These are the rules and the only rules.
  • Any player found disobeying these rules will be punished.
  • Any admin found disobeying these and making up their own rules will be punished.
  • If the 'rule' is not approved by me (Kar), don't listen to it.
  1. NO MODIFICATIONS that give you an advantage over others, this includes cheats, hacks, CLEO, vehicle mods, etc
  2. All staff actions are final, whether they are within the rules or not
  3. Have common courtesy for your surroundings
  4. No spamming / scamming
  5. No cop hunting random deathmatching / outside of the Los Santos city area
  6. No advertising of other websites and servers
  7. No purposely dying / pausing / quitting to avoid anything
  8. No random command abuse (/rp, random hits, etc)
  9. No bug exploitation, report all bugs on the forums
  10. No excessive group targeting on players
  11. No Impersonation of other players
  12. No asking for administration privileges
  13. No ban evading (This is a serious offence)
  14. No account (data) selling / sharing / stealing
  15. No tax evading
  16. You may not gain aid in completing hits on yourself
  17. Criminals may not use trains to avoid arrest / warrants
  18. Law Enforcement may not team with civilians or abuse roadblocks
  19. Revenging is NOT allowed.
Any attack on KCNR will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Thank you.
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Clucky wrote: Civilians can deathmatch anyone with a reason. They can't, however, kill the same person many times (targeting). This also includes yellows and oranges.

Cops can only deathmatch orange players. This includes Army, CIA and SWAT. Can only open fire on civilians and yellows for self-defence. Of course, more arrests and less takedowns looks much better in stats, especially if trying to get to SWAT. : )

If you see someone deathmatching a player or maybe yourself, you can either call /911 as a civilian. Of course, nobody stops you from joining the fight as a civilian.

Public medics and firefighters can not deathmatch. So only situation where they can deathmatch is for self-defence.

Deathmatching admins on duty is not allowed.
Account Clarifications:
  1. You may not buy or sell an account EVER. This includes sharing an account with another person. An account should only be used by one person and ONLY one person.
  2. When an account is banned, you may not log in to the server at any time until your ban has expired. This includes joining the server under a new name or IP. Anyone on the same network as the banned player may also be restricted from playing until the ban has expired.
  3. Multi-accounting is allowed. However, constantly creating new accounts may lead to a ban for account spamming. If an Administrator has warned you about creating too many accounts and you continue with the behaviour, you may be issued with a temporary or permanent forum ban.

    If you plan on creating another account, you are NOT allowed to transfer assets, vehicles, clothing or money to your main account without direct permission from an Administrator.
Common courtesy:
  1. If you continuously harass a player through PM or main chat, and they or an Administrator have told you to stop, you may be punished for insulting, abusing or harassing that player.
  2. If you continuously mention a rulebreaker through main chat, you may be punished for disrupting administration. As this often makes a rulebreaker stop his actions and therefore evade punishment.
  3. If you reveal the identity of an Administrator to another player, you are breaking the Common Courtesy rule. You are breaching the anonymity of Administration and thus allowing rulebreakers and cheaters to avoid breaking rules whilst the mentioned Administrator is online. This heavily impacts on the performance of Administration and our ability to catch these rulebreakers.

    General offenders may receive a slight punishment, however, repeat offenders may be banned for these actions. All questions regarding the identity of Administration should be ignored or deferred.

    - "Is Threshold an admin?"
    - "Yes"
List of reasons where you can kill somebody or place a hit on them:
  1. Being in the Los Santos city area / DM Arena.
  2. There is a hit on them (kill only).
  3. They stuck you up.
  4. They Attempted/Successfully robbed you (Business, Houses, Wallet robberies).
  5. They Attempted/Successfully raped you.
  6. They successful kidnapped you.
  7. They constantly ram into you and you warned them to stop (YOU MUST WARN THEM).
  8. They steal your car while you were inside of it.
  9. They caused you to somehow lose money (E.G making you fail your robbery by popping your tyres or pulling you out of your getaway vehicle etc).
  10. You may kill other hitmen in attempt to gain the hit (if a hitman gets killed by another hitman in a chase they must not pursue revenge on that player!)
  11. Stalking (HIT ONLY).
  12. You may kill LEO in a shootout, you may not kill medics or firefighters in shootouts.
  13. Stealing / seizing your plants (HIT ONLY).
  14. You are continuously being sprayed by a hose on a firetruck or S.W.A.T. van.
  15. If the player CURRENTLY has the bonus vehicle, and as long as you are trying to sell the bonus vehicle as well.
  16. You are allowed to kill cops as a civilian if they are chasing a friend of yours who is a warrant (wanted level 4+). The cop must be relatively close to the warrant or interacting with the warrant and is definitely chasing them, not just driving past.

List of reasons where you can NOT kill somebody or place a hit on them:
  1. They arrested / taken down / ticketed / searched / healed / cured you.
  2. You may NOT place a hit on a player for Deathmatching you whilst either of you are in jail.
  3. If they killed you for a valid reason you may not pursue an attempt to kill them in return.. it is OVER.
  4. Hit contract time ran out or got cancelled, you may not kill the player because their hit is no more.
  5. Joining your group robbery when you don't want them.. change your robbing team state!
  6. Timeout / crashes are NOT valid reasons for hit contracts.
  • If someone randomly kills you without a valid reason (in this thread or maybe some other valid reason deemed by an administrator).. screen shot it and make a complaint in the court of justice thread
  • You may not kill a player for a reason that happened over 30 minutes ago.
  • Randomly or Forcefully Ramming / Pitting players without a reason more than once (on purpose) is considered as Random Deathmatching.
  • When placing a hit on someone, it must be in English. Any hit contract that is not in English, will be cancelled by an admin.
  • When placing a counter-hit or re-placing a hit, you must include the original hit reason. Counter-hits must have the words, or words that amount to, 'counter hit'. (Example: "c-hit", "ch", "counter") If you fail to specify that the hit is a counter-hit in the hit reason, it may be ruled invalid by an Administrator.
  • If you cancel a hit, you may not place the same hit again after 5 minutes. Once a hit is cancelled for 5 minutes, it is considered completely cancelled and cannot be re-placed.
  • Collateral damage can happen. This is not Random Deathmatching. Examples are car bombs and stray bullets.
NB: There must be no 'revenging'.
NB: Some of these reasons are considered Self Defense.
NB: These rules must only apply to civilian-civilian interaction.

Law Enforcement working with civilians:
  1. Law Enforcement should NEVER work with civilians. Working with civilians entails 'having a civilian help you chase, shoot or provoke a warrant' and 'having a civilian purposely achieve a wanted level for your own benefit'.

    Constantly accepting bribes from a player, or multiple players, is considered working with civilians.

    Accepting a bribe from a player with the intent of removing their wanted level to allow them to achieve something (finish a robbery) without interruption is considered working with civilians.

    Failure to follow these guidelines of the /bribe command is considered as Command Abuse.
  2. SWAT Members should only place roadblocks for the purpose of blocking a warrant's (wanted level 4 or above) path of escape. They may be placed against warrants who are on-foot or in a vehicle as a passenger or driver.

    Roadblocks are never allowed to be placed against ticketable players under any circumstances.

    Roadblocks should not be used as a means of accessing areas that are inaccessible otherwise. This includes using roadblocks as a ramp, bridge or steps.

    Roadblocks are not means of cover from bullets. You may not use roadblocks to defend yourself from another player's bullets, or hide behind them during a shootout.

    Roadblocks should be immediately removed after they either succeed or fail. Roadblocks that fail to be removed after a warrant is arrested or escapes, or after the placing SWAT member dies, will be removed by an Administrator and punishments may follow.

    If a roadblock is placed inside another player's car or a player is trapped inside a placed roadblock, the roadblock must be immediately removed before attempting to arrest, cuff or takedown any warrants.

    Failure to follow any of these roadblock guidelines is considered Command Abuse. These rules also, where applicable, apply to spike strips as well.
Tax Evasion:

Tax Evasion is avoiding tax in any way, e.g using multiple accounts to avoid tax payments.

Possible Punishments
Incredible Jail Time depending on severity of the rulebreak.
0 day (x hours) - 2 week ban - permanent ban depending on severity of the rulebreak (Game Ban).
Forum bans, especially if you disobey the common courtesy rule.
MONEY EXPLOITING/ABUSING using BUGS will possible result in a money reset and possible removal of assets on the player.