Server Move and April Initiative completion

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Coming from ... completed/

The server has moved. The server IP is still [url]samp://[/url].

This new server is blazing fast. Faster than we ever had before.

The April Initiative (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=25347) is now complete.

SWAT is more intuitive, informed and modernized.
The admins have learnt to tone things down a bit.
The lag is gone!

Personally: When you have a good internet connection.. the server is so fast it makes me want to cry how fast it is.
  Now it' time for KCNR's 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  
YAY!! Happy Birthday to KCNR in advance xD!!!
Happy birthday 6th KCNR!

Side note: dose not the ping depends on the distance between your country and the server? and not in internet speed?