Happy New Year!

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
This year had alot of ups and downs, but leaving 2016, we seem to be in a really great position.

We surpassed DDoS attackers, player & samp network attacks, and we are still standing. I don't know why you guys love this server so much, but I wish that you continue loving it and more people begin to love it.

This year was quality and featured filled, I'm proud of the developers for this.

Due to events in the end of 2016, it affected my grades dramatically, I basically failed this semester.. so next semester I'm going to have to seriously make up for it.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

and I hope that the introduction of V.I.P (paid subscription through bonds), revised GPS system and more major robberies will make this server more enjoyable in in 2017 :)
Group HQs? V.I.P? More Major robberies? WHAT YEAR IS THIS. Oh its 2017 xD
Love you too mate. You and your admin team is responsible for making features and events that make us love this server. Thanks for making another year memorable.

Also, when there's something great happening, there has to be done bad stuff too. That's the rule of life that no one and nothing's exempt from.
I'd like to quote "If you want to cross the Himalayas, don't worry about the bad roads, poor climate and poor facilities; because at the end of the day, your goal is to reach the other end"
Happy new year everyone, Yeah the server is now growing up, all thanks to your kar for making great updates and features! the only problem here someplayers doesn't play anymore because of the ping.. but they must get used to it..
Happt year day!! :ugeek:
Happy new year
Happy new year and ofc we will continue loving this server. Upcoming features have already gotten me excited.
Love this server, even though I get bored for months, I would still come back and play for more. Happy New Year!