Version 10 Full Update

The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
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Weapon Dealing:

Weapon dealing stock!
You must purchase stock for "each" weapon at any ammunation
If you are out of stock for a certain weapon, you cannot sell any of that weapon
/stock to see your remaining stock
Weapon dealing now increases your wanted level if there is law enforcement nearby
Few Weapon Dealing list order and price changes
Fixed the weapon menu from v10 PR, and fixed jail selling and a weapon selling exploit

Visual Contact:

Fixed some visual contact issues
Aim at a player and press your "yes" key, (Y by default, check your controller settings)
By pressing the Y key while aiming at civilian (you must see the green triangle thing), it reports visual contact.


More types of diseases(1 was removed, 2 were added)
Players can now be infected with multiple Diseases
Health goes down by an amount times the amount of diseases they have

Garbage Count:

Let me explain, this count is the amount of garbage you are holding in total
When this gets to high, your garbage is dropped in a litter bag as a pickup
Garbage men must pickup these litter bags for garbage count, you gain garbage from them
The garbage gains counts the same as from /garbage or from dumpsters


Security asset prices were greatly raised!
New house asset, "Safe".
Purchase a Safe to store money in your safe! but guess what.. don't think this safe can't be cracked.

Realistic item system:

You will now see alot of particles/items being used instead of seeing nothing.
E.G /cell will show the cellphone while doing the animation
/puke will show real vomit
/briefcase showing a real briefcase
Moneybag robbing fixed, you should always see the moneybag now, it won't conflict anymore

Police Spotlight System:

/spotlight (/sl) - to turn it on/off
/spotlightcolor (/slc) - to change the spotlights color
Basically a controlled server sided spotlight system because the gta one isn't synced

New sounds:

Mission complete sound when completed a mission
House Alarm sound when someone has attempted to break in
Pull Over Sounds
Vomiting Sounds
/calle - call all players to get into your vehicle in the area
/coverme - ask players in the area to cover you
Fire sounds when you catch on fire


New pet(s): Deer
Added /showpet to reshow your pet after you hid it


- New GTA:IV Features:

Clicking the map now brings up a menu asking you to set a gps destination
Clicking the map during a route, will change your current destination

- New GTA:IV GPS Style System:

You can now choose between 2 types of GPS's on Lvcnr
Type /gpscolour to change the colour of your gps on the radar
Type /gpssettings to edit your settings or reach it from /settings
You can change between gps styles while using the gps, /gpssettings
You can also enable the voice (testing, e.g (in 10 meters, turn right))
You can also change the colour of the GPS, it is defaulty red, there are other colours to choose from


"Firing A Shot Near Someone" removed
"Shooting Player(s)" added
"Shooting Player(s)" is given when you SHOOT ANY player with ANY "bullet" type weapon

SAY Hello to ANTI Deathmatch:

New dm warnings when shooting at players you shouldn't shoot at. (e.g cops at whites)
You will lose your weapons if you dm to much with-in a time period

Kickstart Challenge:

Collect all the coronas before the time runs out
The Challenge is available on any day of the week except Monday and Wednesday.
The monetary reward depends on the score that you receive;
You are rewarded $1000 per point scored, so the minimum monetary reward the player can earn is $1,000 and the maximum is $64,000.
<a href = "" target = "_blank"> More Info On Kickstarts </a>


Reduced lag serverely
/help has been updated
Non - Regular players have a deathmatch warning
House Exit's are now enex markers (enter exit yellow pickups)
Fixed some kickstart challenge bugs
Removed some vehicles from san fierro
Fixed searching in jail
Fixed dm warnings in the dm arena
Fixed some garbage bugs
Fixed /givecash bugs
Fixed some roadblock typos
CIA Won't show in /info anymore
/givecash amount capped to 500k
Fixed mission / robbery checkpoints bug
Attempted to fix not getting unlimited health while in jail
It now takes 5 weapons sold to gain 1 score per weapon dealing, due to farmers
When you "TAKE" damage from another player (weapons, no fists), you will see blood shots (both players must enable blood gore)
Fixed other typo's and issues

New commands in ALL / UPDATED:

/carlist - wrapper for /mycars
/puke - updated
/givecash - updated / fixes

For the beta's and pre releases, please check here
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