.I.P help menu
	The money bag is no longer always in the center of the gang zone area
	When attempting to cancel a hit, you the hit placer is now ignored in the closest civilian check
	Fixed bail amount not always showing $36 in the jail menu
	The vortex vehicle can now be used in water
	Improved the check that determines whether or not the player is on a boat
	If a player is street racing, they can /gps -> select current activity to get a gps set to their next checkpoint
	Shaky creeks fire is now in san fierro and not las venturas
	Fixed failed infects not showing in crime log
	Police cars now spawn with random rims
Fixed model menu traversing (Group HQ Furniture bug)
	Anticheat updates
	Fixed a damage issue where when headshotted and wearing SWAT helmet or (SWAT armour + police shield), damage was not being reduced as much as it should have
	Using /stats -> (Police, Medic or Fire Fighter) now shows a percentage of your progress to your next level
	Attempted to fix dm arena death bugs (where players respawn in house or lose weapons)
	Jail countdown now shows hours, if the player is jailed for so long
	GPS UPDATE: Added a system that places arrows on the ground on the GPS path
	GPS UPDATE: Added GTA HD (IV/V) gps system
	GPS UPDATE: The server now has 2 additional types of GPS (bringing the total to 3)
	When you sell a business to the government, you can now only sell it back for 85% of the bought price
	Fixed a bug where players may not instantly die due to cyanide pill, car bombs or kidnapping
	Fixed neon layouts not being set properly
	Fixed a position saving issue when you spawn in a house that you don't own
	Fixed abusing merchanting to cause an influx in lotto
	Fixed shoplifting item quantity issues
	Fixed an issue which resulted in players being able to interact with a non-existant plant
	Added the option to steal a player's drug plant as a law enforcement officer, resulting in dirty cop activity
	Added new hidden achievements
	Renamed a few hidden achievements
	Added hidden achievements that have random triggers which players must uncover for themselves
	Fixed a bug where your wanted level would not decrease upon login until your wanted level changed
	Fixed a small issue where items in plural or collective form were treated as singular items
	Fixed a bug where a kidnapped player would not die properly
	Added random dialogue and sounds to be played when a player enters the checkpoint of a store that is currently affected by fire
	Firefighters will not receive bonuses if the fire is not extinguished in time
	Currently if a store fire is not put out in time, the store will not be able to serve players with food or guns/ammunition. This has a city-wide effect and is not limited to a single store
	Fires now have a chance to be unsuccessfully extinguished and will result in some consequences for players
	Added Ammu-Nation as a possible location for store fires
	[BONDS STORE UPDATE]: Added rare & unique vehicles
	Fixed a bug or unintended feature whereby hit placers could enter a house occupied by their own hit contract
	Added /lotterywinners to see an infinite log of the players who won the lottery
	Added command aliases (/personalvehicles), (/vehicleinventory) and (/vinv) for /vehinv
	Fixed an issue where players could evade certain situations such as knock outs by playing certain animations that were classed as 'Double Factor' animations. These Double Factor animations were being passed as game animations and therefore allowed the players to use them in most situations.
	Raised the market price of bonds
	Changed the maximum condoms a player can hold to 3
	Added a random message that randomly selects a top 10 player and talks about them
	Added game ranks to player leaderboards
	Improved /rank (/level)
	Damage taken when you fall from jumping with cuffs on will be lower if a cop has /cuffed you or is attempting to arrest you
	Fixed an issue that caused house deliveries, mail deliveries and drug raids to not work properly
	When shoplifting, the maximum possible quantity you can get is now based on how much a player's inventory can hold
	Money lost from having a damaged truck is now shown on truck mission payout menu
	Fixed an issue when getting hidden clothes you would not see it in your inventory until you re-logged
	Fixed being able to gamble (Blackjack) while you do not have enough money (negative money)
	Added missing houses in Rockshore East

	Gambling Update (Blackjack):

	Added Blackjack in casinos
	The aim of Blackjack is each participant attempts to beat the dealer by getting 21 or close to 21 as possible, without going over 21
	You have 2 hands, a soft hand and a hard hand. An ace is worth 1 in your soft hand and 11 in your hard hand. All face cards are worth 20
	The deck of cards is shuffled on the beginning of every round. There is no cutting of the deck
	The Higher Roller allows for larger bets
	A maximum of 4 players can join and play on the same blackjack table
	Furniture has been linked to gambling, now you can purchase blackjack tables and slot machines
	Splitting, Doubling down and Insurance are currently not supported in Blackjack
	Fixed business income tax being too high all the time
	Fixed police shield angle detections
	Fixed an issue where cctvs were still active even after disabling all building alarms
	If you quit during a robbery you will now get a faction of the original cooldown
	Robbing / Visual Contacting targeting now requires you to aim at the target with ur camera and not the green arrow
	Lower overall maximum shoplifting quantity
	Added smuggling crimes to Illegal Trucking
	Added a new class selection look

	Trucking 2.0:

	Randomly, during load pick up, you might get an option to deliver Illegal Goods
	You can choose to accept this offer or deny it to select a Non-Illegal Good
	Each Item now have a sensitive attribute attached to them
	While driving your truck with your trailer, if you potentially, lets say lose too much health
	Or the trailer gets shot too much the goods will be destroyed thus failing the mission
	(For Example: If you are transporting Explosives and someone crashes into your trailer, it will explode)
	Petrol Deliveries now give a more appropriate reward for your hard work!Added /cooldowns (/cd) and /missioncooldowns (/mcd) to show server cooldowns and mission cooldowns just like (/rcd)
	Church cooldowns now save & load
Added seasonal leaderboards
	Added street racing leaderboards
	Added more group leaderboards
	Overhauled the leaderboards. Leaderboards are now separated by type
	Criminals can now enter a Group HQ if someone is inside with a hit contract on them
	LEO can now enter Group HQs if there is a criminal inside
	Fixed newly registered players being able to use FBI team
	Fixed medic / firefighter rank names cutting off
	You can now see your LEO skill in /i
	Lowered overall impound costs
	Impound lot vehicle costs will be increased if you are the APB
	Fixed moneybag gang zone not being shown if you log in after the event has started
	Fixed shoplifting messages
	Added bonds store skin and clothing purchasing prompts
	Anyone can now access the Bonds Store (/bonds)
	Fixed a group robbery bug that happened with 2 players, when the leader left the new leader wouldn't be assigned
	Fixed a spawn bug where u spawn in a property and the exit point does not work
	Fixed the rapid deduction of points during a turf war when members aren't participating
	Fixed a bug where it would state that 'unknown' has failed to take over a turf
	Added an RDM zone textdraw (will be displayed in Los Santos city or wherever you can RDM)
	Fixed raindance not working with refill menu
	Increased the maximum cash that the moneybag can be
	Added a gang zone circle around the Money Bag
	Increased turf war defend limit when gang members are online
	For every online group member thats not participating in your turf war, your turf will lose points during the war
	Turfs can no longer be provoked while being above a certain height
	You will now respawn at the closest hospital when dying in Los Santos
	Added a higher furniture upgrade (130 furniture items) to Group HQs
	Fixed inventory showing next page while on the second page of the inventory
	Added a wide range of random items that can be given from holiday pickups
	Fixed an issue with the quantity you get when shoplifting items
	Added 4 new Easter Egg clothing items (Easter Egg 2-5) that can be found from Easter Egg pickups
	Players who get sticked up, if they are holding a knife or katana they can now attack the player
	The cinematic stickup camera now automatically moves as player's positions changed during the stickup

0.3.DL Update:

	Some displays have been visually updated
	Added KCNR logos (seasonal) to cinema mode
	Added a bunch of new skins that can be either earned or purchased
	Added various skins for purchase in the bonds store (Once purchased, it's stored on your account forever)
	Added various clothing items for purchase in the bonds store
	Use /skins to access your skins (most skins are team restricted)
	You can now choose what city where you want to spawn per team
	For each team you must go to their respective HQ locations (pd desk, city hall, hospitals, fire refill)
	Your wanted level reduces faster if you wear a Balaclava and their is no police in immediate sight
	St Patrick's day yearly event will be held on March 17th every year from now on
	Added /selfie (puts you in a selfie mode to take cool pictures)
	Added a church in Los Santos, Jefferson
	Disabled default GTA SA bomb shops

	Group HQs:

	You can purchase HQ upgrades (such as more spawns, furniture, refills, etc)
	You can purchase furniture items for your group HQ and decorate it as you please
	Group Headquarters can be sold to the Government, if desperate for a smaller price based on it's original price
	Group Leaders can set Group Headquarters for sale which can be bought by other Group Leaders
	Group Leaders can place a safe in which members with permission can access the group's bank
	Group Leaders can create a maximum of 7 spawns in which members can opt to spawn in
	Group Leaders can purchase Headquarters which automatically gives all group members access to it
	HQs are automatically removed after the leader quits (with a prompt) or after the group is inactive
	Added Group Headquarters in various locations around San Andreas

	Stickups 2.0:

	"Stick-ups" -> "Stickups"
	Stickups are now turn based. Each player has 5 seconds per turn to commit an action
	Stickups now move the player's camera to an overhead side view
	When a stick up is initiated, any one of the players gets the first turn
	During a stickup, if 4 consecutive turns are missed then the stickup automatically ends
	Screams are now sent in a random range for other players to hear

	Turf Wars 2.0:

	Increased maximum turf money pick-up ($1000 -> $5000)
	A maximum of 5 gangs can now attack a turf at a time (meaning 6 gangs in a war)
	On group removed, owned turfs that are being provoked, the highest attacker now automatically wins the war
	If you are attacking someone that's in a turf war already, you're gang will join the war
	Increased the amount of damage your gang has to do to defend or take over a turf

Fixed an issue where alien exhaust for elegy wasn't saved
	Fixed an issue where you couldn't select an option in the group leaving menu
	Fixed respawning to the nearest hospital after dying in a gang war
	Fixed stickup shooting and other bugs
	Fixed an issue where players would still see other players doing animations but walking around fine on their screen
	Passengers can now effectively toggle drive bying on and off by pressing H
	Fixed the Elegant's spoiler position
	Random events should start faster than usual
	Improved model menus visual look and resolution support slightly
	Reverted damage system to old 2017 system
	When you die during a turf war you will now respawn at a local hospital in Los Santos
	There's a possibility that Bars will sell your a fake wallet if you buy a drink from them first
	You will now get the crime 'Murder' for killing citizens in front of cops
	Removed all but 1 lottery achievements
	Bribes are now created on night fall and removed on sun rise
	Changed the way prison time and bail money is calculated
Potentially fixed some issues relating to editing V.I.P decals
	Added last login date to /groupmembers (/gmems)
	Improved the visual look of /groupmembers (/gmems)
	Added a longer cooldown timer to /do
	Fixed house alarm sounds not resetting properly
	Fixed being able to purchase weapons while kidnapped
	Fixed not being able to drop items in hunter quarry during the air trafficking mission
	Increased wanted level limit from 12 to 255
	Fixed being able heal yourself during crucial gameplay events
	Fixed team damage issue in DM arena
	You may no longer use house cameras while wanted
	Fixed using mechanic servicing to get into walls
	Business item tax is now based off of individual item profit instead of the entire item price
	Fixed being able to damage people outside of the DMA while you are in the DMA or vice versa
	Fix taser damage on non-wanteds
	Improved the handling of ped melee attacks
	Fixed some death issues with double and missing deaths
	Max police rank now goes up to 25 instead of 20Added Bayside Battle Royale Map
	Improve the handling of temporary weapons and weapon restoring after death
	Fixed a date calculation bug that happens when the year just begins
	Fixed non-swat LEOs being able to use /swat
	You can now only use a safehouse for warehouse robbery if your safehouse is further than 500 metres away
	Trashmasters can no longer be exported
	Fixed issues with discounts and the bonds store
	Added takedown assists (Just to differentiate between takedown and arrests. The assist money counted ONE though)
	S.W.A.T Armour/Helmet utility effect no longer works in events/dm arena
	Added /swat [msg] for S.W.A.T only chat
	The server now has FULL control over server damage
	You can no longer carjack bug, stealth knife desync or die from climb bugs
	When burning (on fire) your health will mostly burn, only sometimes your armour will take damage
	Added Cluckin' Bell worker skin (167) to /useskin for Premium Donators
	While arresting, if the player is tased or knocked out the altercation check will be ignored
	Moved the horseshoe from house 77's checkpoint in prickle pine
	Fixed a bug where you could not have entered vehicles after ending a stickup or taking a cyanide pill or servicing a vehicle
The government will reward you for helping suiciding players (Different teams will get different rewards)
	You can now save players from suiciding by typing /helpthem if they are nearby
	Different teams will get different penalties for committing suicide (emergency loses money, leo gets corrupt activity)
	Suiciding is now considered a crime IF CAUGHT by LEO in the state of San Andreas
	Increased the casino robbery cooldown when you rob Four Dragons or Caligula's Casino
	Wanted levels are now limited to 12
	When robberies fail, the robbery committed in the crime log is now updated to an attempt
	Warehouse robberies now have alarms, if you don't disable the alarm, and you are caught, you will attain a high wanted level
	If you complete the stealing of the items without the cctv systems catching you, you will attain a lower wanted level
	SF Job crime is now committed when you enter the vicinity of the ship
	Revamped /crimes
	Your last crimes are now deleted after a year
	Roadblocks are now removed after 45 seconds by default (You can set the time to be removed in /rb)
	You should now earn more from Caligula's than other casinos, also lowered other casino robbery outcomes
	Crime attempts now are saved as normal crimes and show up in /crimes
	Improved business shoplifting, you can now shoplift multiple item quantities
	Warrants can no longer enter trains
	Fixed commands with numerical values such as /911, /911 now works again!
	Business alarms now go off inside of the business
	Improve the finding of trucking locations
	Improve animations that have an out animation attached to it (such as /sit 1 and /lay 6)
	Fixed an issue where when taking drugs you would be spammed with health full messages
	Fixed being able to use vehicles to avoid cyanide pill deaths
	Fixed the way donation status upgrades are calculated
	Change more game texts to use the sleek design
	Fixed being able to use other game features while scaling your menu height
	Improve giving of flowers to players
	Added missing dirty cop activity to /help -> Features -> Dirty/Good Cop Activities
	Lowered med fees (health insurance logic update incoming)
	Death Logic Update: Before, if you killed a cop you would get +1 wanted level for murder, that stays but if you kill a cia you don't get +1
	Death Logic Update: Wanted Levels now stack during death, if you kill a player with a contract, you get more wanted level with murder
	Death Logic Update: Unfair deaths now happen when a player has no harassed or damaged you within a certain time frame
	Once you commit a crime on a player (victim), you harassed that player
	Added harassments to altercations
	Fixed an issue with personal vehicle mods saving
	Fixed casino/bank heist time repeating itself when the time goes to 0 after reaching stage 2 of the robbery
	Fixed missing four dragons casino robbery pickup
	Fixed backfire positions on hotrings
	50% discounts have been applied on ALL ammunations, houses, businesses, vehicles and bonds store from 23rd Nov till cyber monday (27 Nov 2017) 12am
	Added a dynamic discount system
	BAE Systems has bought out the KCNR Weapon Society, it's time for the big guns!
	Araby is now default to new players from Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E & Yemen
	Firetruck LA now has siren added by default
	Vehicles can now backfire
	Expensive business items (100k+) can not be shoplifted
	Added business history
	Petrol Trailers are now REALLY fragile to bullets
	Trailers and vortex can now take unoccupied bullet damage
	Increased (2.5x) the amount of fuel given to a Gas Station per fuel delivery mission
	All profit from fuel and items bought by the Gas Station pumps goes to the business
	If a Gas Station is leased, the business owner can upgrade the fuel tanks from 3000L to 6000L/10000L
	Gas Station businesses can now lease Gas Stations from the Government
	Temporarily disabled business robberies
	Fixed businesses not saving income money, income tax and items sold to customers properly
	Added /upcomingach (alias for /upcomingachievements)
	Attached vehicles / trailers now have affect fuel consumption
	Passengers have less effect on fuel consumption
	Fixed a business bug that caused the last item in the editing menu not to work properly
	Gas Stations are now dynamic, their fuel now saves and loads (business control coming soon)
	Dillimore Gas Station has closed down for renovation
	Added 3 new Gas Station businesses in Flint County, Tierra Robada & Angel Pine
Disabled the 3D Help System
Version 16-20

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Interiors are now brighter
	You can no longer drop items in water
	Different vehicle types now deduct fuel faster than others (pushbikes deduct fuel really fast now)
	RC Vehicles no longer run on fuel
	Fixed being able to get negative money from kidnapping
	Fixed being able to get negative money from robberies
	Fixed not losing score when dying if no medics are in-game
	Made warehouse loot pickups all the same box. Now you don't know what you are going to pick up
	Mission text grammar improvements
	NPC improvements
	Added /exports (shorter version of /exportpoint)
	Fixed an instance where bank insurance would not work when you just logged in
	Robbing a Fake Wallet is now considered a half-successful robbery (last player robbed will update)
	Fixed being able to complete game actions while viewing house cameras, etc
	Fixed animation avoidance issues such as avoiding tazing & unconsciousness
	Fixed casino robbery bug where only leaders could pick up money
	Brussels Heist Marksmen can no longer pick up sirens
	Remove surfing weapon accuracy reduction while surfing the securi bust securicar
	Added more map fixes
	Fixed item dealing menu
	You no longer gain score for robbing stores with under 5k payout
	Removed RPGs from the game
	Allow LS Airport to be robbed
	Fixed and improved multiple underlying issues
	Friendly Fire no longer works in Los Santos City
	The trailer in petrol deliveries no longer auto-attaches to your truck
	Breaking cuffs now instantly re allows you to commit damage crimes again (harrassment, (aggravated) assault)
	Fixed frozen players being able to use G
	Fixed being able to start a street race while in an event
	When surfing, the heading calculation will now use the surfing vehicle instead of the player (/i, /loc, /backup)
	House owners can now view house camera that shows the house enterance at certain televisions in every house (must own a house camera)
	You now need to be holding a weapon to provoke a gang war
	V.I.Ps can now pause for 30 minutes before being kicked
	Fixed a small typo in /cure, where it was stating that the player could not be 'healed' instead of 'cured'
	Players can no longer be cured if they cannot afford the base payout (Does not include payout bonus for curing The Virus)
	Fixed an issue where players couldn't leave Kickstart if they hadn't collected any points
	Fixed an issue with Kickstart time and score not being reset if the player died whilst in Kickstart
	Fixed a bug where picking up garbage would make the game remove you from a vehicle after entering one
	Fixed a bug where houses could've been used to withdraw double the amount of inventory items
	Removed all house vehicles from Mullholland
	Added a Firefighter refill in LS
	Tazed players no longer take damage (the stun takes away all pain!)
	You can no longer taze players that are being arrested
	Added Robbery Cashier NPCs for SOME stores, no longer do you rob with /robbery. Now you point a gun to the cashier and press Y!
	These Cashiers have a random intimidation factor when you start the robbery
	You must keep aiming at the Cashiers to keep them intimidated, they lose intimidation FAST
	When the Cashiers don't feel intimidated anymore, they will shoot at you
	If the Cashier is fully intimidated through the robbery, they will just cower in fear
	Fixed being able to start missions during street races
	Fixed an issue where house item amount would be loaded as the item ID
	Fixed several street racing bugs
	Fixed several typos including Bonus Vehicle messages being sent to the wrong player
	'Quick Disable House Spawn' can now disable house renting spawn if you are renting a house
	Fixed some spoilers and removed spoilers from Hotrings and Bloodring Bangers
	Added a 'Drug Dealer' 3D Text above drug dealer pedestrians
	Added several internal features to automatically fix the server when it goes into an 'unstable' state
	Improved login (account data) speeds
	The government now receives 10m every month from the IMF
	Lowered Sea Sparrow default armour from 50 to 20
	Only one party may rob a bank or casino at a time
	When GROUP robbing a bank/casino, a multiplier is applied to the cash pickups, you will rob 400k with 4 players instead of 100k
	While robbing a bank / casino, when the stealing cash time runs out, the robbery advances if you stole any amount of cash
	While robbing a bank, you can now exit / enter at free will without the risk of failing the robbery
	G-buggers can no longer perform robberies, rapes, infections or arrests
	Kidnap evaders are now automatically jailed if they leave the server within the first 60 seconds of being kidnapped
	V.I.P members can now disable or enable their V.I.P tags at any time in /gameplaysettings
	Added /leaverace (You can only quit a street race if you have not passed 50 percent of the checkpoints, e.g you can quit at 2/10 but NOT at 7/10)
	When entering the bonus vehicle, all streamed in players are now alerted that you entered it
	The command to export vehicles is now /export, /sell is deprecated and is used for selling items only
	Civilians can now interrupt stick-ups by meleeing the player carrying out the stick-up
	Fixed quick strings not working in certain situations
	Shooting a vehicle with a driver now counts as shooting the driver without a vehicle, harassment / assault crimes apply the same way
	Changed the Civilian detonate key to N
	Raised the max fake wallet stock to 250 and the max condom stock to 200
	A V.I.P Valentine:
	V.I.P chat in-game ('`message here')
	Access to the V.I.P Players Club
	V.I.P title above head shown to other players
	Bank interest rate increased by 0.025%
	V.I.P clothing available randomly at clothing stores
	Discounts with several companies (SA Customs, Docktease, etc)
	Custom vehicle decals at SA Customs
	Fixed /crimes temporarily going out of sync until a relog
	Increased some wheel prices at SAC
	Added health information to help -> feature information
	Damaging a player with the crime Harassment upscales to Assault if that player is a victim of the 'Harassment' crime already is in your recent crimes
	You now get Aggravated Assault when using projectiles against players
	On vehicle / house exit, your kcnr radio / admin stream no longer stop if you have a music utility item
	Civilians with weapons may now enter houses if their are players with hits inside
	All street cops now get nitestick on refill no matter their rank
	Adjusted (Improved) police refill weapons
	Lowered minimum hit amount to 10k ($10,000)
	Kidnapped players who get sold to traffickers no longer get arrested if a cop is in their immediate vicinity
	AK47 is now cheaper than M4
	Adjusted army purple to a slightly lighter version
	Fixed /unlock not unlocking the vehicle for streamed players
	Added group history (/group -> Group History)
	If players join events while in a random event, they will no longer be apart of the random event
	Added a invisible circle area around the money bag, when you enter this area, you get a client message noting that you are near the moneybag
	S.W.A.T Armour now decreases receiving damage in the torso if wearing the helmet on the spine bone
	S.W.A.T Helmets now decreases receiving damage in the head if wearing the helmet on the head bone
	If for some reason your vehicle gets bugged and you can't enter it, type /fixlocks while being next to it and report it
	Reenabled and fixed the custom vehicle locking system that uses vehicle door sync
	Unoccupied pushbikes can now be damaged by guns
	Go to a Citizen and press Y to sell drugs (drug buying citizens are based on skin, e.g truth or drug dealer skins may buy drugs from you)
	Some Citizens can now purchase drugs from you, each citizen has a different buy rate (yes, some have higher than the drug point)
	Taser is now auto disabled when being sticked up to prevent issues
	You can no longer enter game clubs while having a wanted level (Regular, Donating & VIP Club)
	Most drug ingredients are no longer taxable (more profit)
	Reduced the game's world bound to 8000x8000
	Citizens now resume their paths if they don't feel provoked anymore
	Your wanted level can't be decreased (bribe, church, timer) during all major robberies (bank, casino, warehouse, sfjob, airport)
	Fixed price difference in Loco Low Co. TransFender for hydraulics
	Client message colours in /help is now way more detailed and accurate
	Re-structured /help
	Fixed being able to use /music [2-20] while not being eligible to play those stations at the time
	Any team can now gamble (LEO should not gamble on duty!)
	Changed the key used to increase your bet to Y
	You can now decrease your bet while using slot machines by pressing N
	The more you lose while using slot machines in that same sesson, the higher your multiplier if when you win
	A sound now plays when a slot is finalised while using slot machines
	Only civilians / criminals may damage peds
	You can no longer N jump while your vehicle is in water
	Roaming citizens can now change who they are attacking if someone else provokes them
	Wanted level no longer goes down while you are kidnapping
	Lowered kidnap time from 8 to 5 minutes
	Fixed the blueberry safehouse location being apart of Las Venturas and not Los Santos
	The roaming citizens are more likely to respawn with weapons after being killed (they don't like being killed)
	The roaming citizens of KCNR now fight you if you provoke them!
	House size is now accounted for in mill levy calculation (more bigger houses owned means less tax)
	Improved automatic trailer spawning at the start of petrol deliveries
	Fixed being able to get $0 if you win cherries in slot machines
	Fixed snow being reenabled when you leave the tutorial
	Fixed water storing vehicle bugs
	The guards / workers at the airport now attack you while doing the robbery
	Fixed the mail system (you can now recover your accounts)
	The higher your medic rank, the higher your discounts at hospitals
	(BRUSSELS HEIST): The getaway vehicle must now be delivered to the hideout in order to complete the robbery
	Fixed not being able to access lb -> lottery winnings
	Fixed being able to abuse /plate to regain fire truck water
	Added the Advanced Bandito, it has a ramp. LOL!
	Made property assessment rates more logical
	All 'communities' or 'districts' are now accounted for in mill levy calculation
	Altered property tax calculations
	You now don't see the 'from your Group has logged in' message for yourself
	You can not longer use checkpoints / pickups while in a stick-up
	Fixed being able to use certain commands while taking a cyanide pill
	Fixed server vehicle plates not being reset on death
	Added back pickups to regular players club from 2012
	These game clubs (including regular players club has various pickups for you to enjoy)
	The Donating Players Club in LS has opened! The VIP players club is in construction
	Crime reports are now played for non-cops while they are in a law enforcement vehicle
	Your house can now hold double the items quantities
	Added event cashbox donations, you can now donate towards events in any city hall
	If a civilian attempts to open the LV Airport gate, they will get wanted for burglary
	Added a gate to the southern end of the LV Airport behind the SWAT base
	Weapon accuracy while surfing a vehicle is now decreased
	You can now evade arrests by surfing a moving vehicle
	Advanced Vehicles fuel goes down twice as slow
	Advanced Vehicles gas tank can not be shot
	Fixed a bug where unoccupied vehicles got double damage when they had armour
	Updated SFJob finishing checkpoints and changed diamond checkpoint to pickups
	(SECURI BUST) The random event now lasts 25 minutes once started
	(SECURI BUST) The securicar is now respawned at the army base if fallen in water
	Increased the Advanced DFT-30 armour to 100 percent and improved it's walls
	Every house now has a boombox where you can stream music throughout the entire house
	Premium donator assets are now removed after 2 months, deluxe donator removed after 3 months (vehicles and houses only)
	The community will be able to translate messages after we feel more comfortable with it
	Currently, administrators can translate messages to specific locales
	You can now type /language to select your locale
	Added localisation
	Disabled group bank depositing
	MANY grammar, capitalisation and other text changes
	The advanced DFT-30 now has 60 percent armour and bulletproof wheels
	The 'Advanced DFT-30' has walls on the back that partially blocks gunfire
	Added 'Advanced' vehicles.. randomly at the start of a week, an advanced DFT-30 will spawn
	Added /grouprankmessage (/grm) [rank] [message] where group leaders can message group members of a specific rank
	Mechanics can now press Y while facing a vehicle to open up a service menu
	The longer you own your business, the lower / higher you can set your item prices
	You may bet higher amounts in The Higher Roller (up to 100k for slot machines)
	The High Roller casino can only be entered by players holding over 10 million in hand
	Slot machines can be played with your specified bet amount ranging from ($100 - $10000)
	Added the first stage of gambling, slot machines
	The arrest range in interiors is now slightly lower
	You can now press the submission key (2 or NUM +) to reshow the securicar good / bad cop choice
	Robbery pickups now disappear correctly for group robberies
	Fires will now spawn normally in each city
	/ignore now works for main chat, personal messages and commands
	You can now reply to IRC PMs using /r(eply)
	Mechanics now have the ability to lower their services to 20 percent of the original price
	Increased 2x NOS to $5000, 5x NOS to $10000 and 10x NOS to $20000 in TransFenders
	Removed 2x NOS from gas stations
	'Vehicle Body Repair' now includes HP repairing
	You can no longer suicide car bomb
	Fixed the 'double death' bug
	If the government is in debt, property tax is increased (/gov -> property assessment rate)
	Fixed minor bugs
	You can not lock your business while having a hit or being wanted
	You can not remove a civilian from your house while having hit or a LEO while you are wanted
	Added unoccupied vehicle respawning
	Added custom deaths to kidnapping
	Fixed fuel and car bombs being reset in /plate
	Fixed LEO being able to detonate car bombs after planting as civilian and reclassing
	Fixed impound vehicle menu
	Fixed not spawning back correctly after leaving an event
	Fixed vehicle negative health sync issue
	Credits updated
	Vehicles queued for deletion are now removed if the driver quits
	Fix loads of grammatical typos
	Removed the grammar LEO exam question
	Fixed house item lists
	Added ammunation and restaurant business types
	Added impromtu street races (you click on the map to select the race destination)
	Every street race win do is now stored (street racing record log coming soon)
	Removed all street racing records
	You may now remove a drug / weapon item's price without a drug / weapon permit
	You can not buy / sell items in events
	Fixed boat neons
	Menu listitem / option anti-spam
	You can now change SandKing wheels at SA Customs
	You no longer need donator status to purchase extra autobahn vehicles
	When someone offered you items, /buy will find the dealer who first offered you items instead of the closest
	Fixed a bug that affected taxes of houses in county side and desert areas
	Added /rcd as an alias for /robberycooldowns
	Each fire that is randomly generated increases the max fire payout
	Fires are now randomly generated outside of store buildings
	Added strip club fires
	Added player race position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) to street races
	Fixed personal robbery cooldown not being affected in the brussels heist
	Added /walkie and /walkfreq as aliases for /radio and /radiofrequency respectively
	The Brussels Heist (Airport Robbery):
	To begin this heist, gather a group of people in a house
	Type /robbery brussels (or airport, lol)
	Players without guns will NOT be added to the heist
	A random player will be selected as the marksman
	A gun icon will appear in the airport, this is the vantage point
	Players then have to hijack an industrial vehicle and steal a siren from the city's Police Department
	After the stealing is done, you all (except the marksman) enter back a house to begin the robbery
	Now the setup is complete you enter the getaway vehicle and get to the airport
	While you are on your way to the airport, the marksman should already be at the vantage point taking out guards
	After getting in the airport (you may only enter the airport if a plane is not in the airport or is about to land / just landed)
	You then shoot down the plane then pick up the loot and deliver it to the hideout to complete the robbery
	Street Racing: You can now set the maximum amount of players you want to be able to join the street race
	Street Racing: Score is no longer involved in racing, it's all about the money now
	Street Racing: General quality fixes and improvements
	Newly registered players has 3 condoms by default
	You can now purchase up to 5 condoms
	You can not pull out your tazer when you've been recently hit
	Added a list of upcoming achievements. This can be accessed using /achievements or /upcomingachievements
	You can now type /music 1-20 for quick music options
	Fixed personal vehicle paintjob not resetting
	Fixed bank transaction history pages
	Removed the audio chat voice option as google changed their API
	Reduced the price of all bandanas severely
	'Masks' renamed to 'Half Face Bandanas'
	You can now fish from a vortex
	Improved the distance bonus for petrol deliveries (longer distance = more money)
	Overhauled /clothes menu
	Fixed clothes switching in clothing stores
	Added a prompt to selling personal vehicles and clothes discarding
	Your wanted level now decreases faster when out of range of LEOs
	Only civilians may wank and fart in public, any other team must be in a house to do so
	Kidnap cancellations (/release, ejecting, kidnapper quitting etc) now cancels your stat addition
	Lowered success rate of business robberies when businesses have a safe
	Lowered money robbed from business safes at a time
	A house / business can now only be robbed ONCE every 12 hours to prevent targeting
	Using /bribe now auto calculates a default minimum amount based on your wanted level
	Increased the minimum bribe amount to 10k, and the maximum bribe amount to 500k
	You can no longer bribe while being kidnapped or being a kidnapper
	Added menu height scaling in /menusettings to adjust your menu positions on your screen
	Fixed vehicle bullet armour
	Removed SA-MP damage, the server now relies purely on custom damage
	You can not join events while being in a TransFender
	Added a richest player (Kingpin) leaderboard ... their money is not displayed
	Increased the maximum quality of plant trackers and fertilisers in your inventory from 10 to 20
	You can purchase plant fertilisers can any drug point
	Adding too much fertiliser will over-fertilise your plant causing it to grow slowly and decrease overgrown lifespan
	Added plant fertilisers, add fertiliser to your plant to increase it's overgrown lifespan
	You now gain an instant warrant when sticking up a player
	Lowered mechanic repairing prices
	Rules are shown to players on death for their first few spawns
	A warning that Los Santos is a random deathmatch zone is now sent to non regulars
	Added news choppers to Mount Chilliad and LS International
	You can not set your team robbery state to radio without having a Walkie-Talkie in your inventory
	You can no longer change your radio frequency (/radiofreq) without a Walkie-Talkie
	You can now change your team robbery state between individual, everybody, group and radio
	/groups now shows how much online members their are in each online group
	/vi now shows information for the currently vehicle your in. If not, the your last vehicle
	Improved the /updates dialog (long updates now go on a new line)
	(SECURI BUST) Any LEO can now drive the securicar only AFTER an army LEO has started the random event
	(SECURI BUST) The securicar now has a speed limit of 100 KMH
	You now can not change your name to a previous name of someone who has changed their name in the last month
	/vi now shows the KCNR calculated top speed instead of raw file data
	An option to toggle DM Arena and event death messages has been added to /displaysettings
	CIA name is displayed in the DM Arena and event death messages
	A random amount of lottery ticket numbers are now taken by the government to prevent excessive winning
	Your group name is now displayed in /stats
	Drunk Level has a greater effect on taze length
	Fixed LEO team anti deathmatch issues (including DM arena)
	Plant Seizing and Stealing are now using menus, so you have an option to commit the action
	Added ATMs to Blueberry, Dillimore, Juniper Hill, Hashbury & Financial
	A searched player now gets his animation reset automatically
	LEO can now enter the bank vault while criminals are inside of it
	LEO Payments for arresting / taking down now depends on cop rank
	Fixed issue with disabling vehicle preview on entry while in a vehicle
	Fixed all players in the server being knocked out when lightning strikes a boat
	Changed some Autobahn bike prices
	Weapons are restored when you die in the DM Arena
	You now respawn outside of the DM Arena if you die in it
	The police shield damage reduction no longer works in the DM Arena or events
	You can now TEAM DM while in the DM Arena
	Houses now get removed after one month instead of 2 weeks
	Fixed being able to drop items while in vehicles
	Property taxes are paid once a game month. IRS income tax and commission paycheck is every game week
	/music now shows how many players are listening to a station in-game
	You can not rape a player twice in a row if they have a condom
	Updated autobahn prices
	You can now use /search without parameters (checks for criminals first the civilians)
	Added a air vehicle impound to LV Airport and a Boat impound to randolph industrial estate
	Moved LV SEA SA Customs to behind Yezpahr's house
	You can now set a GPS location to your impounded vehicle using /vehinv
	You now get taken down if you die very close to a cop
	Removed 'Police Death Bonus' as there is no point of it
	You now get an arrest assist if you damaged the criminal and are in range of them
	2 or more cops must be AROUND the Securicar when entered in other for the random event to begin
	Trailing cops following the Securicar are automatically added as a participant
	Fixed being able to damage vehicles outside of DM Arena while inside of the DM Arena
	Fixed renting name not being updated until restart after changing your name
	You now need to be holding a gun to begin a major robbery
	Impounded vehicles can not be stolen.. YET
	Impounded vehicles can not be entered and can not take damage
	The longer vehicles stay impounded the more money it will cost
	You can get back your vehicle for a cost from the impound lot
	Impound lots! If you get arrested while using your personal vehicle it gets impounded!
	Added vehicle top speed info to /vi
	Removed health restriction on taking drugs
	You can not park your vehicle in a position where another personal vehicle is parked
	You can no longer vehicle N jump while having no fuel
	Fixed not being able to use mechanic services on cars only
	(SF JOB): when leaving the boat while having diamonds, the robbery continues to the getaway stage
	(SF JOB): the robbery starts when you enter the ship instead of a checkpoint
	(SF JOB): now works with other getaway vehicles other than boats and helis
	PH players can now connect more players per internet cafe (yay PH!)
	Fixed some possible house issues relating to renting
	Patch for negative clothes scaling
	Players are now kicked if they cancel the login dialog
	Fixed being able to exploit password changing
	Help text on spawn is now shown to non-regulars only
	You can not enter bank vaults unless you are robbing a bank
	Improve reliability of robbery pickups
	You can not open your inventory menu while having a world item pickup prompt menu open
	New registered players now get no registration money
	Removed wanted stars from cinematic mode
	Fixed house break ins
	Fixed a long standing damage bug that cause players to not take damage
	Added number formatting to some places ($1000 -> $1,000)
	Added vehicle repairing to SA Customs (more expensive and has a larger cooldown)
	Removed /dice
	Added SA Customs for boats
	You can now break in a house while the owner or the renter is in it
	Players are now kicked after 10 minutes of being paused instead of 4
	You can not access the group bank / drop inventory items while doing several activities
	Garbage bags are now destroyed when picked up by a non garbage man
	You can not enter a house access password if you have a hit and the owner/renter is offline
	Fixed a bug where you could end up in the wrong jail after being taken down
	Added robbery pickup spam prevention
	Groups now are removed after 1 month of inactivity instead of 2 weeks
	Last business robbery date is now displayed with the last robber
	Fixed being able to use business safe's when you didn't purchase one
	Donator armour is only given if you have no armour (to avoid overwriting)
	You can now remove unwanted players from your house (/house -> 10)
	You can not use play an animation while being shot
	Fixed issue with (MMB) /house being called over /arrest when the cop is not the owner or renter
	Fixed issue with (MMB) /pay being called when having a ticket and no cop is around
	Personal and Police spawned vehicles will now stay in-game temporarily if being driven
	You now need to play more than 12 hours in order to transfer more than 1 million in a session
	Lowered taxi permit price
	Rustlers at Area 69 are now LEO rustlers
	Added /surrender (basically /handsup)
	Civilians can now use Y to detonate remote car bombs (on foot only and not aiming at anyone)
	/info (/i) will now show if your in an event (as the area)
	Fixed bank transaction history transferred account showing up wrong
	Added Enterprises to the GPS (/gps). Use this to locate Autobahns and Dockteases
	Purchase personal boats at any Docktease throughout San Andreas
	KCNR night now lasts from 18:00 - 06:00 (12 hours)
	You can't break cuffs while tazed
	Fixed passenger lock locking players out of vehicles when the vehicle was unlocked
	Increased distance where criminals can't sky dive while a LEO is nearby
	/swatmembers - See all members of SWAT in order of last login
	Only SWAT Lieutenants may use spike strips
	Portable Radio -> Walkie-Talkie
	Fixed vehicles with armour sometimes gaining health when shooting them
	Fixed being able to exit stickup menu by clicking on players through tab
	Fixed issue with weapon insurance not always working
	Fixed weapon issue where you couldn't buy different weapons of the same slot one after the other
	Police extra work from arresting as sheriff in countryside/desert decreased
	Added spike strips for SWAT Lieutenants only (/spikestrip) (/removespikestrip)
	Changed the way the closest Roadblock is removed. Now the ACTUAL NEAREST Roadblock is removed
	Newly registered players can not be infected for 5 minutes
	Fixed an issue with vehicles not being enterable after a stickup
	Removed /sd
	Police Corruption -> LEO Corruption (Dirty Cops Activity)
	Added all possible neon layouts to San Andreas Customs
	Increased the max weapon prices in businesses
	Cinematic mode now toggles the FPS display
	Position saving now won't save your position while in vehicles
	Vehicle mileage is now displayed in the odometer instead of player mileage
	You can now exit businesses when you log out of one with position saving on
	Businesses owned is now displayed in /assets
	You now get message when your business runs out of an item (or an alert if offline)
	When you enter your personal vehicle, the odometer now shows the personal vehicle mileage
	Added item max quantity override prevention (stops you from gaining 5/3 condoms, etc)
	Removed /packetloss (its unreliable). Use F5
	Fixed Bank History mixing up deposits and withdraws
	Fixed 2 issues Clandestine Chemistry (Drug Production)
	Fixed /gameplaysettings display issue
	Added personal vehicle mileage to /vehinv
	Added personal vehicle bought / creation date to /vehinv (only shows date if bought after today)
	Increased the prices of all bonus fish
	Added hints for non regulars when they run out of fake wallets / condoms
	Added hints about condoms and fake wallets to non regulars on there first robbery/rape
	Readded the /rob [Username / ID] command
	Newly registered players can not be robbed / rape for 5 minutes
	Increased max group bank storage from 10m to 50m
	You can only access the group bank if you have a permission for withdrawing OR depositing
	Groups can not set separate permissions for depositing and withdrawing from the group bank
	Civilians now get wanted level for participating in the securicar random event
	You can't cancel hits if civilians are near the hitee or the the hitee has been recently damaged
	Added the last online time of the house renter in house renting menus
	Each player holding a crowbar while doing a robbery increases the success rate
	Added a 3 section altercation check to placing Roadblocks (/rb)
	Permits (taxi, weapon, drugs) now last 1 game month instead of 2 game weeks
	You can now set your clothing item back to its default Position / Size in /clothes
	You can now listen to KCNR radio (/music) without needing a music item
	Added bank/ATM transaction history to bank menus
	Added an ATM in Market
	Increased the cost of Chef's Knifes
	All gas stations are now businesses
	Increased the maximum profit and minimum loss of business items
	Business stock is now purchased at a reduced 25 percentage for maximum profit
	Added Lotterys Wons and Winnings in the leaderboards
	KCNR Radio is now played on successful connection until spawn
	Doubled/Tripled the max stock of Body Armour, Condoms, Fake Wallets & Chef's Knife in businesses
	Donators can change the neon layout of their vehicle at San Andreas Customs
	Players now auto spawn when you have skin saving enabled
	Changed max bank interest rate to 51000
	Securicar is now captured by criminals if the damage goes below the capture amount
	Added an anti-spam for menus that need you to enter a value/text
	Increased minimum hit amount to $25000
	LEO are now added as participants when surfing the securicar
	Added /warrants. An alias to /wcriminals
	Failed player robbery crime will now always give 1 star
	Drug and Weapon trafficking is now a felony while near cops
	Readded crimes for attempted house break-in and using narcotics near cops
	You must now be wielding a gun to rob a business
	Businesses can now sell body armour
	Reduced business property tax by 50 percent
	You can now toggle your personal vehicles passenger lock individually through /vehinv
	KCNR 'night time' has been shifted from 5pm - 5am to 7pm - 5am
	When the criminals win, the loot must be collected and is then split evenly
	A reward is given to the winning team (criminal or cops)
	Any criminal that shoots the securicar or an involved LEO is added as is a participant
	Any LEO player that enters the securicar or defends it is added as a participant
	An army member must enter securicar and the random event will begin
	Every once a week, a securicar will appear in Area 51
	Added the first ever player ran random event
	When you recover your account through email, you can now change your password
	Mechanics can now service the last vehicle they were in for free (/inv)
	Fixed a few mechanic issues
	Added an anti scam alert when a dealer changes the price of an item
	Game Animations won't be played if you are doing a special action
	Added Misty's Bar in Garcia (San Fierro)
	Personal Vehicle wheels from SAC that we're put on a long time ago are removed
	Added a water check to /park and /plate
	You must now slow your vehicle to a stop in order to use /plate
Version 19 is ending. Welcome version 20
	Fixed Uranus bumpers not saving correctly
	Fixed clothing stores not randomizing every week (fixes bonus vehicle changing too)
	Fixed /drag not ending kidnaps
	Increased the minimum bribe amount to 5000
	Changed the requirement for fire assisting to outing atleast 1 fire instead of spraying 1 fire
	Firefighters now get 2 score during a mission if they out atleast 25 percent of the fires
	Fixed being able to buy weapons from someone in jail
	Fixed special action not resetting when failing the goods smuggling mission
	Fixed being able to kidnap while being a driver on duty
	Business robbery cooldowns are now 10 minutes
	You can now deathmatch players while in Turfs
	Cops that are arresting a player can no damage that player
	Personal Vehicles are now queued for deletion when the owner quits and the vehicle is active
	Revamped Area 51. The gates can now be opened and closed
	Assault is now given as a secondary Harassment crime
	Aggravated Assault is now given once you shoot a player with a weapon
	Group banks are now limited to 10,000,000
	Cops can now shoot civilians that damage them first
If a window is down in your vehicle and a surfer has The Virus, it will spread to the vehicle
	Gas Masks can now be used to prevent catching The Virus
	Increased the damage taken from drug lab smoke when you don't have a gas mask
	Changed the way player robbery chance is calculated
	Changed score gained from each firefighting mission from 2 to 1
	Added a confirmation to group leaving / quitting
	The 'Grey Hockey Mask' has been renamed to 'Green Hockey Mask'
	Fixed using ESC while in stick ups
	Fixed /drag not releasing kidnapped players
	Fixed being able to bribe law enforcement in while in different store
	Fixed non cars being able to get hydraulics from SAC
	Fixed /detonate typos
	Christmas update removed
	Removed all /report references
	Fixed minor Christmas update issues
	You can not cuff criminals with warrants
	Fixed 10000 crime achievement being completed at 5000 crimes
	Civilians can still shoot cops (and gain a wanted level) to keep standardized gameplay
	Innocents can not shoot other innocents on different teams (E.G Police vs Medic) (LIVE TESTING)
	Fixed business income tax amount not displaying when paid from bank or could not pay
	Christmas Update 2015 is live!
	Fixed safe house bug when buying a new house
	Removed player disease death message as it's now a custom death
Smoothened damage reduction from police shields
	Lowered time between parking vehicles due to the new change
	Changed the way vehicles are park (no more recreating)
	Players now only get medical fees if they've played the server for over an hour
	Custom deaths now only apply if you haven't been damaged in the last 10 seconds
	Non regular players now can't send pms to IRC users
	Fixed vehicles being locked after pausing for a long time
	Law Enforcement can not harvest plants anymore
	The tallest building in the world is now accessible (Downtown Los Santos)
	Improved /vi (fixed lock bug and added personal vehicle information)
	Add message to medic spawn help "DO NOT DAMAGE PLAYERS TO HEAL!"
	Fixed weapon insurance being used when you have no weapons
	Improved vehicular explosion detection
	A vehicle's last shooter only gets the kill if the shot is within the last 30 seconds of the explosion
	Chef's Knife business max stock changed from 15 -> 25
	You can not detonate your Remote Detonation Bomb if the vehicle is not in range anymore
	You can now deposit and withdraw money from your group bank
	Fixed more vehicular explosion bugs (last shooter is now reset on player death)
	Turf money can only be picked up while being a civilian
	Fixed turf money pickups
	If your group is currently apart of a turf war. You can not arrest any anyone that is apart of the war
	Players doing the law enforcement exam can not pm, whisper, group chat or donator chat
	Randomized /fart's propulsion strength, sometimes /fart won't force you forward now
	Added missing client message when depositing/withdrawing money from your business safe
	You can now arrest and ticket players in DMA
	Wanted level does not decrease in DMA anymore
	Added /lb (alias for /leaderboards)
	3D Help System (see for more information)
	The higher your drunk level, the less your incapacitation time will be when tazed
	A dirty cop activity is now given for 'killing cuffed non-wanted criminals'
	/suspects (/sus) -> /criminals (/cri) [$sus -> $cri]
	/criminals (/war) -> /wcriminals (/wcri) [$war -> $wcri]
	LAW UPDATE: 'wanted criminal' or 'warrant' now means anyone with a wanted level of 4 or greater
	LAW UPDATE: 'criminal' now means anyone with a wanted level
	LAW UPDATE: 'suspect' now means anyone accused or suspected of commiting a crime
	LAW UPDATE: 'suspect' previously meant civilians with wanted levels 1 to 3
	You can now change the group rank of an offline player
	/grouprank -> /grouprankname
	/setrank -> /setgrouprank
	Added /sit [7-12]
	Added /smoke [7-8]
	Everyone can now hold up to 50 clothes
	SWAT can now use /drag to drag kidnapped players out of vehicles, a good cop activity is given
	Fixed players appearing to die twice
	Paused players (alt tab, esc) now can't do damage while paused (drivebys are not included atm)
	REMINDER: Law enforcement can hit warrants to arrest instead of typing /ar
	Nitesticks (batons) can now be received for free at police department refills
	Law enforcement can now stop stick ups by hitting someone in a stick up with a nitestick (baton)
	Increased uzi / tec9 ammo for cop ranks 3-5 slightly
	Personal vehicle locks improvement: Doors are now GTA locked
	Fixed group locks where people who were not in a group were able to enter your vehicle
	If you shot a player who drowned, if you shot them within 30 seconds then you get the kill
	Halloween is now is over
	Player name colours with hit contracts now won't show up as black in the chat box
	Skill changing price now costs 10k for non-regulars
	Added 20 percent bullet resistance to firetrucks and ambulances
	Added 50 percent bullet resistance to the Sea Sparrow (for SWAT)
	Armour is now removed on jail
	Removed /rp (/report)
	Game rank progression bars only if you /stats yourself now
	Added epsilon camp to /gps -> miscellaneous
	Police rank recalculation: tickets received and tickets collected is now added and divided by 2
	Police rank recalculation: adds extra police work (seen below) to the equation
	SWAT: Arresting players gives bonus cop work
	Army: Taking down players gives bonus cop work
	Sheriffs: Arresting / takeing down in the country side or desert gives bonus cop work
	Added a hidden extra police work stat
	You can now drag players out of a stationary vehicle. if it's mobile, you will fall.. literally
	/drag can now be used to drag players OUT of vehicles
	/drag can not be used while entering or exiting vehicles
	Reimplemented /drag
	Added an option to purchase all stock of a specific item while restocking business items
	Increased max business stock of fake wallets 30 -> 100 and condoms 30 -> 50
	You can now repair your fire fighting vehicles at fire fighter refills
	Updated /fire (select a city to GPS to the fire location)
	All 3 cities now has different fires
	House & Business robberies now fail when the owner enters the asset (renters for houses also)
	Removed SWAT /drag
	You can now longer park vehicles while they are mobile (being driven)
	Added bribes accepted and declined to /stats -> police statistics
	The Army now has access to grenades from cop refill
	Wearing horseshoes during robberies increases the chance of success per robber
	Enforcers and S.W.A.T now comes with bullet proof WHEELS
	Securicar now comes with 40 percent bullet resistance
	Cargobob now comes with 50 percent bullet resistance
	Raindance now comes with 30 percent bullet resistance
	Fixed not being able to see the second page of your inventory when adding items to your house
	Garbage is no longer dropped while in the DM Arena
	Added fire fighting to /help
	Fixed the higher your fire fighting rank the faster you extinguish fires
	Personal vehicle locks update: /lock group to lock your vehicle to your group members
	Next & previous item has been added while editing business items
	Fixed an issue where house last robber wasn't updated until a server restart
	Business and House assets last robber is now stored if your asset has a camera
	Black Fireman hat reward for reaching Fire Fighting Rank 10
	A new pet shop (Paws Pet Shop) has been placed in Las Venturas
	Vehicle armour is now displayed in /vi
	Armour to certain police vehicles now apply to all the vehicles instead of just player spawned
	FBI Truck is now 80 percent bullet resistant
	FBI Rancher is 30 percent bullet resisant
	Rustlers are now 5 percent bullet resistant
	Police mavericks are now 20 percent bullet resistant
	Players now get uncuffed after being cuffed for 30 seconds or more
	Added /rc (Radio Chat) for a short command to (/radio)
	Added new hidden clothing items
	Added a cinematic mode in display settings
	Removed 24/7s and replaced them with businesses (locked to the 24/7 type)
	Businesses can now be locked to a specific type
	Business property tax is free until 2016 (income tax still applies)
	You only get a crime for robbing wallets when a cop is nearby
	Reduced the chances to get the full 400k from player robberies (you'll get 200k-400k)
	Added restrictions on most group commands
	When picking up turf money (any member of the group), the money goes to the group bank
	Groups now have banks (a bank permission has been added)
	Turf money pickups are located in the midpoint of each turf (could be anywhere)
	Turfs now generate money over time ($1000 cap per turf)
	"Vehicular Explosion" custom death now detects players entering and exiting vehicles
	Your score is now displayed below the unix date to the left of the chatbox
Fixed when emptying a weapon, after refilling it does not shoot bullets
	/bribe (no params) will automatically select the cop who is arresting you
	While being arrested, you may only bribe the cop who arrested you
	Removed all static money bags points, money bags are now placed at random in San Andreas

	Halloween Update 2015:

	If you are holding a pumpkin head, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies
	Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards (including clothes)
	All vehicles are now black and pumpkin orange
	New vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black
	Halloween Pumpkins spread across San Andreas, more will be created. Pick these up for a treat
	Added alot more items to the holiday pickups

	[Stick ups]: After snatching a weapon, the snatcher no longer has a cooldown, the snatchee now has it
	Bank Insurance now has a minimum take of $1000
	/createroadblock (/crb) -> /roadblock (/rb)
	Cut stickup action wait times in half
	Removed /parole
	You can not kill yourself while swimming
	Enhanced vehicle plate text strictness (no embedded colours with 12 or less text length)
	SA Customs can now remove NOS and Hydraulics
	SA Customs has imported NOS and Hydraulics parts
	Changed the way fuel is decreased (
	Each team now (loads and saves their own weapons) or (has there own weapon set)
	Criminals may not enter Police Departments (Safety Precaution)
	Added the Sentinel to the Autobahn (on Friday)
	CIA Invisibility perk now only works if they are outside 200 meters range of a criminal
	Removed civilian skill information from /info
	Fixed cyanide pill being consumed on errors
	Fixed garbage men not being able to enter the court
	Fixed Pokerus Typo
	Diseases infections are now given randomly
	Commands can not be used while viewing the warehouse hideout selection menu
	Fart/piss/puke/wank change:
	Added a vehicle deletion queueing feature (only applied on mission vehicles for now)
Inventory item max quantities are now displayed when you edit an item
	Increased drug quantity limits from 10k to 100k
Added 3 new warehouses across San Andreas
	Medics can not heal or cure other players while they have The Virus
	Police refills cooldowns are now reset on death
	Added a new mission, Air Trafficking. Visit Oscar Guzman at Verdant Meadows
	/heal now only gives score if you heal 50 or more health
	You can not use /healme if you've been damaged within the last 5 seconds
	Fixed an issue with 'Heading' in /i and /loc
	Account Registration is now mandatory
	Fixed house renters not being kicked from houses when it's sold
	Fixed multiple medics being able to heal the same player multiple times in the same instance 
	Fixed goods smuggle arrow showing up on vehicles after players quit
	Fixed petrol tank explosions ignoring the team deathmatch logic
	Fixed rare occurences while being shot where you can't gas station repair your vehicle
	Fixed being able to be searched while not spawned
	Added rank progress bar when you select police/medic/firefighter in /stats
	Added plants harvested to leaderboards
	Limits bank transfers: Non Regular players = $1m, Regular players = No Limit
	Trucking mission payouts are now fully based on distance
	Regular players can not longer access the tutorial on spot
	Fixed response tracking updating the GPS too early
	Fixed the business type changing menu background not showing up
	Fixed not being able to deposit items into your house
	Fixed typo when donating to the government
	Fixed typo in government house selling
	Fixed small moustache bug in clothing stores
	Added name changes to /bonds and increased name changes to 10 bonds
	Added fuel delivery truckers to /truckmsg
	Added FTO (Field Training Officer) as an official SWAT Rank (5)
	Fixed a bank robbery joining issue
	Fixed house keys list spamming one name
	Fixed bank insurance not working when you just spawned
	Fixed distances in truck/fuel delivery missions being incorrectly calculated
	Added a 2 minute cooldown between kickstarts
	Collecting all horseshoes gives you a horseshoe clothing item
	Fixed an exploit when using /tutorial to regain armour / max health
	Houses doesn't display rent prices while they have a renter anymore
	The price of Gas has increased
	Added the ability to delete your attached e-mail (/credentialsettings -> 1)
	Added the ability resend e-mail verification codes (/credentialsettings -> 1)
	Added dealing commands to /commands (/cmds)
	You may now type /clothesbuy [Username / ID]
	/bonds - Access the bond store where you can use your bonds
	/redeembonds - Redeems your bonds from your recent donation
	Donations are now automated (see for more info)
	You can now shoot from the stick-up menu
	Fixed issues with clothes dealing
	House prices will now only changed if its been over for over a day
	House prices are now reevaluated on sale to government / lost by tax
	Added /groupdeny (/denygroup) to deny a group invitation
	Fixed a bank vault location exploit
	Fixed an issue with house keys menus
	Fixed being able to exploit item storage by dropping and picking up
	[Sync System Second Pass]: Experimenting health
	The KCNR Government now accepts donations at the City Halls
	Improved /housekeys
	[Sync System First Pass]: Experimenting armour
	Fixed a bug with the time left to complete a robbery
	Fixed the /flowers bug
	Fixed all neon prices being $6500
	Fixed vehicle armour being set to 1-5 instead of 10-50
	Added an account save queueing feature
	You now can't detonate bombs (/detonate) while in certain situations
	Once your health gets filled anyhow and you are on drugs, drug consumption will stop
	Improved the ammunation stock menu
	Implemented a custom condition feature for menu construction
	You can not /ejm or /eject while frozen
	Fixed not going into admin jail when in normal jail then being admin jailed
	Added 'How to become a Regular Player' in the FAQ
	/caract can only be done in CARS only now
	Added trucks to Green Palms
	Added distance to gas station in petrol delivery mission
	Added animations to picking up world items and improved dropping animation
	Lowered APB arrest payouts
	To refill a fire truck storage, use a normal fire department refill
	Fire Trucks now have mobile refills, press Y to open the storage while in vehicle
	Added mobile vehicle storage that acts as refills
	If the government has no money, no refills will be usable
	Refills now use money from the government (only firefighter refill for now)
	Taking a cyanide pill while in a vehicle causes instant death
	Vehicle windows now close when in San Fierro Fog
	Fixed vehicle windows not automatically opening / closing based on weather
	Fixed where you couldn't shoot a weapon you emptied then reestablished
	Increased the time that you can leave your mission vehicle for to 45 seconds
	You can now use '$' in /givecash (E.G /givecash Kar $1000)
	Added the LS Crack Factory (currently unused)
	Changed the money bag object
	Mission start information is not displayed on entering personal vehicles anymore
	Fixed weapons bug (skydiving multiple times.. not getting parachute etc)
	A random skill is now selected if you bypass the menu without selecting a skill
	Fixed a menu bug when switching between menus with pages
	Added quantity withdrawing to player inventory item withdraw
	News Reporter Mission can now be started using a SAN News Maverick
	MMB / 2 (Submission key) now attempts to rob a player if your kidnapping them
	Added 'Quick Disable House Spawn' setting to /settings
	Moved FPS Display setting into Display Settings
	Added [PED]Genese to SF City Hall and [PED]Makiba to LS City Hall
	Added Wu Zi Mu (Woozie)'s Apartment in San Fierro
	Added LS bomb shop in El Corona
	Readded the 'Raped And Killed' phrase to rape messages
	Cut the price of taxi permits in half
	Added weapon dealing quantity selection
	Added a cooldown to drag and made it so you can only drag cuffed players
	You get an On Screen notification that the hit contract is over
	If you damaged a hit contract within the last 60 seconds and the hit placer quits
	You now decide how much ammunition you want to purchase
	Improved weapon purchases and sales
	You can now drop items from your inventory on the ground
	Added Burrito to the Autobahn (industrial / misc section) (Premium Donators)
	Improved game texts (might not notice a difference)
	Fixed the lock bug
	Fixed being able to pay for non-bullet weapons after you already have one
	Added lock information to /vehicleinfo (/vi)
	Added police visor strobe lights to sirens on some vehicles
	Fixed being able to ransom your own victim
	You can now change /provoke permissions for your group (/group -> Group Permissions)
	Improved /info (/i) distance, now works with most interior entry and exit points
	Fixed SA Customs page switching issue
	To gain the score both sides must attack each other
	Players who are in a turf war when it finishes gains 1 score (damage must be done)
	Lowered turf war times based on the amount of defending group members online
	Groups score consists of turf kills, turfs taken over and turf defends
	Group ranking is now in /leaderboards
	Improved /leaderboards, now supports different rankings
SA-MP 0.3.7 Update:
	Added custom LS Wells Fargo, SF Building, Kylies Barn and Dillimore gas station
	Converted Jessica and Stripper NPCs to Actors
	Improved vehicle respraying with spray can
	Rainy weather means windows up, non rainy weather means windows down
	Vehicles will automatically toggle their windows based on the weather
	Added a new police light bar to /siren
	Added custom light system with sirens (hold horn to flash faster)
	Added audio sirens to all police refill vehicles
	Added female medic and city female police skins to LEO and off duty police skins to civilians
Added team damage to emergency responders and various fixes
Saved Weapons are now given in reverse order so you start with the starting weapon
	Increased vehicle contact distance while in planes and helicopters
	Fixed a minor taser issue
	It can be re-entered once its your last vehicle and less than 5 warrants are in-game
	The Sea Sparrow can only be used while 5+ warrants are ingame
	Any S.W.A.T member can ride the Sea Sparrow as a passenger
	Added 1 Sea Sparrow to LVA S.W.A.T base for S.W.A.T majors+ only
	CCTVs triggers the building alarms if you enter their line of sight
	Once you disable all alarms, all CCTVs are disabled too
	Increased all alarm ranges
	Four Dragons Casino now uses the new alarm system
	Revamped robbery alarm system (added CCTVs)
	All Business prices reduced to under 5m (check your business vaults for refunds)
	Response Tracking -> Call Tracking (as it makes more sense)
	You can not enter the DM arena while you have a hit contract
	You can not drag a player while they are entering / exiting a vehicle
	Fixed dragging cuffed players not being frozen
	Fixed a robbing issue with clothing stores
	Fixed an issue where your parachute was not given
	You can no longer plant while climbing
	Removed hit reason on hit completion
	Kickstart minigame cannot be played while having a hit
	Added /leaderboards
	Taser now uses 1 ammo instead of 3
	Taser cooldown increased
	If you turn on your engine while the vehicle is being serviced, it explodes
	While a mechanic is servicing your vehicle, the engine is turned off
	Randomized House security dog bite damage
	Fixed an issue with /crimes showing accounts for crimes which didn't have
	Fixed some other minor issues
	Added the option to toggle zone change and forecasting messages in Display Settings
	Added Display Setings to /settings
	Revamped the fish records menu (/fishrecords)
	Custom Deaths now overrule GTA deaths
	Overhauled the weather system
	Weather interpolation (smooth weather changes)
	Improved vehicle ejections
	The bonus vehicle now has a 15 percent chance of changing if not found
	Added altercation cooldown to /search players
	Fixed not being able to purchase a lottery ticket after winning
When a cop dies, all the players who they cuffed now evades the arrest (v18 end)
	When dying from 'Vehicular Explosion' the last shooter of the vehicle is now counted as the killer
	Players can now whisper and pm players while in a stick-up
	Fixed the business stock purchasing menu
	Fixed issues with adding and removing house items
Increased arrest altercation cooldown from 2 to 3 seconds
 	Taking down players that are in the arrest sequence is counted as an arrest and not a takedown
 	Fixed a typo in /gc
 	Fixed not being able to use single quotes in house names
	Revamped the alert system
	Dragging a cuffed player freezes them so they can't exit the vehicle
	Decreased bullet weapon prices
	/robhouse (/houserob) -> /robbery
	Bullet Hit sound -> Bullet Damage sound (because it's only played when damage is done)
 	Revamped stickup selection (now uses clickable textdraws) and Fixed stickup G issue
	Removed basketball playing feature
	Even if you only refueled 1 percent of fuel it will use the item
 	Changed the way Jerrycan's work. Once you use a bottle, it now uses the entire Jerrycan
	Con Artists rob more from houses
 	$me result changed from NAME(ID) -> NAME
	Statistics now displayes a message if a player isn't registered
 	Trains, trailers, planes and helicopters may not access SA Customs
Revamped the house robbery
	MMB for mechanic now offers mechanic services instead of weapons
	House Naming is now more strict
	You can now remove your house access password again
 	CIA are now completely invisible while flying low or driving slow. No more fading
If you pay your ticket while having a bribe, it is now cancelled
	/donut and /donutbox removed. Removed donut box item. You may now purchase 6 donuts only
 	Purchased Food items are now added to your inventory if your health is full
	Fixed all the fire issues relating to objects and insivible fires
	Improved the overall menu page experience
	Fixed issue with switching between menus that have pages
	Fixed weapon insurance working even if you have no weapons
	Fixed "Hold LALT to gain more money" message in robberies
	Dealt false /robbery messages on building entries
	Updated the FAQ (/faq)
	(GPS) Crane -> Docks
	Military Fields -> Area 69
	Taser now holsters the last weapon that you had holstered before enabling it
	House entrance menu is now not shown if you are in a selection menu
	Removed the fuel gametext warning messages, the colours on the speedo are sufficient
	Fixed ALL occurrence where weapons are temporary removed and given back
	Fixed an issue with city detection
	Fixed being able to bring up house menu after dying in jail
	Robbery split is now only shown if it's a group robbery
 	Robbery total robbed now shows a more accurate value for store robberies
 	Added every single civilian skin that were missing
 	/ci command alias for /hitinfo
Re-enabled /ignore and /unignore (Ignores player global chat messages only)
	Response tracking now updates the player's position on the GPS
 	Increased garbage selling payout and decreased the maximum garbage you can hold at a time to 1000
 	Moved the 2 securicars at SF Federal Mint back to the end of the road
 	Fixed issue with hit black colour not being removed on hit end
 	Removed the Roca Escalante bank fire
	Exporting a vehicle is now a full crime again
	All current drugs (weed) and seeds in houses are reset
	You can store many different item types from your inventory in your house storage
	Item storage size depends on the house size (small = 5, medium = 10, large = 15)
 	Added item house storage which replaces drug and seed storage in houses
	Only civilians may arm vehicles with car bombs now
	Added all medics to class selection and revamped the team switcher
	CIAs now also lose opacity on the radar while flying low
	CIAs now lose opacity on the radar while moving very slow in a land vehicle
 	Players with hits now flash black
 	Fixed /heal giving very low sums of money
	Fixed possibility of non-civilians getting wanted levels
	Revamped weapon refill. It is now based on current cop type (See forums for more info)
	Army vehicles now come with 30 percent armour, excluding rustler
	S.W.A.T tank now comes with 80 percent armour, all other swat vehicles come with 50 percent armour
 	Altered Whisper and Private Message colours
	Attempted a patch fix on a leader detection issue while starting a new robbery
 	Fixed infinite ammo bugs while toggling taser
Must have an E-Mail attached to your account to enter the password recovery mode
	To enter password recovery mode, fail to enter your password 3 times
	You can use the E-Mail entered if you ever forget your password
	Added a password recovery system that promtps you a verification code to your E-Mail
	Players are now prompted to enter their E-Mails
	Increased the time in which you can stick up players from an altercation state
	You can now use personal bikes and helicopters as taxis
Personal Vehicles now use the same locks as normal server vehicles
	The Cyanide Pill can be bought from drug points, they are not tradeble
	Added a 'Cyanide Pill' which can be used in order to kill yourself
	Removed the /kill command
	'Portable Frequency Radio' -> 'Portable Radio'
 	Improved stickup synch. Removed (push gently and push hard, added Push Player)
 	Fixed fish records not updating properly
	Fixed being able to use weapons from inventory while kidnapped
	You can not arm vehicles with multiple bombs anymore
	Corrupt cops no longer lose score on dirty cop activities
	Every few Good Cop activities now counts to cop rank
	Increased the amount of players that can rob a casino at a time to 4 (previously 2)
	Reduced the amount of players that can rob a store at a time to 8 (previously 16)
	Added The Craw Bar
 	Improved the robbery success system
	Fixed entering vehicles while in stickup
	Fixed free running after snatching weapon and badly synced shoot animation in stickups
	SAC Armour is no longer transferred on vehicle sales
	Shooting range bullets no longer harm players / vehicles
	Removed /cri command alias for /criminals
	Improved the fire database system significantly
	Removed the Caligula's casino fire help messages stating where to go next
 	Removed the 'you have ran out of weapons' message entirely
	Patched a possibility to produce excessive drugs through Clandestine Chemistry
	Improved refueling (Refueling now slows down significantly while paused)
	Fixed being able to rent multiple houses
	Fixed an issue with crimes showing wrong data (victims, etc)
	SF Job now alerts cops when robberies are started
	Fixed issues with spamming 'ran out of weapons' and an unlimited ammo exploit
	The court has no real use right now, it will be updated later
	Added The Edwardian Court in LS next to the LSPD
	Fixed a 'you plant' typo -> 'your plant'
	Fixed dying in jail causing you to switch Police Departments
	If your weapons somehow loads late and you already with without them you will be given them
 	Refilling weapons while your current weapon is an SMG will not switch weapons anymore
	Fixed issue with warehouse robbery not fixing money/drugs
	SF Robbery now alerts cops of robbery completion
	Fixed not being able to use animations after game animations are played
	Fixed a /su animation issue with snatching and knocking out
	Removed the /rob command. To rob a player, stick-up a player or be a con artist and click MMB
 	Event deaths are no longer saved 
APBs are shown in /criminals and an alert is given to all cops when the APB is issued
	APB is given when 5+ cops are in visual contact with a criminal
	Added All Points Bulletin (APB), arresting APBs give you and assisters more money
	Fixed /i
	Added a time period between giving cash (/gc)
 	Con artists now get 2 score if they successfully rob 400k from a player
	Fixed position saving not being able to be turned off
	Fixed an issue with the tutorial for newly registered
	Fixed multiple name matching issues
	You can now use up and down analog keys to switch weapons as passenger
	Improved finding names / ids for commands
	Fixed id 0 not working in certain new styled commands
	Fixed an issue with plant tracking gps showing weird values
	Removed duplicate fuel station in whetstone and bone county
Added pitch rotation calculation to GPS arrow
	Improved camera snapshot detection
	Changed the way position saving works if you quit underground or quit in the air
	Horse bets have been moved to Inside Track buildings from the City Hall
 	You now can not take a vehicle from a PD compound without the last one being destroyed
 	Fixed not spawning properly after ending tutorial and not getting back weapons
	Plane deliveries now automatically sets the GPS to the airport
	Updated some colours in missions TextDraws
 	Wallets now have a chance to fail in /rob
	Altercation no longer is affected by any player but the players who damaged you
	The menu delay feature now accounts for TransFenders
	TransFenders are now excluded from position saving
	Fixed non-NPCs sending bot messages
	Fixed an issue with refilling as driver
	Fixed a /cure typo
	Fixed being able to rob someone/something while being arrested
	You can now press H (group control bwd key) to open your inventory (onfoot only)
	You can not /buy items while in the DM arena
	Changed /carwhisper (/cw) to /vehiclewhisper (/vw) 
	/carwhisper (/cw) now whispers to people surfing the vehicle too
	You can now use /buy [Username / id] as an option (/buy still gets the closest player)
	Resolved animation issues
	Fixed the hit indicator (red skull) being removed when killed by a non-civilian
	Lightened the army text colour
	Added animations to cops, medics and more to civilian in class selection
	Being arrested in most interiors will send you to the correct jail now
	Reduced Taxi Permit price
	Removed 'Location:  from the $loc quickstring to save space
	CIA is now shown in $civ
	Split /copmessage into 2 colours
	All players that a cop arrested instead of ONE is now released when the cop dies
	Improved response tracking (if in a building, it now sets the gps to the building entrance)
	Added the response tracking feature to /backup
	Law Enforcement backup now alerts all nearby cops instead of the closest cop
 	Your game ranks are or will be recalculated
 	Fixed falling in jail after being taken down
 	Fixed being able to /useskin while entering / exiting a vehicle
	Added players searched to cop work
	Removed tickets collected from cop work (no point having tickets issued and tickets collected)
	Added fish statistics to /stats -> General Statistics
	Removed law enforcement vehicle arrest
	Fixed Position Saving (in /gsettings) not working properly
	Fixed city hall entrances
	The KCNR class textdraws (arrows + names) now shows when you F4 + Kill
	If your House / Business has an Alarm, it goes off at when robberies are completed/failed.
	Reduced Hernandez, Pulaski and Tenpenny requirements to 100, 500 and 1000 respectfully
	Updated /help with Cop Activity information
	/vehinv now tells you if your vehicle is locked
	Swapped Army and FBI requirements (FBI = 3 and Army = 5)
	Added 10 more ranks to Law Enforcement (it now goes 0-20)
 	Refilling police weapons as passenger will now skip invalid driveby weapons
 	Fixed an issue with being able to do /robbery multiple times
	/crimes now shows the victim which is involved in the crime
 	Fixed an issue with house exits and the house menu
	You can't arrest players if recently damaged by any player instead of a specific player
	Fixed problems with using /tutorial in vehicles
	Fixed being able to use /useskin in vehicles
	SWAT vehicles from Refill now come with level 5 armour (Enforcer and S.W.A.T.)
	Using higher LEO classes gives higher payouts on arrest
	CIA's names are no longer shown when they kill a suspect/warrant
	Fixed some issues with robbing caligulas using roof exits
	Increased visual contacting range and improved Visual Contacting
	The server will automatically set your weapon to the legal driveby weapon
 	If you enter passenger with no SMG/UZI/MP5 and you have another driveby weapon
 	You now can not sky dive if having a wanted level with Law Enforcement near by
	Added a police vehicle repair option at Police Refills
 	House taxes can now be paid from house (safe) if your pockets or bank is empty
	The server rules have been updated for 2015
	There is now a 5 second cooldown on Eating Fish
	You can not Eat Fish if you have been recently damaged within 10 seconds
	You can not stick up players in turf wars anymore
	Withdrawing Body Armour now plays an animation
	You can not use inventory body armour while in vehicles
	Added corrupt cops. Unlock them by doing dirty cop activities
	Improved News Reporter Mission
	Reordered the civilian skin / class list and removed duplicates
 	Added /hitinfo (shows you your contract information)
 	Made Caligulas Casino enterable from the roof and vice versa
 	Made Dillimore gas station enterable for no reason (lol)
 	Added the Dillimore Police Department refill
 	Fixed issues with disappearing Police Maverick platforms
Sheriffs, FBI and CIA's may ONLY use Undercover Sirens ONLY
	Added Army (Military) Refill
	Each Police Skill has their own vehicles at Police Refills
	All players that had skin saving on with LEO has had Skin Saving turned off
    Street Cop = 0-1, Sherriff = 2, Army = 3-4, FBI = 5-7, SWAT = 8-9, CIA = 10
	You now cannot access certain LEO skins without their respective cop rank
	The LEO system has been reworked with rankings
	Added achievement queueing
 	You cannot /buy from a player that you are in an altercation with
 	Added Car Bombs Detonated and Car Bomb Kills to Civilian Statistics
 	Push Bikes now get respawned on vehicle bomb detonated
 	Tugs can now attach misc airport trailers (stairs, baggages) using SPACE
 	Tractors can now attach any vehicle as trailer just like Tow Truck
 	Fixed an issue with Tow Truck attaching
 	The Tug can now attach misc airport vehicles to move around
	You now cannot arm bombs in Trains
	Then the cop may be allowed to /su, /cuff, /arrest
	If a cop is being damaged by a player and the player loses his weapons
	/inventory (/inv) now goes straight to your inventory items
	Added /assets (which is now the old /inventory menu) (removed /sellinv)
	You now cannot withdraw / use an item while in jail or in an event
	Added FBI LEO skin
	Changed CIA skin IDs and reordered law enforcement in the class selection
	Fixed rent vaults not getting updated when a player rents a house
	You now cannot take drugs or eat fish while in certain gameplay stages
	Diseases now save
	Civilians cannot stick-up cops if other cops are IN RANGE WITH WEAPONS
	Added $fps quickstring to display your current Frames Per Second
	Added $plate quickstring to display your CURRENT vehicle's number plate
	Renters are now kicked from a house when the renting agreement is cancelled
	Cops now prioritise /arrest through MMB in houses if theres a criminal in it
	You can now toggle an FPS counter through (/settings) which is enabled by default
	Moved the Menu checkpoint in sex shops
	Updated /groupmembers to a dialog and it now shows offline members (60 max for now)
	Menus now only get destroyed on death if it had a selection
	Converted /vehinv to a menu
	Added an interval between stickup shots
	You can now type /dance without having to select any of the options [1-4]
	Fixed Vehicle Tyre Popping
	Maximum warehouse payouts also depends on your getaway vehicle (bigger = more)
	Increased warehouse Payouts (more in night, less in day)
	Warehouse robberies now fail if you exit with nothing robbed (0 everything)
	Fine tuned stickups
	You cannot arrest a Criminal while you are swimming and they are on a Boat / Plane
	The handcuffs are removed and arrest is only cancelled if no other cop is near you
	If the cop who cuffs or is arresting died, the handcuffs are removed and the arrest is cancelled
	Quality assured some stuff with Alerts
	Added being able to kick offline group members (/groupkick)
	Added a group message so all players will know when the group's name has changed
	Fixed donut shops giving players prompt message to rob it
	Fixed a ban message typo
	Group owners can now set which rank can invite or kick (new) group members (/group -> Group Permissions)
	/snow may only be used in December
	Added a confirmation message to Bank Account transfers
	Fixed a typo (yo -> to) related to clothing
	Allowed /healme to be disabled from events
	Fixed an menu issue preventing you from selling your business
	Fixed a stickup termination message typo
	Fixed fuel delivery menu not corresponding with the correct gas station
	Revamped the passenger weapon switching system, it is now seamless
	Fixed a slight issue with petrol delivery mission selection menu
	Fixed not being able to use /endtutorial while in the Tutorial
	Changed the techno channel in /music
 	Fixed /ulk when getting knocked off a bike
	Your vehicle's engine no longer turns off when getting knocked out
	SAC Upgrade: Spoiler colours! (Some spoilers have 2 colours)
	You now cannot use commands while in the Tutorial
	Fixed not being able to purchase vehicles after selling them to used vehicle shops
	Fixed an issue with menu pages (/achievements last page is fixed)
	Fixed SAC disabling speedometer earlier than it should
	Fixed the possibility to commit hit & run crime as passenger
	You can now exit KACC with a vehicle
	Your garbage collection limit is now fully capped at 2000 pieces
	Fixed a business money withdrawal typo and updated all "negative" to "nonpositive" while depositing or withdrawing
	Removed the jump action on being infected
	Fixed a possible issue where disease death message could spam if paused
	Fixed using animations to avoid fall damage
	Fixed toggling 1st person driving while in vehicle
	Fixed an issue where if you we're taken down you could've NOT spawned in jail
	Reduced the ability to commit crimes in the DM Arena
	Fixed a DM Arena issue with killing players the same time
	Increased cooldown for casino to half a game day
	Increased cooldown times of bank, warehouse and SF Job robbery to 1 game day
	Fixed issues with autobahn vehicle purchasing
	Fixed a LEO exploit with vehicle armour
	Fixed a bribe issue when no cops are online
	Fixed an issue with infections
	Added ATMs to all 24/7's and Gas Stations
	Fixed some garbage dumpster cleaning issues
	Added missing diner map icons
	Moved the sherman dam diner to regular tom and fixed the tierra robada diner exit angle
	Added a house purchase prompt menu
	The DM Arena's airspace space is 200 metres above the ground (Planes may fly over this)
	If you enter the DM Arena without using the checkpoint, it will now automatically detect you
	Fixed being able to purchase SAC Customs on a Personal Vehicle which isn't yours
	San Andreas Customs has imported Armour upgrades to their stock! (Check the website for more info)
	Fixed pet dye disappearing after editing a pet's position
	Inverted the position of wheels at SA Customs so you now see the front
	Fixed a few spoiler positions on vehicles and fixed 'Spoiler S'
	Fixed crimes showing with blank names in LEO radio
	Fixed applying pet dye without owning a pet
	Fixed some issues where LEO could damage LEO
	Fixed more 1st Person View issues
	Fixed some issues with being AFK and losing weapons / resetting vehicle lock
	they lose VISUAL sight of each other or the wanted player loses their wanted level
	When a cop calls visual contact on a suspect / criminal, their radar BLIP flashes until
	Improved Visual Contacting! /vc works the same way but with a few improvements
	Added an extra menu to the /gps
	Fixed a spam message while trying to use a business menu while having a taser equipped
	Increased auto vehicle unlock while pausing from 15 to 30 seconds
	Updated GPS Menu and added fuel stations to the GPS
	Fixed diner menu at fort carson
	Fixed shooting range returning only 1 ammo on cancel/completion
	Fixed issues with 1st person views
	The arresting cop can now arrest their arrestee and players with a hit can now be shot while being arrested by hitmen
	Fixed a siren, and a group help typo
	Fixed an issue with SAC mods overlapping and causing fake mods on newly bought vehicles
	Fixed an issue with personal vehicle plates not saving in your current gameplay
	Fixed getting double weapons back from insurance
	DM Arena cannot be accessed while in a gaming instance (knocked out, stickup, tazed)
	Fixed being able to use any vehicle with the goods smuggling mission
	Fixed dying with taser to keep weapons
	The airport cannot be used while tazed, knocked out or in a stickup any more
	The goods smuggling mission now fails when your vehicle is destroyed
	You may now exit your vehicle in the goods smuggling mission
	Fixed some minor issues with the smuggling mission
	Updated gas station repair vehicle option
	You now cannot have more than 1 major event item (pumpkin head, santa hat, etc)
	Fixed cooldown issues with failing casino/bank robberies
	You cannot damage a player in a stickup without a bullet weapon until further notice
	Fixed a client message about an incorrect wanted level
	You are now released from jail a second quicker if your jail time runs out and you have $0 bail
	Admins will reset your weapons only if necessarily
	After admin jail, your weapons will be returned as admin jail is not real jail
	Increased arrest assist range
	Players now cannot enter the DM Arena with a wanted level
 	Improved first person view in the Linerunner
	Added 1st Person View on foot!
	ate Lightning strikes now knock out players
	Lightning strikes are now synced with players, if a boat gets zapped, all the players get zapped
	Personal Vehicles no longer respawn on their own after a certain time
	Fixed getting invalid command after /robbery in warehouse
	Fixed The 'Drug Possession' crime in /search
	Players will now only gain a wanted level after /bc'ing (from /cuff) if cops are near them
	Fixed /bc not always setting your wanted level to 3 on success
	'Hit & Run' crime now active for civilians
	Fixed some renting issues
	Fixed being able to join your own robbery
	Fixed getting stuck in a boat while struck by lightning
	Fixed Plants (active) stat in /inv
	Added 'died in' messages to unknown deaths
	Fixed warehouse weapons
	Fixed an issue with abusing taser to get back weapons after death
	Fixed last player infected stat
	Increased house robbery cooldown time when the robbery failed
	Removed money pickups
	Fixed kidnaps still going on if the kidnapper left the vehicle
	Fixed a gps typo
	Fixed some object / pickup issues that we're caused by plants
	Fixed using /park while your vehicle is upside down
	Fixed LEOs getting stars
	Fixed not losing score while arrested on disconnect
	Improved police refill loadouts a bit
	Fixed House ID 68 in Creek
	Fixed Calton Heights church menu
	/removebomb now only works on the car you planted a bomb in
	Only firefighters will get payouts for doing work to make more players be firefighters
	Fixed a drug exploit
	Fixed abusing /dance to avoid many things
	Fixed cops being able to bribe cops
	Fixed the bug where one handed weapons did not load (chainsaw, dildos, etc)
    Fixed a bug when reaching purchase limits of a item (Jerrycan, condoms, etc)
    When you log out and log back in you will spawn in the same jail cell you left off
	You now get sent to the closest city's jail you got arrested in/near to
    Vehicle colors at SA Customs now cost money
	Weapon insurance is no longer wasted on take downs
	A fishing cooldown is now placed on you if you get struck by lightning while fishing
	Fixed being placed in the game world after being taken down instead of jail
	Fixed jail on ban screen
	Fixed abusing face planting to death to avoid law enforcement
	Fixed a few issues with personal vehicles disappearing, etc
	Fixed only civilians being able to catch The Virus
	Fixed kidnaps and drag issues
	Fixed using /plate and /kill while in a TransFender
	Law enforcement refill weapons cooldown now depends on coprank
	Fixed an issue with purchasing non-inventory weapons
	Fixed /heal payouts
	To evade an arrest as a passenger you now have to get far away from the cop who is arresting you
	Fixed an issue with attempting to give players who aren't logged in house keys
	Added Berkley's RC Van (Topfun Van), Yosemites, Sadlers, Sadler Shits & Picadors to warehouse robberies
	Made Bensons have the same robbery storage as a Mule for warehouse robberies
	Fixed exiting houses/businesses with position saving
	Fixed tasers doing damage to players
	Removed /mycars, /showcars, /carlist, added /vehinv ONLY
	Added hashbury tattoo parlour
	Fixed getting invalid driveby weapons once and for all (Patch #2)
	Fixed several bugs with abusing the tutorial
	The server no longer displays robberies in the main chat (check cop msgs for that)
	The server now mutes players for spamming
	Jizzy's pleasure domes is now in service
	Fixed being stuck in your boat after a lightning strike
	Added a better client message when entering a house for sale
	Fixed an issue with turf war defending
	Fixed using taser while sticked up
	Fixed getting invalid driveby weapons once and for all
	Fixed a bribe typo on both parties
	Fixed an issue with permits not expiring properly
	Fixed purchasing weapons taking money while having taser enabled
	Updated the weather system, removed all shitty weathers
	There can now only be 2 money rushes per week
	Fixed an exploit with arrest assists in virtual worlds
	Fixed multiple issues where permits would not be removed
	Robberies and stick-ups are now stopped on arrest initialization instead of after the arrest
	Added a new cooldown system, similiar to the robbery cooldown system
	Fixed some unnoticable bugs with the robbery cooldown system
	You now cannot join events as a criminal if cops are near you
	Fixed various animation playing issues
	Fixed a few issues with newly registered players and their first spawn
	Registering now auto logs you in, instead of having to login after registering
	Radio Frequency now saves and loads
	Fixed an issue with diseases decreasing health & taxi fares being paid
	Fixed starting missions multiple times
	Fixed an item purchase issue
	You can now see your Personal Vehicle Limit in your inventory's main menu
	Darkened the colour of money in menus
	Added the Emerald Isle Gas Station
	If you purchase a taxi permit, you may use your personal CARS to become a taxi driver (/driver)!
	Taxi permits at the city hall!
	Updated some LEO /search cooldowns
	Added taxi signs to drivers and improved some driver things internally
	Realistic vehicle repair prices at gas stations
	Reduced the price of vehicles at the docks
	Fixed SA Customs color changing not saving to Personal Vehicles
	Fixed using tasers to get back your weapons
	Delay feature (check for more information)
	San Andreas Customs Vehicle Paint has arrived! (check for more information)
	Note: Anyone can change your vehicle's color at SA Customs
	Fixed a clothing inventory menu issue
	When a player gets kidnapped his weapon is now set to fists to stop drivebying exploits
	You may not break in a house that you are renting any more
	Vehicle lights will now turn on automatically when entered at night
	Fixed being able to provoke gang wars while swimming or skydiving / falling
	You can no longer stick up players in water / while swimming
	The death message 'In A Provoked Turf' is displayed if someone who isn't apart of the warring turfs died in the turf
	Group members now cannot provoke there own turf
	Turfs can now only be provoked if you damage a member of the owning gang/group
	When you get taken down your weapon insurance will give you back your weapons when released
	Dying with a hit now does NOT take an extra score away
	Changed the vehicle exportation location from crane to docks (some locations may not change)
	Fixed purchasing an unlimited number of Jerrycans
	Fixed an anti-cheat issues relating to fake deaths
	Updated petrol deliveries monetary rewards, it's now based on where you delivered instead of time
	Fixed Oceanic and Premier showing up twice on sunday's autobahn list
	Fixed GPS arrow positions on all vehicles, it is now dynamic
	Fixed getting "you appear to have ran out of weapons" message
	Fixed a bug at the popular LV fishing spot
	If a house is for sale, the renter must now unrent it in order to purchase it
	The radio message will only get sent to players who are on the same frequency as you
	/radio [message] to chat and /radiofreq to change your radio frequency
	These radios allow you to have recreational group chats
	Portable Frequency Radios can be purchased at businesses
	You can now purchase multiple health and weapon insurances
	Fixed issues where paintjob could be lost on /park and /plate
	Improved shooting unoccupied vehicle tyre popping sync accuracy
	Lowered all mission base payouts
	Added more food/drink options to Diners and Donuts
    Adjusted spoiler position on phoenix
    Fixed exploits and bugs with /plate & /park
	You now cannot visit houses that are for sale, depends whether the owner wants to lock it or not
	To purchase a house for sale, enter it then type /house and purchase it from that menu
	Removed the house 'for sale' entry menu, it now used the normal front door menu
	Fixed using space to avoid knock outs / tasers
Synced unoccupied vehicle tyre popping
	Synced transfender passengers
	Fixed a /loc (no arguments) issue
	Fixed spawning after viewing the tutorial
Fixed a bribe issue that caused the bribe to never end
	Fixed a potential issue where players we're being affected by casino robberies
	Fixed kidnappers using commands to bug their kidnapped player
	Fixed a bribe issue that caused bribers to get wanted levels in jail
	Fixed using /su while knocked out or tazed
	You now can't catch the virus from people in outside or jail or in a different jail status than you
	Fixed a robbery cooldown typo and removed the bank fire
	If you put weapon insurance on sale, it won't be used if you die now
	Increased vehicle respawn times
	/sellvehicle with no parameters no longer sells your vehicle, to sell it go to a used vehicle dealership
	Shody's used cars, Coutt and Schutz and Otto's Autos now purchase used personal vehicles!
	Coutt and Schutz is no longer an Autobahn in Jefferson, Los Santos
	While a player is being arrested, only the arresting cop can attack them or civilians if they have a hit
	Fixed selling personal vehicles not syncing your 'owned vehicles' causing vehicles not to spawn until relog
	Tax refunds removed
	/sellvehicle's maximum selling price has increased from 8m to 20m
	Law enforcement now gain a dirty cop activity for selling drugs / weapons to non law enforcement even if they have a permit
	You now need to be the owner of the personal vehicle to change it's plate text
	Fixed a major bug that disabled group robberies to begin and caused robbery pickup overload
	Fixed using driveby weapons out of inventory as passenger
	Fixed an issue where you we're in jail but would spawn elsewhere
	You cannot repent your sins while being arrested or cuffed anymore
	Tax refunds now counts your house money & safe storage
	Fixed using animations to fish in the sea (You now cannot use animations while swimming)
	Fixed an issue with the autobahn map icon in autobahn /help
	Fixed an issue with new personal vehicles spawning with mods
	You can now remove SA Customs placed wheels at SA Customs
	/donation - to see your donation information
	Fixed an issue with respawning in a virtual world
	The Virus now does double the damage to your health
	Fixed exiting businesses
	Fixed some checkpoint issues with robbery-to-point based robberies
	Fixed a MAJOR robbery bug that caused pickups to overload on the server preventing further robberies
	Added a cool down when withdrawing body armour from your inventory
	Fixed a /groupjoin issue
Added special carrying action to goods smuggling mission
	Improved damage system (enabled FULL damage to passengers with no drivers)
	Fixed an exploit with the drug point
	Fixed entering vehicles to escape taser / knockouts
	Added 'White SWAT Armour' Clothing item
	If you get jailed while tazed, you won't get the 'recovered from taser shock' message
	Fixed taser causing loss of handgun (pistol, silenced pistol, deagle) weapon/ammo
	Fixed some weapon ammo issues
	Added a limit to how many individual pet dyes you can purchase
	Fixed pet dye loading wrong values (Pet dye should work perfect now)
	Fixed a bug with re-entering mission vehicles that allowed you to change your vehicle
	Fixed flowers not being transfered in /flowers
	Fixed the unknown robberies in cop messages
	Fixed using army to escape jail
	Fixed an issue where if your permit was stored after your weapons, your weapons price would reset
	Fixed some more tazer issues (you can't refill or purchase guns while on tazer)
	Fixed cops not being able to enter their own enter house
	Added GPS to warehouse safehouse delivery
	Added plates to /mycars
	If you recently got damaged, you now have to wait before sticking the damager up and using /cuff
	Kidnappers now cannot constantly rob the player being kidnapped
	You can now fail to plant car bombs while kidnapped
	Fixed being able to commit actions between in a split second while knocking out a player
	Fixed using /dr when you shouldn't be able to use it
	Fixed a location bug with clothing stores
	Fixed arresting resetting weapons when its not supposed to
	Fixed an issue with business text labels not updating after cancelling business sale
	Fix for escaping jail location issue
	Fixed using car bombs to gain your own hits
	Fixed a stick up typo
	At some robberies, pickups are now created
	While inside of these pickups, you must hold LALT or your (sneak about / walking key)
	While holding your walking key, you steal extra money and animations are applied
	Finding the money bag no longer globally displays your name
	/robstore, /robbank, /robcasino -> /robbery
	Fixed a few taser bugs
	Click N to toggle your taser / stun gun at anytime onfoot!
	Change your preference at any Police Department!
	New taser and stun gun! Gain coprank 3 for taser and you start off with a stun gun
	/tz, /tase, /taze etc all removed (no more taze commands)
	if a criminal shoots (and damages) you, they cannot be arrested with-in 2 seconds of the last damage shot
    /jerrycan (/jc) command to replace /petrolbottle (/pb)
	Fixed plants being stuck at 150 grams, firefighter ranks and some menu page issues
	Added medic and firefighting ranks to /stats
	You cannot arrest while knocked out
	Fixed trucking missions not counting towards achievements
	Fixed a colour bug when players die
	Added Inside Track Betting buildings
	Changed ATM object model
	Removed all ATMs, there old positions were not viable anymore, new ones being added.
    S.W.A.T -> SWAT
    Petrol Bottle -> Jerrycan
    You cannot bribe while robbing anymore.
    Added Hospitals to GPS -> Government (and removed airports from there)
	Corrected the names of some Hospitals
    The roca escalante bank has been relocated
	Fixed setting item sale price not saving
	You can now enter your locked vehicle without having to /ulk if you stream out and back in
	Added the las barrancas bank, a diner in las payasadas and the gas station in whetstone
	You now get a warrant for your arrest for failing robberies
	Your wanted level does not decrease in interiors or events
	Position saving now works for all teams
	You can now enter vehicles while they are in a store entry checkpoint
	Businesses alarm and camera now notifies the owner if they are online about robberies
	Lowered business property tax
	Replaced all Usage -> Syntax
	If your house is sold while offline, you only get money (no drugs or seeds)
	Personal vehicles spawn with more fuel than server vehicles
	Updated some server vehicle number plate stuff
	/bomb (/b) removed
	Drug production is now profitable (reduced drug ingredient prices)
	You can now place your undercover siren on your dashboard (/siren)
	Fixed an issue where you couldn't reenter your vehicle locking it
	You can also use /music while in vehicles
	Holding any music box (speaker, guitar, boom box etc) allows you to stream and play music in-game! (/music)
	Car bombs now contribute to turf wars
	Property tax now shows house name instead of house ID
	Fixed setting house passwords
	Edited house settings menu order
	If you turn off your house renting, the renting price will not be reset
	Fixed some house purchasing issues
	Fixed resets due to inactivity (nothing was being reset)
	Reduced the maximum plant size, again
	Decreased the price of drugs
	Tripled the prices of wheels that aren't in GTA transfenders
	You can now use drug ingredients from your inventory in drug production
	/neon (/tune, /sacustoms) removed, type /gps -> closest san andreas customs now
	Decreased the distance between weed plants (the distance was high due to checkpoints)
	You can now chat while having a option menu open
	Fixed some knockout issues
	Fixed some planting, bribing issues and other issues
	Drug plants -> (Weed) Plants
	Plants now take longer to grow
	Revamped the weed system a bit, it now uses weed objects instead of checkpoints (more to come)
	Disabled GTA:SA horseshoe action on horseshoe pickup
	Set a money cap (of 50k) on how much money can be robbed from your bank account
	Fixed double petrol bottles (you must now withdraw it from your inventory to use /pb)
	News reporter mission now has a bonus payout
	You now fail the news reporter mission if you run out of camera film
	The money (split) from bank robberies are now given back to the player if the robber got arrested
	Added 'Items sold to customers' as a business statistic
	Business income tax is now prompted to be paid from your business FIRST
	The closest cop now gets the arrest if a player being arrested quits
	Fixed a autobahn issue on sundays
	Fixed bribe not cancelling arrest while being arrested
	Fixed a weapon insurance purchasing typo
	Fixed name case an issue with finding online names
	Improved business robbery outputs (better algorithm)
	Businesses now have cooldowns for robberies
	Businesses cannot be robbed if it has no money
	GTA game spoilers are now removed if you place a SA Customs spoiler on your vehicle
	Donators change number plates at a discount, deluxe donators change it anywhere for free!
	San Andreas customs has imported the tools to change vehicle number plates!
	Moved some donator VIP vehicles
	Added station wagons to the Autobahn
Readded /weapons (/ws) and /drugs to call the appropiate dealers
	Fixed bank insurance not working for bank breaches
	Massive inventory update:
	/sell (/sellitems, /sellmec), /buy are the only commands
	/inventory (/inv) ... (/selldrugs, /drugs, /sellweapons, etc are removed)
	Removed weapon and drug dealer skill
	New permits replacing weapon and drug dealer skill
	Permits can be purchased at the City Hall
	Permits run out after 2 weeks gameplay (see /help -> permits)
	You can now sell any item you desire to other players
	MMB can now be used to /sell items quickly (excluding con artists and private medics)
	Item Use Feature
	Some items can be used (E.G petrol bottle), this will take the item from your inventory
	In the case of the petrol bottle, it will add fuel to the petrol bottle
	For weapons, it will give you weapons, for drinks it will allow you to drink, etc
	Drugs are now in /inventory (/druginv removed)
	Car bombs are now saved
	/bomb no longer arms car bombs, to arm a vehicle, go into your inventory and select
	the bomb you want to use and select use item, then use /bomb to see the bomb info
	Menu header updated to a sleeker design
	The menu page system now works flawless
	Adjusted ammunation prices (and loadouts) to fit the weapon stock prices
	Taze(r) -> Tase(r)
	Skill is now only shown for civilians in /i
	Event setting change is now only displayed to players in events
	You can no longer fish while swimming
	Fixed weapon loss on event death
	You can now /pm players who are playing but are not registered
	Switch the order of 'next' and 'previous' ... 'page' in the menu system
	Updated /stats, you can now go back to the main statistics menu
	Added businesses sold to /stats
	Fixed some house and business player stats
	Updated /achievements
	Removed the complete 5000 hits achievement as that might be too much of a challenge
	Updated /houses
	Fixed a bug where bank and casino robberies would not end when the time ran out
	Fixed a robbery textdraw not being removed if from house robberies
	Fixed being able to rob houses while in visiting mode
	Only civilian damage counts towards turfing
	Quick strings can now be used in menus
	Fixed kidnapped users being able to exit their kidnapper's vehicle
	All personal vehicles we're deleted accidentally, a backup has been put in place.
	Fixed a news reporter issue
	Fixed /bail showing $0
	New vehicle locking system (the vehicle is now not unlocked when reentered)
	Cleaned up LVPD a bit
	Updated /pc
	Changed donator armour (regular: 50%%, premium: 75%%, deluxe: 100%%)
	Improved royal casino bank and casino exit position
	Your old Health and Armour now loads on first spawn
	Added an optional position saving in /gameplaysettings
	New optimized Fuel Decreasing formula
	Tax money from withdrawing to ATMs are now taken from the bank instead of what your withdrawing
	Added /truckmsg (sends a message to all online truckers)
	Kidnapped players now have additional mission information on their screen
	Added an optional hit sound to gameplay settings (any hit, headshots or off)
Added turf cooldowns
	Last body part hit is now shown on death
	Death now shows if you died in a turf or in a turf war
	Gang name shown above player while in turf wars
	On group delete, the group's turfs will be reset
	Fixed unoccupied vehicles can't take damage if a passenger is in it
	Fixed the skydiving bug
Turf Wars in Los Santos (/provoke or kill gang members in turfs to begin a turf war)
	The bank now will not take more than 50k from you instead of 250k for bank insurance
	Group leaders+ can now select a group colour (/groupcolour)
	Group rank 5 is now considered group leaders and group rank 6 is the owner
	The current Group Leader is now considered the Group Owner
	Removed connection messages
	Weapon Insurance is not used if you die without any weapons now
	Bank insurance changed to 1 percent every 2 days
	Fixed a business robbery issue
	Fixed clothing menu item changing overlapping
    Street Race updates
    SWAT Abseiling readded
	v17, started.
	Fixed an issue where you couldn't fully remove transfender placed wheels from san andreas customs
	Fixed a bug where players could continue the kidnap when the kidnapped player left the server
	Players are now continued to be jail if they QUIT while being arrested
	Updated 1st Person Driving
	Players can no longer break gameplay by playing animations to stop game animations
	Added 1st Person Driving
	Fixed passengers joining street races and some other issues
	When you eat fish, your drugs are now stopped
	Fixed a shoplifting bug when you had low cash
	Fixed autobahn showing clover twice instead of manana
	Fixed a numerous amount of bugs and typos
    Removed /stopanim
    Updated /i
	Fixed arson crime
	Reverted last search update
	Fixed a healing bug if you as a (private) medic had $0 cash
	You can enter another vehicle of the same model and continue the missions (e.g trucking missions)
	Fixed a bug where you could complete certain missions with different vehicles
	if you have 1 chance left to login and your password is masked, then the mask will be removed
	Fixed a bug where weapon stock was set instead of added on
	Fixed some item purchasing issues (not giving health, weapons, mechanic services, etc)
	Houses and businesses are disabled during events
	Added the pink swan casino (bait shop there removed)
	Players now can't shoot players outside the DM arena and vice versa
	Fixed some stickup issues
	Disabled menu clickable options for now
	Fixed a city hall menu closing issue
	Fixed /accept (for /bribe)
	0.3z Updates:
	Unoccupied vehicles now take real damage
	Vehicles can be blown up if shot the petrol tank
	Re-enabled an Improved Shooting Range
	Damage Statistics (/stats)
	Fixed a bug with discarding items in /sellinv
	Fixed using animations to make robberies faster
	Fixed a stock mix up in ammunation in relation to quantities
	Fixed /stance
	Fixed 24/7 items and removed pistol from 24/7s
	The police refill now spawns the city respective vehicle
	Scissors -> Chef's Knife
	Hitman skill removed
	Garbage collected stat added
	Score is now given for every 2 garbage you pick up
	Garbage tracker now works only in the server's default virtual world
	Robberies now fail if a total of 0 was robbed or there was a player detection problem
	Casino Robberies Re-Implemented with a bigger punch
	ATM's now have fees
	You cannot infect players right after healing them
	Fixed some other small issues
	Fixed objects not appearing
	Fixed kickstart issues
	Fixed street racing with 1 person and that person dcing will cause you to not get any money
	Fixed /search having no cooldown after failing
	Skin Saving is now enabled by default on register
	Password masking is now by default enabled on register and on all accounts
	Password masking togglable in /settings -> Credential Settings
	Added displaying of all mission completions to irc and in-game
	Updated kidnap disconnect message to say time that they we're kidnapped for
	Removed /bug and /suggest temporary due to internal issues
	/sellvehicle (with no params works just like how /vsell used to work)
	Patch for item purchasing (petrol bottles, car bombs, body armour)
	Added redsands west casino
	Temporarily disabled casino robberies
	Fixed /calle and /coverme
	Fixed ran out of stock message for mechanics (Mechanic stock is infinite)
	Fixed a few things like kidnapping while cuffed or tazed
	Fixed stickup shooting animation from pushing you back constantly
	If a cop purchases weapons or drugs from you, you won't get a wanted level
	Registration tutorial is now forced
	Updated fire locations when using /fire
	The bank will not take more than 500k from you for bank insurance
	Fixed a mechanic teleporting issue
	GPS Updated with Oil Refinery and Transfender Locations
	Fixed speedo not reappearing after purchasing a custom mod
	Your animation now gets fixed after /search if you are eligible
	Fixed /pt not working when it should
	Added Plants Stolen stat for Civilian and Plants Seized stat for Police
	Medics are now immune to The Virus
	Businesses now come with no stock
	Fires now begin faster
	Updated The Fire System - Fires now out quicker and better
	You are now able to exit your vehicle for 15 seconds in a select few missions
	Added custom deaths (bitten by dog, drug lab explosion etc)
	You can now use 3 drugs at a time (/td)
	Fixed property tax only taking tax from 1 house
	Fixed an issue where mechanics couldnt sell to weapon dealers
	Fixed an issue where SAC Mods wouldn't load if your personal vehicle respawns
    Drug Production (Clandestine Chemistry) feature added
	San Andreas Customs has expanded their inventory with Wheels!
	/takedrugs [No Syntax] -> /takedrugs [drug name: Weed, Ecstasy, Cocaine, LSD, Meth, Heroin]
	Updated /cmds, /search [Warrants -> Criminals in some cases and /war -> /cri]
	Changed the Las Venturas drug point location
	Updated drug points to fit all new drugs (/druginfo -> /druginv)
	Linked rapes and infections and edited some client / game texts
	Added last player infected statistic
	You must now wait a while before knocking a player out through stick ups
	Reenabled weapon switching with look left and look right keys as passenger
	Fixed a mechanic dealing issue, SA Customs Menu, and a street race bet issue
	/vsell removed
	You now see the actually time left on bans in /checkban
	Fixed some inventory purchasing issues
	Fixed /plate not returning mods
	Law enforcement can now enter locked businesses if criminals are inside
	You cannot give flowers to players while kidnapped or knocked out
	Fixed being able to use any vehicle in the quarry mission
	Alarms now won't go off for you if your not in the same virtual world
	Bribes are now cancelled if you have one placed and you get arrested
	Added quantity purchasing for dealers
	Added closest dance and strip clubs to the GPS
	You cannot /kill yourself while you recently got damaged by someone
	You now cannot fart while in a stickup
	If your kidnapped player dies, the kidnapping will now fail
    Fixed an issue where a kidnapped player could get taken down and medical fees
    You cannot PM players that are not logged in anymore
	Reduced medical fees
    A message is now shown to you when the player your replying to left the server
	Changed the crane payout deduction algorithm
You no longer get a wanted level or bad cop activity for street racing time trials
	Fixed an issue where bank robberies failed at the end. Once it starts it should not fail.
	Fixed a problem with bank robberies not having it's correct payout
	Made kickstarts end when you get the maximum score
	Your vehicle doors are now unlocked if you pause for more than 3 seconds
	Changed /pt functionality (It will now not show plant size unless the tracker is placed)
	Fixed kidnapping default ransom not saving
	Fixed /donut not giving you the extra health is should while holding a Donut clothing item
	The government now shares 25%% of it's earnings with the KCNR Lottery!
	If a player has raped you, you must wait some time before you can rape that player back
	You can now only rape players if you have a weapon dildo or wearing a chainsaw dildo or is infected
	Rapist skill removed
	Fixed some vehicle locking issues
	/ulk now unlocks the vehicle's doors also
	Fixed some item dealer issues
	Montgomery's Gas Station store is now open
	The Temple Gas Station is now in service
	Added more map icons
	You can now leave the garbage truck in the garbage collection mission for 15 seconds
	Any civilian can now do garbage missions
	You can now leave your vehicle during the warehouse robbery for 20 seconds
	Fixed being able to purchase clothes from players at long distances
	All occurences of Atm changed to -> ATM
	Fixed an issue where the clothing item you sold wasn't removed from your body until relog
	Fixed discarding items messing up your sell inventory
	Fixed /rb 0 for SWAT
	Updated and fixed Garbage Collection Missions
	- You cannot fart while in air / falling anymore
	Final fix for mail deliveries
	Mail deliveries reduced from 7 to 5 houses (7 was just too much)
	Removed scratch and wins
	Fixed mail delivery mission issues
	All police departments are now enterable
	/rp now requires a coprank level of 3 to use
	Added the calton heights church
	Pilot mission payout increased
	Fixed a bug with robbery cooldown saving
    Fixed closest medics not searching for private medics
    Fixed truck delivery cargo not showing
    Fixed house keys only removed from 1 person
	Fixed /robbank failing 70% of the time
	Army now earns a bigger takedown bonus and paycheck
	Fixed the shooting range not giving back correct ammo
	Fixed a business bug that caused business's to not receive the full price paid
	Added /trackreindeer
	- Christmas Update is now in-game
	- Bar map icon is now shown on the minimap
	- Dance Clubs now have menus
	An experimental shooting range created is in Las Venturas
	You cannot heal players while jailed
	Changed /doors functionality, it now works invehicle and outside of the last vehicle you used
	Fixed weapon loss while quitting in class selection
	You now cannot fart while tazed or knocked out
	Improved Ban Evading
	Introducing San Andreas Customs which are spread throughout San Andreas!
	Spoilers and Neons can be bought from San Andreas Customs
	Player Owned vehicles are now called Personal Vehicles
	Added over 40 new skins to class selection
	Changed Cop refill loadouts, the higher the coprank the better the weapons
	Kidnappers now receive higher wanted levels
	Fixed an exploit with vehicle loading
	Business prices reduced
	Fixed street race issues (Luxorion and Starter issues)
	Fixed issue with bail reducing while jail time is reducing
	Fixed users not being able to discard their sell inventory items
	Connected ATMs to Banks
	Fixed a few exploits related to farming (warehouse robbery time up spamming, garbage count increasing in /b, team drug plant stealing)

Code: Select all

v15.4: [17/11/13]

	Fixed renting
	Added paintjob removing to the mechanic tune shop
	Mods that are removed are now saved
	Business prices reduced by 35, some by a whooping 50%
	Reduced max seed storage in each house to 25
	Reset all player seeds over 10
	Fixed all negative seeds
	Fixed drug dealers selling inventory
	Fixed some fishing commands
	Fixed kidnapping players in street races
	v15.35 [10/11/13]
	Fixed purchasing too much item stock
	Admin Jail now saves when you relog
	You can no longer get arrested while in jail, instead it just adds the jail time
	You may now unmod your vehicles at the tuning garage in lv
	Anti-Deathmatch System reenabled

v15.3 [27/10/13]
	Score is no longer lost on store robbery failure
	Kidnappers don't get score upon initial /kidnap anymore
	Fixed using animations to escape kidnap
	FIxed VIP vehicle selling bug
	You cannot heal players that are on drugs
	Added closest dealer / medic to dealer calling commands
	Fixed TWO people making vehicles flip with N
	Fixed mission statisitics and robbery statistics not loading!
	Added Lottery won, Grand Theft Auto crimes and more as statistics
	Fish catching rate increased by 20%, Fish prices increased
	Halloween Update:
	Pumpkins, purchase a pumpkin at your local 24/7 store
	If you are holding your pumpkin, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies
	Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards (including clothes)!
	All vehicles are now black and pumpkin orange
	New Vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black
	Halloween Pumpkins spread across San Andreas, more will be created, pick these up for a treat
	NEW Achievement System:
	The achievement system has been redone! There are now 158 achievements from the previous 30!
	There is a new textdraw notification
	/achievements to view all your achievements

v15.25: [10/10/13]
	The 'warehouse system' message has been removed and warehouse robbing is now back to the old way
	If ANY warehouse has been recently robbed it won't affect your robbing
	Updates to donater features, added more purchasable vehicles just for donaters only!
	Donaters: More purchasable vehicles (Stretch, Hotknife, Caddy, Quad, Mesa, Bloodring Banger, Journey)
	Premium: Even more purchasable vehicles (Sanchez, Camper, Hotring Racer A, Kart)
	If you refill a stock, the price won't be reset.
	Motorbike prices lowered, they we're a tad bit too expensive
	Fixed the securicar mission, exploiters will be punished!
	Fixed invalid (un)lock message on houses

v15.2: [09/29/13] - [10/06/13]
	Reduced goods smuggle payout significantly
	Minigun deaths are now classed as unfair deaths
	Fixed $veh
	Tax refunds can now only be done once every real life hour
	The government now pays %25 of your remaining tax after a tax refund
	Property values (houses and businesses) now count in tax refunds
	Taxes are now paid once every game week
	You can now rob warehouses with a san andreas news van
	Fixed a login issue with player's who have password with 19 characters
	Fixed an issue with vehicle bomb types
	Added the Grand Theft Auto crime and altered some vehicle theft stuff
	Cruise control removed due having too many bugs
	Fixed a bug with spectating that caused invalid car names and health for players
Fixed rent not being incremented by the rent price
	Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to empty dumpsters if you attempted to empty an already emptied dumpster


	Anti-DM System removed
	Bank insurance and bank interest are now completed at the same time
	Increased max sell price for weapons, drugs and mechanic services so real profits can be made
	Rare clothing objects are now invisible as planned
	You only get score from garbage dumpsters if you clean 3 50% plus in a row
	Businesses with safe's are considerably harder to rob
	The bank is now harder to rob initially
	Firefighter ranks are now easier to gain
	Street racing records now saves and loads properly
	Fixed at the end of fires it doesn't tell you that you assisted with the fire mission
	Fixed many bugs and typos introduced with v15 and what was created after

v14.8 [05/07/13]
	Fixed some key state MMB issues
	Fixed some vehicles not respawning after 5 minutes
	Fixed autobahn vehicle preview
	Fixed a unpaid ticket bug
	Fixed a warehouse robbery bug where the closest house didn't send you to your closest house
	Fixed other typos and bugs
	Shaped up menu's (They now look sleeker)

v14.75 [31/07/13]
    Shaped up Middle Menus
    Fixed destroyed vehicles being lock able
	Skill change price increased to $25k (Fixed typo)
	Fixed possible white IRC messages
    Fixed alot of bugs and typo's reported
    Added more clothing item colours and clothing items
    Out Of Town Cars have been added to red county and the vicinities inside of it
	The Welcome Pump is now a Diner
	The Dillimore Police Department is now in session
	The Crippen Memorial Hospital, San Fierro Hospital, Fort Carson, El Quebrados And Angel Pine Medical Centers is now available
	Changed max house renting price to 50000
	Upon house entry (not house spawn) you will now automatically get the house menu
	The house menu now shows last visit date instead of bought date, to find your bought date, goto the statistics house menu

v14.7 [23/07/13]
	Mission cooldowns, different missions have different cooldowns.
	Added sanity checks to /drag
	Reduced the stick-up range
	Added knockouts to stickups
	In stick-ups once you fire your gun it will damage the player (at any time during the stickup) but your animation must be aiming at the player (gun stance or gun threat stance)
	You can't play animations while swimming under water
	Fixed casino robbery textdraw not disappeared
	Fixed some issues with store robbery client messages
	When starting off as a weapon dealer, you no longer start with 5 stock of every weapon, only of some weapons

v14.6 [14/07/13]

	VAT increasing and decreasing situation change (doesn't just jump from 12 to 18 anymore, it now goes up / down slowly depending on the economy)
	/changepassword command (now fixed and ready to use)
	Made some changes to the min / max range of house selling prices
	"Arms Dealer" replaced to "Weapons Dealer"
	$speed -> $spd
	$gender -> $gen
	$score -> $sc
	$health -> $hp
	$armour -> $arm
	$ticket -> $tic
	$website -> $web
	$version -> $ver
	I Mean, they are just 'quick' strings
	Lowered some ridiculous prices on clothes
	Added alot more hair clothing items
	Houses, Renting Houses will now load if you use a different case Example (Kar -> kAr)
	Made some changes to medic spray healing, it now works simultaneously better
	Moneybags now start on certain days of the week instead of having a chance to begin everyday
	Store fires now begin more often

v14.5 [27/06/13]

	Fixed cure (virus) bugs
	Fixed many typos
	Fixed house robbery issue (spamming)
	Fixed A vehicle paintjob issue
	New income tax
	The government no longer pays for your house tax if you lose your house
	"Harboring Warranted Civilians" only gets commited if there are cops nearby

v14.45 [18/06/13]

	New cop exam spawn and situation
	Cops now cannot arrest warrants that are surfing a moving vehicle
	Replaced Petrol Pump clothing object with Petrol Can
	Fixed issues with paying tickets at police departments
	Fixed clothes issues whereas clothes weren't reset properly
	Fixed some speed (KMH and MPH) invalid values
	Fixed petrol delivery stats not increasing
	Fixed fishing in unfishable areas
	Fixed a bug that could cause vehicle mods not to load on respawn
	Fixed many typos and other issues

	v14.4 [08/06/13]

	Wanted levels at (group) robberys are now given at the end of the robbery
	Robbery GUI Revamp (Gametexts have been removed)
	Store robberys now have total robbed and the split you will be given is shown
	Money robbed is now built up depending on the number of players in the robbery instead of selecting a random value at the end
	Fixed some issues with players leaving the server while in a group robbery
	Other bugs / typos that were reported have been fixed

	Derby & Race System Removal (The event one(s))
	Vehicle Speeds are now precise (max infernus speed = 240 kmh)
	Added kickstart records
	Fixed dirty cop illegal street racing activity getting called when you /sr, now gets called when you start the race
	Fixed some sound issues
	Added more GTA sounds around the server
	Synced robbery countdown with all group robbers
	Maxed group robbery timer is 25, once it hits that it doesn't go over (robberies took too long with massive groups)
	Fixed players from joining group robberies across other stores cutting virtual sync
	Fixed /walk, /run
	/robstore and /joinrobbery is now the same command
	Increased max players in a group robbery from 12 to 15 as requested by players
	New spawn points for each city when you get released from jail
	LVPD now has the second enex points

v14.2 // 19/05/13
	Knock out system, players on drugs have a chance to be knocked out
	Police Shield utility, law enforcement now takes less damage if they are defending theirselves with a Police Shield (Riot Shield)
	Healing players with spray cans is now smooth (it now works seamlessly)
	Your last vehicle entered now doesn't get reset when you go to jail
	Ban System extentions / improvements
	New crime (Aggravated battery), happens when you masturbate on a law enforcement agent, this crime is arrestable

	News reporter missions now give you 10 ammo instead of 5 to snap pictures
	Petrol delivery missions now give you a 30 second interval to reattach your trailer
	You now have an extra chance to /breakcuffs if you were /cuff then /arrest'ed
	Anti G-Bug only attempts if there is a driver
	Timer optimizations, 1 less.
	/flower (username / id)
	/laugh now has an animation
	/fishrecords (No shortcut! /fr is for fishrelease, be careful!)
	You can now get attacked by mermaids and crabs while fishing
	Your boat can now be struck by lightning while fishing
	Fixed a critical bug that caused player data overwrite (re-registering).
	Fixed a bug with property tax
	Added all chilli dog, ice cream and noodle cart vendors around GTA SA
	You may purchase food items to replenish health from these vendors
	Ever stuck-up a guy IRL with a gun? well you can now stick-up someone in LVCNR!
	Aim at a player while holding a gun and then click Y or type /stickup (goodluck doing that)
	A scene will be created, your camera will zoom out to the sides of each player
	You will then have a selected amount of actions (using the improved menu system)
	You can do practically anything you can do to a player when you stick them up IRL
	Rob them, steal an item, kill them, etc


	Fixed some vehicle component issues
	If a player dies close to a medic, they won't lose score
	Medics now cannot get infected by the virus
	If a medic heals a player with the virus, they will automatically cure them
	Fixed other bugs

	Life Insurance has been renamed to Weapon Insurance to fix confusion
	Weapon Insurance saves weapons on death while Health insurance saves you from paying medical fees on death
	New bonus fish added
	Fixed a issue where only 1 house key would load
	Added vehicle errors logging
	Vehicles are now removed after 1 month of inactivity
	Your vehicle now stops refuelling if you exit your vehicle
	Emptying a garbage dumpster now gives +1 score instead of -1
	Added new 0.3x updates, preparing for the next major version
	Fixed the bail textdraw not being shown when logging in with no prison time left
	Added alot more protection against cheats
	Added anti bot kicking
	Fixed anti jail dming
	Changed some colours a bit
	Multicoloured more client messages
	Fixed a menu bug that caused players to purchase free items
	Up to 12 players are now allowed in a group robbery
	You must now be WEARING a utility clothing item for it's effect to take place
	Players can now only place up to 5 roadblocks at a time
	The closing menu button now auto changes if you exit a vehicle with a menu open
	Lowered money bag rewards
	Fake diamonds can now be collected from the San Fierro Job Robbery
	Fixed some issues causing a slight 'lag' in updating internal information

	You cannot sell player owned vehicles at the crane anymore
	You now get score for human trafficking, street racing, goods smuggling, casino robbing and securicar missions (good cop)
	Fixed crimes logging attempted store robbery when you successfully robbed a store
	If holding a petrol pump then your car will be refueled faster
	Group robberies are now fixed, up to 6 players are now able to rob a store at a time
	Fixed /groups showing the same group multiple times (Final Fix)
	Tweaked the money that /heal gives a bit


New Property Taxing System
	Modified the ammunation menu, more weapons are now sold. Prices have been increased
    Modified more client messages around the server
	You will get a robbery bonus (cash) when arresting a player during a robbery
	You now get score for finding the money bag
	Property Taxes are now paid every game week
	Horn key is now used to close menus in vehicle
	Stealing drug plants now give score
	Cops gain 1 score per drug plant instead of 2
	Fixed $lvl quickstring for S.W.A.T, Army and CIA teams
	Fixed house labels
	Fixed purchasing items for $0 on menus
	Fixed rent spawning

	Fixed /cure
	Fixed having 105% fuel
	Fixed the arrest banning weapon hack bug
	Fixed cross store commands
	Fixed clothes duplicating bug
	Fixed a clothing menu bug
	Fixed a cash display bug when giving back money to hiters
	Fixed seizing drug plants right after /plant'ing
	Medics now cannot cure themselves against The Virus
	There is now a cooldown on how fast you can get The Virus again
	San Fierro Job cannot be started from Police Mavericks
	The Holy Water Spirit can now reset all your crimes
	Tickets now cannot be paid if there is no cop around, you must find a cop.
	All bad cop activities now log as Police Corruptiobn crimes (/crimes)
	You will now only miss airplane flights once the plane has departured instead of arrived
	Made some GPS changes
	Property tax is now paid every 3 game days instead of 2

v12.8 - 2012 Halloween Update:
	Adjusted some crane vehicles
	Added more mission / robbery hideout locations
	Fixed fires (redsands west etc)
	Fixed non civilians street racing
	Fixed some house text labels cutting off
	Fixed siren being disabled when reentering your vehicle
	Increased ticket paying radius
	Increased time between robbing warehouses
	Main civilian skill commands are now MMB (con artist - /rob, rapist - /rape, private medic - /heal etc)
	Pumpkins, purchase a pumpkin at your local 24/7 store
	If you are holding your pumpkin, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies
	Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards!
	All vehicles are now black
	Vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black
	Player Owned Vehicles colours aren't changed, but any new bought ones will be black

	Fixed some fire bugs
	Fixed possible crashs
	Fixed a drug raid issue
	Fixed some 3D Text label issues
	Updated /help


	Fixed some fire issues
	Fixed entering houses on fire that are for sale
	Fixed drug plant stealing and seizing
	Fixed ticket stealing
	Fixed mass searching players
	Fixed a donator bug with level 1 donators causing you not able to purchase 4 vehicles
	Fixed some other bugs


	Reduced server crashes more
	Fixed /park not returning vehicle modifications until vehicle re-spawn / death or relogging of the owner
	Reduced server crashes severely
	Added private medic fixes


Fixed a bug when using /engine with vehicles with no fuel
Fixed buying plant tracker at drug points
Added drug selling at drug points
Medical Fees decreased
Starting your vehicle using /engine now causes it to lose some fuel.
Medics can now use MMB to quick heal
Medics now cannot heal the last player they recently healed
Removed medical fees from Events and possible Races
Fixed some issues when starting a street race


Fixed renting and unrenting houses
Fixed clothing issues where all clothing items won't show
Fixed having multiple pets attached to your player
Fixed a siren typo
Fixed a arresting bug
Fixed some plant tracking issues
Fixed some crashing issues
Fixed Sniper / Camera / Bumper scopes
Fixed /ejm while kidnapped
Fixed /medic while being a cop
45320 Accounts fixed from the army issue
Fixed paintjob saving
Fixed players being able to spawn as swat / army and being civilian
Fixed crime saving
Fixed /cw
Fixed a bug with /cancelhit when removing the 'skull' attached object
Fixed other issues

Version 12 -


Fixed Bank Transfer Money Bug Were It Didn't Save The Players Money
Fixed Other Various Stuff


Most of not ALL house interiors changed to match the exterior size
Fixes issues with group create
Fixes some garbage issues
Fixes some anti-cheat issues
Fixed a house key reseting issue
Most house keys were reset

[color=#00FFFF][size=150]SA-MP 0.3e[/size][/color] - v11.6

Updated to SA-MP 0.3e
Fixed alot of bugs
Updated rules textdraw and some changes to the menu textdraws
Added the new cuff animation to /cuff
Cuffing no longer freezes you, if you jump while cuffed you face plant into the ground damaging yourself


Fixed a load of accounts and account problems
Fixed duplicating accounts
Few changes around the server
Fixed a number of other things

All accounts fixed -:



Fixed the Address 0 (JaZz's House) Mission bug
	Fixed some crashes
	Fixed /locatecar [carid]
	Fixed a bug where safe money wasn't given on player to player house purchase
	Fixed all missions
	Fixed all mission checkpoints
	Fixed Diner robberies
	Fixed a few other issues
	Reduced the arrest range
	Added MC map icons for mission checkpoints
	This will probably be the last version until SA-MP 0.3e

	Increased server slots to 50
	Added better flood control protection
	Added better invalid mod protection
	Fixed /arrest (/ar)
	Fixed a problem whereas sometimes you wouldn't know if you completed or failed a robbery



Fixed some more server crash issues
Fixed weapon (stock) menu item mix up
Fixed /mission after robbing a warehouse
	Fixed all new problems occured with v11.1
	Fixed the spawning bug
	Fixed some fire issues
	Fixed the odometer
	Fixed warehouse robbery problems
	Bank Insurance, etc are fixed
	Fixed swat ranks
Fixed /drugs sending messages to everyone
Fixed some weapon dealer bugs
	Class Selection is now 1.7x faster.

Version 11.1 Has been released!

Server lag has been removed, the server is now completely lagless and smooth. If there is lag, it should be your client.
	New saving system core.
	Everything related to the database / saving has been redone
	The server is completely faster and more stable
	You cannot use animation commands while falling or jumping
	Vending machine removal fixed
	Fixed all irc colours
	Fixed times skydived skill
	Cops cannot complete hits anymore
	Fixed Jessica saying "Loops" instead of "Hoops"
Fixed /login
Fixed cop exam
Fixed swat
Fixed house safe storage money

	Reduced even more lag.
	Removed alot of vehicles from lv and ls
	Fixed some menu bugs related to specific menus
	Fixed a bribe bug with /decline
	Christmas update removed

	Lag update - reduced alot of lag at several places
	Robbery lag decreased, robberies should execute much faster.
	New way to detect paused players (old way was slow)
	/credits has been re-added
	Fixed /bots and /players on 
	Added In-Game player colours to /players on IRC


	Santa hats now save
	Pumpkin hats now save
	Due to pumpkin hats not saving from the halloween update, you have a chance to repurchase them
	All menu box bugs are fixed (menu disappearing, menu going extending..etc)
	Finally fixed all vehicle modification opcodes
	Basketballs now rotate while bouncing
	Possibly reduced lag even more
	Fixed The Binco at the Las Venturas Hospital / Airport
	More snow!
	/taxi - wrapper for /driver
	new Achievements! - Missions Achievements, check the help section for more info
	You can now change weapons while as a passenger using look left and right keys
	Higher arrest range while in-vehicle
	Only civilians can rob houses now
	Fixed some house robbery issues
	Fixed a house robbery bug where the money robbed won't be removed from the house
	Fixed player colour bugs
	Fixed some id 0 bugs
	Merged the anticheat timer with the main server timer to reduce lag
	Cleaning up alot of code

v10.2 - Christmas Update:


Random gifts are given out by bots
Players can type /gift at a christmas Tree
Admins will be giving out gifts
Some parts of Las Venturas will be snowing!


Fixed /groups
Fixed groups having more than 1 leaders
Removed all Vending Machines in GTA:SA
You can now cancel your bank insurance service at any bank
Score is giving for more things more
(e,g kidnapping, garbage, collecting tickets, selling the bonus vehicle, drug harvesting,
3 points for lotto, escaping from kidnappers)
Fixed a bug with ticket collecting
Fixed some lotto bugs
Fixed safe storage bugs
Maximum kidnapping random is now 100k


/fisheat, /fishrelease now edits the line / index of the fish eaten
Fixed a Group Creating error with "'"'s
Fixed a /fisheat and /fishrelease crash bug
Fixed a player owned vehicle neon saving bug
Fixed garbage bags picking up
Fixed robbing negative values from houses
Fixed arresting in vehicle
Fixed /driver
Fixed mission checkpoints
Fixed a group bug when the leader leaves
You can now use %'s in the chat.
Passwords must now be 6 characters or more due to security reasons
The weather now changes every 6 hours


Weapon Dealing:

Weapon dealing stock!
You must purchase stock for "each" weapon at any ammunation
If you are out of stock for a certain weapon, you cannot sell any of that weapon
/stock to see your remaining stock
Weapon dealing now increases your wanted level if there is law enforcement nearby
Few Weapon Dealing list order and price changes
Fixed the weapon menu from v10 PR, and fixed jail selling and a weapon selling exploit

Visual Contact:

Fixed some visual contact issues
Aim at a player and press your "yes" key, (Y by default, check your controller settings)
By pressing the Y key while aiming at civilian (you must see the green triangle thing), it reports visual contact.


More types of diseases(1 was removed, 2 were added)
Players can now be infected with multiple Diseases
Health goes down by an amount times the amount of diseases they have

Garbage Count:

Let me explain, this count is the amount of garbage you are holding in total
When this gets to high, your garbage is dropped in a litter bag as a pickup
Garbage men must pickup these litter bags for garbage count, you gain garbage from them
The garbage gains counts the same as from /garbage or from dumpsters


Security asset prices were greatly raised!
New house asset, "Safe".
Purchase a Safe to store money in your safe! but guess what.. don't think this safe can't be cracked.

Realistic item system:

You will now see alot of particles/items being used instead of seeing nothing.
E.G /cell will show the cellphone while doing the animation
/puke will show real vomit
/briefcase showing a real briefcase
Moneybag robbing fixed, you should always see the moneybag now, it won't conflict anymore

Police Spotlight System:

/spotlight (/sl) - to turn it on/off
/spotlightcolor (/slc) - to change the spotlights color
Basically a controlled server sided spotlight system because the gta one isn't synced

New sounds:

Mission complete sound when completed a mission
House Alarm sound when someone has attempted to break in
Pull Over Sounds
Vomiting Sounds
/calle - call all players to get into your vehicle in the area
/coverme - ask players in the area to cover you
Fire sounds when you catch on fire


New pet(s): Deer
Added /showpet to reshow your pet after you hid it


- New GTA:IV Features:

Clicking the map now brings up a menu asking you to set a gps destination
Clicking the map during a route, will change your current destination

- New GTA:IV GPS Style System:

You can now choose between 2 types of GPS's on Lvcnr
Type /gpscolour to change the colour of your gps on the radar
Type /gpssettings to edit your settings or reach it from /settings
You can change between gps styles while using the gps, /gpssettings
You can also enable the voice (testing, e.g (in 10 meters, turn right))
You can also change the colour of the GPS, it is defaulty red, there are other colours to choose from


"Firing A Shot Near Someone" removed
"Shooting Player(s)" added
"Shooting Player(s)" is given when you SHOOT ANY player with ANY "bullet" type weapon

SAY Hello to ANTI Deathmatch:

New dm warnings when shooting at players you shouldn't shoot at. (e.g cops at whites)
You will lose your weapons if you dm to much with-in a time period

Kickstart Challenge:

Collect all the coronas before the time runs out
The Challenge is available on any day of the week except Monday and Wednesday.
The monetary reward depends on the score that you receive;
You are rewarded $1000 per point scored, so the minimum monetary reward the player can earn is $1,000 and the maximum is $64,000.
<a href = "" target = "_blank"> More Info On Kickstarts </a>


Reduced lag serverely
/help has been updated
Non - Regular players have a deathmatch warning
House Exit's are now enex markers (enter exit yellow pickups)
Fixed some kickstart challenge bugs
Removed some vehicles from san fierro
Fixed searching in jail
Fixed dm warnings in the dm arena
Fixed some garbage bugs
Fixed /givecash bugs
Fixed some roadblock typos
CIA Won't show in /info anymore
/givecash amount capped to 500k
Fixed mission / robbery checkpoints bug
Attempted to fix not getting unlimited health while in jail
It now takes 5 weapons sold to gain 1 score per weapon dealing, due to farmers
When you "TAKE" damage from another player (weapons, no fists), you will see blood shots (both players must enable blood gore)
Fixed other typo's and issues

New commands in ALL / UPDATED:

/carlist - wrapper for /mycars
/puke - updated
/givecash - updated / fixes

Update 28/11/11:

Fixed Lag on house enter checkpoints
Reduced Lag overall severely
Fixed Caligulas Casino checkpoint robbery
Fixed a number of checkpoints
House Exit's are now enex markers (enter exit yellow pickups)
Updated /help, not finished.

Update 26/11/11: 

Fixed some lag exploits, fixed /ejp, fixed wanted level bugs, outing fires is a little faster now

Update: 23/11/11:

Firefighters have been fixed, you will always receive your score now.
Vehicles have been fixed also, your vehicles shouldn't be removed any-more.

v10 PR, Beta 2, Beta:
	Halloween Update:

	Pumpkins, purchase a pumpkin at your local 24/7 store
	If you are holding your pumpkin, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies
	Trick or treat at houses, also have a chance to rob more treats
	v10 Beta / Pre Release:
	Outrun Races:
	Type /outrun [nick / id] [bet] to race against a player
	New news reporter mission! get in a news van type /mission!

	Fire Fighting:
	New store fires, e.g burger shot, ovens will overheat at any burger shot and cause a fire
	Only burger shots in Las Venturas will catch a fire

    Kickstart Challenge:
	Collect all the coronas before the time runs out
	The Challenge is available on any day of the week except Monday and Wednesday.
	The monetary reward depends on the score that you receive;
	You are rewarded $1000 per point scored, so the minimum monetary reward the player can earn is $1,000 and the maximum is $64,000.

	Police Spotlight System:

	/spotlight (/sl) - to turn it on/off
	/spotlightcolor (/slc) - to change the spotlights color
	Basically a controlled server sided spotlight system because the gta one isn't synced


	Pet purchasing now takes money from you

	The autobahn now sells motorcycles, pick one up on saturday!


	Fixed some group bugs
	Groups are now unlimited, the limit is no more.

	Life insurances now saves 1 score
	Updated the police exams
	New sherrif police class, choose this skin and you'll spawn at the country department
	Takedown bonus: If a warrant dies near a cop, the cop will get a takedown bonus
	Quick Strings:

 	$ver - displays the current server version
 	$web - displays the current server website
 	$week - displays the current server week
 	$day - displays the current server day
 	$time - displays the current server time
 	$vat / $tax - displays the current server vat

 	$ping - displays your ping
 	$loc - displays your current location
 	$alt - displays your current altitude in feet
 	$altm - displays your current altitude in gta meters
 	$vhp - displays your current vehicle health
 	$arm - displays your current armour value
 	$hp - displays your current health value
 	$sc - displays your current score
 	$sod - displays your current speed in KPH
 	$weap / $gun - displays your current weapon
 	$gen - displays your gender
 	$bank - displays your bank cash
 	$cash - displays your cash in hand

 	$me - displays your name and id
 	$noob - displays a random player
 	$ply - displays the closest player from you
 	$bot - displays the closest bot from you
 	$civ - displays the closest civilian from you
 	$cop - displays the closest law enforcement from you
 	$war - displays the closest arrestable player from you
 	$sus / $tic - displays the closest ticketable player from you
 	$med - displays the closest medic from you

 	$ddel - displays the closest drug dealer from you
 	$wdel - displays the closest weapon dealer from you
	Server slots increased to 35
	The tornado is back up and running
	Added /settings to /help
	Fixed withdrawing drugs from houses
	Fixed Police weapon refilling.
	Fixed "Partol Car" Typo
	Fixed all "Brought" and "Bought" Typo's
	Fixed some other typo's
	Fixed rent vault, it showed rent price before
	If you die while heading to caligulas casino's safe cracker, you now fail the robbery.
	Moneybag stats added
	More Civilian /stats!
	Reduced lag serverely
	The id 0 bug is fixed
	Fixed some roadblock typos
	Fixed some objects and neon bugs
	Fixed the welcome to jail textdraw
	Fixed some zone (areas) (/loc) problems
	Fixed fighting style saving and purchasing
	Fixed having 45 baits and can't buy 5 more
	Fixed arresting and ticketing in different stores
	Burgershot fires will now only start in las venturas
	Fixed /park not respawning your player owned vehicle
	Fixed the /useskin bug where only skinid 69 would work
	Fixed Group deleteing when the leader leaves there group
	Textdraws fixed, the server doesn't need a restart anymore
	Fixed sometimes when you fail at fishing, nothing would be said
	The Army Selection dialog won't show up if house spawning is enabled
	Fixed "/rob" from giving the person being robbed a wanted level when failed
	When a player disconnects, only the roadblock's he created will be destroyed.
	It now takes 5 weapons sold to gain 1 score per weapon dealing, due to farmers
	Fixed all "commited", "Receieved", "Compeleted", and "Gorvernment", "Recieved" typo's
	There was a bug in the coprank system causing the max coprank to be 6, it is now fixed.
	If the towtruck that was started with a towtruck mission is destroyed, the mission will fail
	Fixed other typo's and issues

Version 9.5:

Few fixes, (textdraws etc, possibly fixed hopefully)
No medical fees on alot more unfair deaths (innocent kills)

Version 9.4 (Update 2):

Attempt fix to drug raid missions
Fixed house selling to bank
Fixed /bribe (/accept)
Fixed a money exploit
Fire fighters should be able to enter any house while it's on fire now
Fixed some other stuff..

Version 9.3: On site

Version 9.2:

Altered /help
Fixed the server crashes

Version 9.1:

New vehicle locking system, with ejecting instead of actually locking the car.
All crimes are now recorded, /crimes
This means increased medical fees
House fire bugfixes
Some other minor fixes


Redid the textdraws again, they should be better now
	Lights now work in the day and in the night /lights
	Updated /fisheat, /fishrelease and /fishinfo
	Redid /help, it should help you more now!


Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	Fixed house keys
	Fixed the 'Pickle Pine' Typo
	Fixed the city hall skill selection
    Fixed /vsell from giving the wrong money
    Fixed the checkpoint at caligulas casino safe cracker


	Removed Most of the lvpd cars.
	Added fire fighting commands to /cmds
    Re - did the house keys system, all house keys have been reset.
	Civilians can now steal your drug plant by walking into the checkpoint
	Police officers can now seize your drug plant by walking into the checkpoint
	Gaining money from /heal for private medics is temporary disabled due to the money bug with it until a fix is found


Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	Fixed /vsell from giving you double the car's sell price
	Finally fixed the textdraw bugs, this is a great acomplisment!
	Fixed /sellcar from selling negative money, new price limits set in /sellcar


	Added /ircpm [irc user] [msg]
	Added weapon and health / armour picks to the RPL
	Removed the 5 hour restart, since the textdraw bug is fixed.
	Updated the server slots to 25, since the textdraw bug is fixed.

v6.5 & v6.6:

	Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	Fixed all of the server crashes/freezes
	Fixed a cruise control  bug
	Fixed a outrun race bug
	Fixed house taxes


	Added /sellcar [to nick/id] [price] - sell a car to someone, you must be in the vehicle you want to sell (buyable vehicles only)
	Added /locatecar [carid] - get the carid from /mycars
	The server will now restart every 5 hours after startup.

	Lastest News:

    Highest peak so far: 20 - Pretty epic job :)

	Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	Fixed /run
	Fixed /dance again
	Fixed /groupcreate
	Fixed group rank in /gm (/g)
	Attempted to fix the paintjob losing bug
	Fixed the bank, it now has a new interior
	Fixed /park where it would not have reloaded the car's components
    Fixed the black box on your screen when you have over 6 wanted level


	added /m [msg] for Medics
	Removed the spawn lag from medics
	Emergency medic text changed to public medic
	Moved fires from the old bank to the new one
	Firefighters and medic may now communicate together


	Lastest News:

	Added a 24/7 Map [url]http://www.lvcnr.netmap/_24_7_locations.php[/url]
	Added a police bribe  [url]http://www.lvcnr.netmap/police_bribes.php[/url]

	Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	(Private) Medic /heal themselfs has a wait timer now.
	Attempted to fix the login bug that freezes the server's state
	Fixed /settings again for audio users
	Made S.W.A.T Rope more reliable

	Re - made the 24/7 store system.
	Added more 24/7 stores around San Andreas


        Lastest News:

	Server slots were updated to 20 - thanks to our donaters
	Highest peak so far: 16 - Great job!

	Bugs & Expliots Fixed:

	Fixed /dance
	Fixed Robbery bugs
	Any! house "visit" exploits fixed and possible ones
	Fixed alot of vehicle exploits including a carbomb exploit that noone noticed


	Added # [ msg ] to chat with all online donaters
	Fixed /settings for audio plugin users
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Great job! I like the v10 Release :-)
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Yay! Racing, Difficult Exams and Sheriff added! Thank you! Love that one :)
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Nice job. Keep it up!
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log of change logs lol versions r awsome
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Topic locked due to multiple spambot attacks on it.

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