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The latest news and information about Kar's Cops And Robbers.
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:44 pm

In Major News:

The /reclass command has now been removed
To change your class, please press F4 and die.

Class Selection Update:

You can now switch between teams easier than before
Textdraws located at the bottom for easy switching
Click the arrows to instantly switch teams and go to their MAIN skin
NB: This only works when skin saving is off

Street Races (Revamped):

Street Races can now be done with multiple players or in groups
Street Races are no longer 1 vs 1 Challenges (you can still make these)
To start a street race, type /sr, a checkpoint will be created with a global race map icons
Players can join this street race by entering the checkpoint and selecting the join option
The street race leader can start the race at anytime before the timer runs out
When the countdown to the race start is finished, the race automatically begins for all players that are joined
A maximum of 6 players can race at a time per street race (this can be changed)
  • Time Trial Mode:

    If you decide to start a street race by yourself, you'll enter time trial mode
    You can break records on each street race by beating the record time
    You can still beat the records even if you don't race by yourself

Purchase Businesses all over San Andreas
Businesses can purchase stock for items and sell items for it's own set value (has a range)
Businesses can be locked, if locked it cannot be entered by anyone but the owner
You can discard stock and items from your business
When a business is purchased, depending on the type, it comes with some free items (with stock)
Some items that a business sells are not taxable, so you cannot change the price [E.G Lottery Tickets, Petrol Bottles]
  • Retailing:

    You can choose and change the retailing type of your business
    The retailing type shows up at the entrance along with the business's name
    Business's are based on retailing, you buy items from wholesalers and sell to the public
If an item (example condoms, fake wallets) you can purchase multiple with the quantity selection textdraw
If you would like to turn off the quantity selection feature and just purchase 1 item like before, go to Game Settings and toggle it off
Money can be stored in your business and withdrawn, to store extra money, purchase a safe
Businesses can be robbed in groups just like group robberies
Safe's make it harder for the business to be robbed
When Businesses Are Robbed, the money is robbed is taken from the business's money
  • Shoplifting:

    With new businesses & a new item system, this makes Shoplifting possible
    Typing /shoplift inside of a business will attempt to steal a real item from a businesses' inventory
Businesses go unowned (you lose your business) if not entered for 1 month
Businesses can be set for sale just like houses, place a price for others to purchase
Businesses are properties so guess what? Property Tax!
Your business can hold up to 10m without safe, if this limit is hit and a player purchases an item, the government will take the money that the player spent
A business safe can hold up to 50m, if both limits are hit then the government takes the money the player spends
Donaters can hold up to +10m in the business and +10m on the safe, which means they can store 20m and 60m selectively
If the limits are hit then the government gets the money spent
Non-donaters businesses's can store a total of 60m and donaters can store a total of 80m

Clothes Selling:

You can now selling clothes using /clothessell to offer clothes to another player (dealing)
The player must accept the offer with /clothesbuy (does not have to have an offer)
Players can manage and change clothes prices in /clothes -> Manage Clothes (For Sale)
Changing the sell price to 0 automatically takes the clothes off the sell list
Changing it to a value above 1000 turns it on for sale

Cooldown Saving:

Cooldowns are the time you have between robbing again or doing an action
When you rob (only robberies) something, the cooldown timer will now save as you log on / off
You now cannot quit and reconnect to keep robbing 1 store over and over again

Bank Interest:

The bank gives banks account %0.025 interest every week
Normal donater's interest rate is %0.050
Premium donater's interest rate is %0.075

Refinded Bank Robbery:

The bank robbery has been changed from the store robbery system to an interactive robbery
No animation on bank robbery start (/robbank)
Banks now have vault's that you can enter and exit
The bank robbery can be started from the vault or inside the bank
After starting the bank robbery, you must enter the vault and steal the cash by entering the money pickups
Multiple players can join your robbery and pickup the money faster to finish the robbery
When the robbery is finished, all players will have to go to the same safehouse to stash the cash and get the money laundered
Any player in the robbery that reaches the safehouse will get their cash split
After the cash is stolen, the players are on their own to get to the safehouse

The Mechanic Skill:

$mechanic ($mec) - Used to locate the closest mechanic
/mechanic (/mec) - To call a mechanic / open their sell inventory
/sell - To offer your mechanic services to players
Mechanics can repair vehicles, repair vehicle body separate, repair vehicle tyres separate and install different nos types
Holding a Wrench (Clothing Item) while doing mechanic services will decrease the time taken to complete of the service


Kidnappers can now kidnap players that are knocked out
If a player is knocked out, aim your target at the player and click Y or type (/kidnap [id] [ransom ($)])
Kidnapping players with your target means there is no way to set the ransom
There is a default ransom of $50000 that can be changed in /settings -> Game Settings -> Default Kidnapping Ransom
This default ransom also applies to /kidnap so you can now type (/kidnap id) and it will use the default ransom

Inventory Sales And Skill Changes:

/sellinventory (/sinv) (/sellinv) (/sinventory) - Used to manage your selling inventory
This command can only be used by dealers (weapon, drug and mechanic dealers)
Use it to change the price of your selling items and to show the items
Weapon dealers can also see their weapon stock left using this menu
If you change your skill these will be reset back to normal
You can now only change your skill ONCE a game week

Group Improvements / Changes:

Decreased the time it takes to create a group
/group - simiplied some group commands into one menu
Any group member can use /group, but it depends on which rank can use which feature
Removed /grouplist
Added /groupmembers (/gmems) - List group members (same thing like the old /grouplist)


Medic and Firefighter ranks are now working
Medic ranks consists of players healed and cured
Firefighter ranks consists of the amount of fires put out and the amount of fire missions completed
The ranks and amount to level up won't be listed here, find them out on your own
There is now an unranked rank (level 0)


Everyone with over 35m has been reset to 35m (in money and bank)


/sell - replacement of /selldrugs (/drugs) and /sellweapons (/sw) for dealers. These commands still work though
New rare invisible clothing items scattered across San Andreas (These cannot be bought in stores)
/settings now has a new selection, called Game Settings
Group Robbing, Response Tracking and Vehicle Preview on Entry can be toggled in Game Settings
You can now only change your skill once every game week
GPS updates (/gps)
Players can now be angry (/angry)
/bedlay (lay in bed animations)
Added safehouse locations to San Fierro and Los Santos and their vicinities
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:50 pm

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Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:53 pm

Nice update!!
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:08 pm

in my opinion some of this seems good but it's kind of roleplay-ish, but that my opinion, can't wait to try it out,.
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:30 pm

Shooting you would probably cause you to die anyway - unless you're health hacking, in which case I'd ban you instead - and the end result would be the same.

Weapons also cost money unless I get them by robbing a warehouse. Warehouse robbery usually fails and you get sent to jail, so I prefer BUYING my guns. After I buy it, I have to waste time trying to find you in the game, then shoot you. This counts as deathmatching which is against the rules. I can avoid it by shooting you at DM arena, but there's a chance that someone else comes there and kills me, and I'd lose score.

...can you please die of excitement instead?


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Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:09 pm

Or just rape him to death. Or cb him or !kill kent or slap him to death
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:47 pm

Nice , Now I can sell my black cow in my clothing inventory.
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:47 pm

What the fucking use of my hardwork of 6months! I made so much $$ to spend in the end and now reset to 35M only..
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ONce again i was one of the richest player in lvcnr.. i'll miss ya guys too much :D
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:55 pm

What the fucking use of my hardwork of 6months! I made so much $$ to spend in the end and now reset to 35M only..
I like this update plus the money reset side of things as you don't really need a lot of cash on you as cutting everyone down who was over $35,000,000 is a great idea !

It's easy to make cash again, just do what you used to do and you'll be back to what you had originally.
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Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:01 pm

Nice update. I'm not too fond with the new reclass but I'll get used to it.

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