Twisted Metal!

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
Twisted Metal is a server Kar has been working on for 4 years.
We have now got it online for testing purposes.
It's online on the IP: We would like to request KCNR players to go ingame and find bugs (and enjoy yourselves of course).

Twisted Metal is based on the PlayStation game Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal is a vehicular deathmatch server. Have fun testing it! Kar is working on fixing the bugs that we notice!

Here are some videos: ... D-wkgAfPf8 ... rxTKK88MkM
i'm try to connect to the server. but this always saying "retrieving info"

only me ? or this wrong version of my SA-MP ?
Fuck ye 2nd Server, was in it Yesterday. Got alot of fun ;)
It seems to have gome down, which was related to something I did. I now put it online.
Awesome, when some players get on, I'll play!
Server is Bugged
Is the host still active, wanted to play sometime and i couldn't find it online *shrugs*
It has been offline for some time now, we can easily turn it on again.
Why is it off? I wanted to try it out. But found it dead.
I would appreciate tm's reactivation