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Its me , Ace

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:38 am
by Aceback113
Ingame Name: Ace..
Time/Date: 2:38 Am / 7/5/2019
Why did you get banned / & Reason?: its not banned , its account deleted
Why should you be unbanned, state your reason: i got banned in 2016 my ign maybe its Ace.. or Ace... Or Ace. , i dont remember its from 3 years , and i didnt play the game any more and when i come back i try all this usernames and login , and the server take me to register Lol , i remember i have a items and alot of things , i ask admin and he told me (( Maybe your account deleted ))
how i can get it back or i can fix it
What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible: