Happy 6th Birthday KCNR!

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It's been a radical 6 years with you guys, the SA-MP community. I hope that we can enjoy many many more together!

Thank you for playing this server. You've brought great joy to me!

I've put in ALOT of constant work to make sure that this month is beautiful for you guys. No more SERVER lag (not CLIENT lag), CONSTANT anti-cheat improvements, LESS BUGS, an improved forums and more!

Join server.lvcnr.net:7777 every day between the 10th-13th to receive never before seen clothing items in KCNR!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Good luck everyone, And Thank you again.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! KCNR is the best i must say. I would appreciate the admin team as they worked so hard to provide us a better server. :D
What a day it is. Happy Birthday to KCNR!
Happy Birthday KCNR. Keep grove up.
HBD KCNR , My home <3