Danish Unban Appeal

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Sat May 02, 2020 12:35 pm

Ingame Name: Danish
Time/Date: 2 days Ago
Why did you get banned / & Reason?: Ban Evasion (MortalX)
Why should you be unbanned, state your reason: First of all i dont even know who in the world is MortalX secondly why would i ban evade after coming back to KCNR literally after 4 years. Completely Irrational. A tenant of mine who goes by the name of Rishi also plays on this server and honestly i dont mind speaking out against him. He lives in my apartment basically rents a floor and does not have WiFi so uses mine the thing that i dont get is why am i banned for 5 days for a supposed ban evasion due to his hacks but he gets unbanned tomorrow. Again just to be clear I AM NOT INVOLVED OR AFFILIATED WITH HIM IN ANY WAY FROM TODAY ONWARDS and have removed access of internet for his mac address via my firewall. please take my situation into consideration.
What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible: Excited to Play KCNR only to be slapped with a ban..
Proof[Images-Video]: https://imgur.com/gallery/TPS3Hq2
Mr.Samuel wrote: What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible:i Cried For a Long Time :(
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Mon May 04, 2020 2:10 pm

This is a very light ban considering all the ban evasion and hacking you've been doing Rishi. Consider yourself lucky that your accounts aren't stripped and disabled.

You have just over 3 days remaining on the ban. Wait it out.
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