What is happening to the server?

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Valkyrie. wrote:
Kar wrote:
Please bare with us while we go through this inconvience.
Of course we will
as this noob said.
Peter wrote:
Threshold wrote:
Axl_Rose wrote:Is there any possible way to do some law stuff on that fatass?

Like complain him to the police so that fatso can get raped in the jail by black cocks(tons of black cocks)...
Yes, but their country hasn't moved past translation by Google Translate... it's hard to report someone in English to people who have no idea what to do with the English language.
Yet they are able to get US aid with rocket shields, I think their level of English is good enough.
We're talking about Internet Service Providers and the local neighbourhood watch, not the military.
- nvm
It sucks to see people saying "Fuck this Server, can't stop a DDoS". I mean Cm'on. You guys play this server everyday and when something happens to it, you just leave it like nothing. We are hoping that he stops as soon as possible so that KCNR is back and running again.