Version 11 - Full Release

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
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Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:29 am

Due to the numerious problems on v10.5, we have decided to launch version 11 beta on SA-MP 0.3d Release 2

House interiors HAVE changed, and they WILL change again, on the FULL release. Please DO NOT complain, right now spawn houses may have big interiors, and big houses may have small interiors. DO NOT Complain about it until it's FIXED. Admins will not be answering any questions about house interiors, do not annoy them about it. They have ALL RIGHT to BAN you for asking them multiple times.

- This topic will be updated with changes from the beta to the full release.

Now for what you really want.

v11 - Changes from the beta:

Fixed warehouse robberies
Fixed fires completely
Added new animation commands (/stare /laugh /smile)
Fish prices has been lowered
Fixed a connect message bug
Fixed arrest animation looping
Fixed taking drugs on death
Fixed the fire outing animation bug
Fixed renting map icon
Fixed 3D Text label bugs
Fixed joining derby's while in jail
Fixed the odometer, it now shows true values
Fixed a ticketing bug
Eating things / taking drugs now gives a chat bubble
Added new fires
Houses Have been given a appropriate interior
/ff Command to see firefighters online
Fixed purchasing 4 vehicles for donators
Fixed all house tax and house selling bugs

New stats:

Times Skydived,
Vehicles Sold (money)
Bonus Vehicles Sold (money)
Arrest Assists (money)


Warehouse Robberies:

Rob money, drugs and weapons from warehouses around Las Venturas
This robbery requires a special van to rob
After robbing, you put the items robbed in your van, and stashs them at a hideout
You can select the hideout, it can either be your closest house, or a random location.
W's on your radar / mini-map represent warehouses

Street Racing:

Challenge other players to pre - made races around las venturas and surrounding areas
Street Racing is not tolerated by Law Enforcement.
Races start out as a kind of "Red Light Racing" without the "red light" similiar to Midnight Club: LA
You and your opponent start off from your current position and race to the race start
Street racing arrest bonus for cops

Kidnapper Update ;- Human trafficking:

Sell victims to Traffickers for money
Instead of waiting for a ransom to be paid, you carry the victim to the trade meet and sell the victim for money
Timelimit on kidnappers! kidnappers now have a limited amount of time with the "kidnappee"
Kidnapping a player now gives 3 wanted stars instead of a warrant (4)


Added house statistics (/house)
Redid the house interior system
ALL Houses interior will be randomized, there are alot more interiors now


Purchase breakfast, food, drinks
Rob diners, just like other restuarants

Cop Deathmatch System:

With the improved and fixed deathmatch system, this brings a new cop deathmatch system.
Since warrants had no way to shoot cops, they can now.
If a cop shoes a warrant first, they have 15 seconds to shoot back at the same cop.
If you spend longer than 15 seconds, the normal dm system will take place making you unable to shoot.

Add-ons / Other:

Smart database updating
/utilities (util) to use and hide uliltilies
You can now switch weapons in vehicle as a passenger by using LOOK LEFT & RIGHT keys
Cops get a bonus for a wanted suspect dying close to them (Death bonus)
Driver's fare time-span changed from 3 to 10 minutes
There is now an option to go back in the weapon stock menu
Army now requires atleast coprank 3 to play as
Added more statistics (raped, infected, firefighter etc)
Added skill commands for fire fighter
Added /bonusvehicle (/bv) command to see the current bonus vehicle
Added /mydrugs to see your current drugs and seeds
Added more house fires (fixed the current!)
Added more vehicle fires
Added more normal fires overall
Added an eating animation on /fisheat (/fe)
Added an pizza eating animation when eating pizza from a well stacked pizza
More moneybag locations
DM System updated & fixed
Added more random messages
Basketball rotation more accurate
More things are added to the Lottery Jackpot
Made all Usage command's lower case
Added new animation commands (/stare /laugh /smile)
ALL Crimes are now accounted for
Changed house label / text colours
/help updated
The server is alot more helpful
NEW Players now get the HELP -> FAQ Menu first spawn, after seeing skill commands

Bug fixes:

Fixed the class / team bugs
Fixed all /stats bugs
Fixed house fires
Fixed the fire bug (/fire)
Fixed /search | you cannot search the same person twice in a row
Fixed /gm (/g)
Fixed /drag
Fixed /vehhelp
Fixed /vi
Fixed the driver bug causing everyone to get money from passengers
Fixed death messages / history
Fixed the death bugs
Fixed diseases in jail
Fixed house safe not being reset
Fixed fire health in interiors
Fixed renting
Fixed some streaming issues

Remember we are still open to suggestions
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Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:14 pm

I like my new houses can i keap them forever ?
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Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:20 pm

It will most likely change on the full release.
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:09 am

Lol my house is pretty small but WAY better then my old one thnx :D
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Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:36 pm

awesome work kar
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Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:43 am

bump.. everything fully listed now.