Version 12.85 - SA-MP 0.3e 11/11/12

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
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Sun May 27, 2012 10:53 pm


Fixed the message to export a vehicle to the crane showing on wrong vehicles
Fixed drug plants, you can now steal and seize plants
Fixed some irc messages
Fixed a bug with clothes editing
Fixed smuggling goods LALT issue
Fixed ammunation stock purchasing
Fixed the time fire lasted message(s)
Fixed kidnap farming
Score is given for selling the bonus vehicle

v12.8 - 2012 Halloween Update:

Adjusted some crane vehicles
Added more mission / robbery hideout locations
Fixed fires (redsands west etc)
Fixed non civilians street racing
Fixed some house text labels cutting off
Fixed siren being disabled when reentering your vehicle
Increased ticket paying radius
Increased time between robbing warehouses
Main civilian skill commands are now MMB (con artist - /rob, rapist - /rape, private medic - /heal etc)

Pumpkins, purchase a pumpkin at your local 24/7 store
If you are holding your pumpkin, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies
Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards!
All vehicles are now black
Vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black
Player Owned Vehicles colours aren't changed, but any new bought ones will be black


Fixed some fire bugs
Fixed possible crashs
Fixed a drug raid issue
Fixed some 3D Text label issues
Updated /help


Fixed some fire issues
Fixed entering houses on fire that are for sale
Fixed drug plant stealing and seizing
Fixed ticket stealing
Fixed mass searching players
Fixed a donator bug with level 1 donators causing you not able to purchase 4 vehicles
Fixed some other bugs


Reduced server crashes more
Fixed /park not returning vehicle modifications until vehicle re-spawn / death or relogging of the owner


Reduced server crashes severely
Added private medic fixes


Fixed a bug when using /engine with vehicles with no fuel
Fixed buying plant tracker at drug points
Added drug selling at drug points
Medical Fees decreased
Starting your vehicle using /engine now causes it to lose some fuel.
Medics can now use MMB to quick heal
Medics now cannot heal the last player they recently healed
Removed medical fees from Events and possible Races
Fixed some issues when starting a street race


Fixed renting and unrenting houses
Fixed clothing issues where all clothing items won't show
Fixed having multiple pets attached to your player
Fixed a siren typo
Fixed a arresting bug
Fixed some plant tracking issues
Fixed some crashing issues
Fixed Sniper / Camera / Bumper scopes
Fixed /ejm while kidnapped
Fixed /medic while being a cop
45320 Accounts fixed from the army issue
Fixed paintjob saving
Fixed players being able to spawn as swat / army and being civilian
Fixed crime saving
Fixed /cw
Fixed a bug with /cancelhit when removing the 'skull' attached object
Fixed other issues

v12 - Prepare for a real economy:

Drug plants / Plant tracker:

Type /planttracker (/pt) to attempt to track a drug plant
Plants now load when you leave and reenter the server
The tracker can track a drug plant's location if set
The tracker can show your last 15 drug seeds planted locations
The tracker can be purchased at any 24/7
Plants harvested statistic (/stats -> Civilian Statistics)

Police Sirens:

New siren / cop light system for law enforcement
While in any vehicle (excluding vehicles with sirens already)
Enter /siren(s) and toggle sirens on your vehicle's roof
There are 2 sirens, undercover siren and normal cop car siren
When the normal cop car siren is attached, blow your horn to toggle the lights

New Robberies:

All Sex Shops are now robbable
Steakhouses are now diners which are robbable


New Goods Smuggling Mission located at the Meat Factory
All Mission Checkpoint bugs are fixed

Army Tactics Removal:

Hunters And Hydras have been removed from LVCNR.
Regular Player Status and 750 Score is no longer needed to play as MILITARY.
Only 3 Coprank is required.


Drugs are now cheaper in dealing and at the drug point
The drug dealing Dialog has been redone, changed to a menu
Removed 75 Grams and 100 Grams from the drug menu
Drugs sold and bought statistics!

Cop Rank Additions:

When you get to coprank 11, which takes 1500 cop score from rank 10 to 11
You can now get further coprank by getting 2000 cop score per rank

Edit your PET!:

You can now edit your pet as in you position your pet on your body
You can move your pet anywhere around your body
Deer sizes have been fixed
You cannot edit your pet size, if that is done it will be reset.

Alert System:

This system alerts you when you lose something because of inactivity or just a alert for the server
When you lose a house you can see the confirmtion through /alert
When you are evicted from a house you can see the confirmtion through /alert


Health Insurance has been added - purchase at the hospital
Health Insurance protects you from medical fees on death


Fixed some garbage issues while emptying a dumpster relating to the textdraw
Players (non garbage men) now get infected when stepping into a garbage bag pickup
Adjusted other garbage on screen text


You can now attach clothes, accessories and other items on to your skin
Clothes can be bought at any clothes store (binco, suburban, zip, victim, prolaps, didier sachs) and any Barber shops
Previews before buying clothing is available at the stores
You may purchase and store up to 25 items currently
You may hold / attach 7 items to your body at a time (8 if pet included)
/clothes (put on, edit clothes positions, take off and discard clothes)


/cancelhit (/chit) [nick / id] - To cancel a hit contract on a player
Hits now last 48 minutes (2 game days)
Hits are now removed after 48 minutes


No More NRG's
No More Rockets
No More Miniguns
No More Shamals
Everyone's money has been reset to 5 million dollars
Medium Sized and Large Sized house prices has increased
Robbery money has been decreased
Robbery time has also decreased
Safe Storage is now limited to 5m, no more.
Max player robbery is now 400k for con artist
All house interiors have been randomized to fit there exterior size
All houses with large interiors now have a price increase due to being too low

Other / Since v11.1+:

Lvcnr is now Multilingual (meaning you may speak any language you like)
Invalid mods have been patched
New Menu System added
Changed /rank
/gov - see the current government shares
If the hit placer disconnects, the hit is now cancelled
You cannot tow the same vehicle twice in Tow Truck Missions
Tow Truck Mission information now works
The Police Spotlight System has been removed
Optimized player and key state changing
Houses are sold different now (you might recieve even more money on selling your house)
Everyone has been given 10 stock for each weapon
Weapon stock now defaults to 10 on registration
Added Map Icons to Mission locations (MC - Mission Checkpoint)
Updated /help
On Ban Evasion, ban information is now sent to the player
/backup is now more informational
Newly Registered players now spawn with Life Insurance
All Players have been given 1 free Life Insurance
House Taxes have been reduced SEVERELY for everyone
House Taxes are now paid more often
Car Bombs now execute 2x quicker
Added more mission vehicles around Las Venturas
Added houses around San Fierro
Added more trucking locations
Tweaked Trucking Missions
Added current activity to /gps for missions etc
The kickstart stadium cannot be entered while wanted
Added Bonus Vehicle price to /bv
Added /renting to /cmds
You can now toggle your speedometer settings /speedometer
Removed car bomb exploding when entering a bombed vehicle (your now have to manually explode it /b)
2 score is given per 1000 garbage sold
Increased the money given by /heal
/cure now gives the player $2000 per cure
Medical Fees Increased
You cannot transfer money if you didn't register or it's your first time playing
Lowered house tax for non donators (Donate to lower it even more!)
Admins can now make events in-game
/joinevent (/je) to join an admin made event
Changed the skull colour of the hit skull to red and black previously of white and black
House taxes are now paid more often!
You now lose score on robbery failure!
Houses now have bought dates
Added anti score farming measures

Bug fixes:

Fixed the Roca Escalante Bank fire GPS location
Fixed some house fires
Fixed Tow Truck mission not ending after completing it
Fixed not being able to exit the kickstart stadium
Fixed house selling money
Fixed a bottleneck that caused the server to lag on max players
Fixed some weapon stock issues where it displays the wrong stock for the wrong item
Fixed double 3Dtext labels on houses
Fixed problems with exiting houses
Fixed a connection message bug relating to the first and last message
Fixed Diner robberies
Fixed last player robbed
Fixed the drug point menu
Fixed free weapon stock in ammunation
Fixed moneybag not appearing issues
Fixed problems with /gm (group rank name bugs)
Fixed a tax refund issue
Fixed a bug in the Anti-DM system causing whites able to attack whites
Fixed the fire bugs where other unoutable fires would be elsewhere than the current fire
Fixed issues with players who play without registering
Fixed an issue with /group reshowing groups multiple times
Fixed garbage selling not giving correct score
Fixed no prison time when attempting to jail evade
Fixed quick strings
Fixed /groupname not updating the members of your group's group name
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Sun May 27, 2012 11:10 pm

wow everything looks cool but what the fuck happened with the money 5 mil ????
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Sun May 27, 2012 11:28 pm

This gonna being awesomest! But, i hates the part "Everyone's money has been reset to 5 million dollars"
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Mon May 28, 2012 12:13 am

This is amazing and a great update as well !!! love the money reset ! will give me chance to do all fire fighter missions again ;P to earn it back slowly :D
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Mon May 28, 2012 2:31 am

i only have 3 mil lol, so idc
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Mon May 28, 2012 6:26 am

i have Only 2m :( btw Nice :D
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Mon May 28, 2012 9:40 am

I had up to 200 mil :) but I don't mind it, I'm glad I bought my FCR :D
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Mon May 28, 2012 10:35 am

looooooool i got a fcr to :D i forgot :D
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Mon May 28, 2012 12:30 pm

wooohoo that will be awesome :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Mon May 28, 2012 2:31 pm

i hv a problem. u told that bank bal reset at 5m but when i logged in there was only 2m. where's remaining 3m?
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